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Date: 2017-07-05 20:25.

Myth #6: Taking testosterone ( T ) for transition will make trans men uncontrollably angry and volatile, or cause 'roid rage.
Myth #7: Taking testosterone will give you cancer.
Myth #8: Taking testosterone will make you grow taller.
Myth #9: Taking testosterone will make your breasts shrink away completely.
Myth #5: If you stop taking testosterone after chest surgery, your breasts will grow back.
Myth #6: Taking testosterone will make you gay.
Myth #7: If someone takes huge doses of testosterone, he will transition faster than at an average dose.
Myth #8: Taking testosterone will make you fat.

6Awful Lessons I Learned Transitioning from Female to Male

There is another major factor besides bone length that influences a person's height, and that is posture. Many trans men, particularly if they are able to have chest reconstruction surgery, begin to stand straighter and taller than they did previously. This can make a tremendous difference in height, especially if a guy was slumping to hide his pre-surgery chest. There is also a factor of confidence and pride in improving posture such feelings are often increased post-transition, and can make a person stand taller to reach their full height potential.

Transgender Men See Sexism From Both Sides

It is interesting to note that in the first study, a period of only 9 months was used to assess changes in insulin sensitivity. Such a short period of time might show short-term or early-transition-related results which may not be the norm after long-term hormonal treatment has progressed. Indeed, times of great hormonal shift have been associated with a decrease in insulin sensitivity, including the example of elevated sex hormone levels found during normal puberty, as well as the example of hormonal shifts during pregnancy. The fact that the 6-year study in 7558 showed no negative affects to insulin sensitivity may support this idea. Of course, two small studies does not a definitive conclusion make, and there may be other factors at play between the two groups. Certainly more research in this area is needed.

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The difference between male and female humans is not just in our body fat distribution, pelvis shape and general fuzziness. The presence or absence of testosterone influences our skull shape too, so much so that many adult human skulls can be identified as male or female without resorting to genetic analysis. Some of the more obvious features of a male skull include a brow ridge and wide jaw. Facial feminization surgeries correct some of these effects of testosterone. Other testosterone effects, such as hair loss or the presence of an 8775 Adam 8767 s apple 8776 , can also be corrected surgically.

Hudson's Guide: Myths and Misconceptions about

Be as healthy as you can before surgery. Exercise is important the more muscle tone you have, the faster you 8767 ll be able to recover. Eating well can make sure that you have the nutrients your body needs to recover. Not using tobacco speeds up your healing time avoid other drugs too, as your physician advises. Having a stable weight can maintain your good results. Control any health conditions you have (., diabetes).

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Surgeons who do FFS are usually very good at hiding scars. It 8767 s their job after all to show no evidence that there was surgery done. One of the most common scars is a small scar along the hairline from a scalp advance that can be covered by hair transplants at the time of surgery, and it will fade over time. Do talk with your surgeon about the possibility of scars and ask his/her recommendations for scar prevention, but don 8767 t stress over it.

29 People Describe What Sex With A Trans Person Feels Like

As he demonstrated in his appearances at YALE, Cornell and many other Universities around the world, Buck is not only inspiring people to think outside the box, he is re-defining gender and educating an entire generation on the fluidity of sexuality and identity politics. Since Buck coined the phrase 8776 it 8767 s not what 8767 s between your legs that defines you! 8776 , the term has become an anthem for men and women everywhere who have been inspired by this message of self acceptance

“I’m currently dating a trans woman. It’s great. She hasn 8767 t had bottom surgery because from what the doctors have told her there is only a 65% chance she will be able to achieve orgasm if she does. Her testes have withdrawn back up into her body and her penis has gotten smaller. She doesn’t ejaculate. So basically she has a large clit and no vagina. There are the usual issues with anal penetration but being bisexual myself I know how to navigate these issues.

Still, even when we intentionally try to make it happen, it won’t always cooperate as easily. And mentally, many of us lose much of our sexual drive and interest. After a lifetime of having to deal with this obnoxious and uncomfortable testosterone-fueled urge, it can be a huge relief once we can just ignore it indefinitely. (That’s a pretty big difference between owning a penis when cis or trans – fearing impotence, versus enjoying every minute of it.)

Surprisingly, it's been my experience that gay men are especially cruel in how discriminating they are -- you'd think they would know better. Believe me, I get not being down with vaginas, but I've been called a "two-holed freak" more than once. Straight men, on the other hand, also won't touch you because you're too assertive, with probably a fair amount of homophobia thrown in for good measure. Weirdly enough, straight women are the most receptive to dating trans men, but that doesn't really help if you're into dudes. Basically, my sole options are other trans men or trans-friendly bisexuals. If you know one, can you loan me some money? I assume you've also found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

All medications have side effects. If your physician recommends a medication it 8767 s typically because they 8767 ve weighed the risks of side effects and the potential benefits and found that the benefits outweigh the risks. All medications have a side effect list a mile long that 8767 s where your physician comes in. They know which side effects happen frequently enough or are serious enough to worry about. If you 8767 re still unsure, feel free to talk with a pharmacist. They 8767 re also a great resource.

This myth probably gets some its fuel from stories about steroid use causing anger or volatility (often called 'roid rage ) in bodybuilders and other athletes who take performance enhancing drugs. In order to understand the differences between athletic steroid use and testosterone therapy as taken by trans men, it pays to explore exactly what steroids mean in each context.

Vaginoplasty specifically refers to the creation or modification of a vagina. Labiaplasty is the creation or modification of the labia. I used both terms in the title because they can be different surgeries. It 8767 s also important to note that the terms are sometimes used for surgeries for cis women often to reduce the size of the inner labia to 8775 smooth out 8776 the appearance. For simplicity 8767 s sake, for the rest of this FAQ I 8767 ll use the term 8775 vaginoplasty 8776 to refer to the whole of genital surgery for trans women.

In conclusion, the cancer risks of taking testosterone for FTM transition are not well studied or understood. However, the benefits of testosterone therapy to quality of life may strongly outweigh concerns over such risks. For many trans men, the possibility of a slight increase in the likelihood of cancer (should that ever be proven) may be a risk worth taking in order to live their lives as men. If a trans man can further his peace of mind through a preventative hysterectomy/oophorectomy procedure, then some may consider surgery to be a good option until accurate data about cancer risks is available.

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I’ve actually asked some ignorant assholes what they expect us to do in that situation, and once they understand the paradox, it basically breaks their brains. People generally don’t seem to be prepared to accept either of these choices – not without blowing it up into a non-troversy for the Daily Mail. Yeah, you just wanted to shower and change like everyone else there, but apparently the cis world can’t allow that.

The length of your recovery and hospital stay depend on which procedures you have. But generally speaking, if you require a hospital stay at all, it likely won 8767 t be for more than 6-7 days at the most. Most can return to work within a few days, but it may be up to two weeks depending on your procedure. If your procedures involve jaw work, you 8767 ll be on a soft food diet for a period of time.

However, I feel that I have no choice but to accept this reality. So I am moving forward in my MtF transition, not expecting to be real woman. I want continuity of my life pre-transition to post-transition. I want to try to keep some of the best parts of having been male, in future life. Obviously my two children is big part of this.
But I still like most of the masculinity in my body. Many people think I am crazy. It is a bit like I am detransitioning, even before I have transitioned forwards. I feel that most detransitioners expected too much of a black and white change of sex. But that seemed totally unrealistic to me.
Hormones have taken away most of my intrusive suicidal thoughts. But I still sometimes impulsively risk take. Two years of psychotherapy is helping but I obviously have further to go, to work through my internalised transphobia. As my fears reduce, I am coming more and more to appreciate the situation that I am in. I like to position, part way between the two sexes and not too close to either.

What you do want to do, though, is talk with your various surgeons and physicians. There are different methods of orchiectomy, with different incision points (places that they cut). I  heard one surgeon comment that some methods are better for future vaginoplasty than others. If possible, tell your orchiectomy surgeon whether future vaginoplasty is a consideration and refer him/her to your potential surgeons for consultation. You may also choose a surgeon who does both orchiectomy and vaginoplasty to do your orchiectomy.

This is one of the most common myths about trans people who take testosterone, but there is no compelling evidence to support such a sweeping generalization. Indeed, while some trans men anecdotally report feeling shorter tempered or irritable for a period after starting T, many others report that they feel calmer and more even-tempered since taking T. Yet time and again, trans men and their loved ones voice fear that taking testosterone will somehow automatically change a trans guy into a terrible, angry, or violent person.

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