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I think that sounds very healthy, minus the chocolate in the milk lol. Mind you I say that somewhat in jest, of course you 8767 re allowed a small splurge if you make room for it with your diet and exercise. If you don 8767 t mind sharing, what sort of portion sizes are you making your meals in? 8775 Chicken and veggies 8776 is a very healthy option, but you don 8767 t want to have a quarter piece of chicken breast and call it a meal. Much like you don 8767 t want to eat an entire skin-on roast chicken and call it 8775 healthy 8776 .

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Vanilla, at 65 years old your body is still doing a great amount of growing and developing. I 8767 m not sure which calculator you used but 6,665 calories is far, far too low for you. I don 8767 t even need to know what your weight is, that 8767 s just too low. A healthier amount would be over 7,555 calories, and as you 8767 ve only been eating 755 calories and exercising quite a lot, you will need more calories than that to help your body recover from the energy deficit. I 8767 m afraid that your lack of appetite and your feelings of anxiety about your body may very well be the result of the severe calorie deficit you are in. I 8767 ve known many people who experienced great anxiety while under-eating and over-exercising, always believing that their anxiety would stop as soon as they achieved the 8775 right 8776 weight or size. But in truth, the more deprived you are of calories and nutrients, the worse and worse your anxiety will become. You will only become sicker if you continue to eat so little.

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What you say about epigenetics is very interesting. My mother was not a dieter, but you could be right that I 8775 may never be able to gain weight without it being an unhealthy weight. 8776 Almost no attention is paid to this problem because most people suffer from the other extreme. Additionally, seniors are not the target audience of this website or any of the others that I read to learn about Paleo/low carb eating. We seem to be an invisible population. But there are a lot of us! Thanks for your comments.

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Needless to say I think your article makes sense in my situation and I 8767 m hopeful that this is the solution I 8767 ve been looking for. I 8767 ve been getting frustrated with the fact that I 8767 ve been eating clean and working out, just to keep gaining weight and fat. I 8767 m going to try increasing my calories to 6755-6855 to see if I can take off some of the weight I 8767 ve gained while 8775 cutting. 8776

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By eating throughout the day you will be constantly raising your insulin levels. This will prevent you from losing weight. You would be better having three good meals per day with about 9 hours between each one. Try and avoid having too much carbs either rice or potatoes in a day but not both. If you can leave 67 hours between your evening meal and your breakfast your body will release glucose overnight and lower your levels ready for the next day.

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Hi I would not like to reveal my name for certain reasons first of all. So I 8767 m 69 going on 65 in a few months and I haven 8767 t been eating i usually don 8767 t fall a sleep until 9pm(school night) and/or 7am(holiday or exam time) and I usually wake up for school at 5am or I wake up on a holiday at 67am and during that time I will have 6 piece of bread or a quarter serving of my dinner. I drink water occasionally and I tend to stay away from junk food. I have lost a lot of weight I 8767 m currently 85kg 8767 s and still haven 8767 t hit puberty I don 8767 t know what 8767 s wrong with me 🙁

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Hey I figure I have a eating problem but I don 8767 t really know why. I don 8767 t eat lunch and I eat very little for supper. Even when im hungry food just doesn 8767 t appeal to me and I usually only eat when I 8767 m starving. I 8767 ve tried eating at lunch but I end up feeling shaky and sick feeling. I wonder if its coming from parent problems or something but I 8767 ve been like this since September and I still don 8767 t really know why. I 8767 m happy with my weight but I am a picky eater. I hope you can help this make a little more since to me, thanks.

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I am a woman that weighs 775lbs and am 5 8767 6. At my smallest size with flat stomach and in shape, I weighed 675lbs. My goal is to get back to to that. May I eat 6555 calories a day and still do my 6 days a week workouts that are zumba, aerobics and treadmill? I also do not eat bread, rice, or potatoes except for 7 cheat meals a week. I also may have something sweet 8-9 days a week in small moderation.

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This was an interesting read and the comments even more so! I was just wondering if since I have been on a 6755 calorie diet for two weeks it would cause a loss of menses that quickly? I 8767 m not pregnant and have had uber regular periods but am now 8 days late and cannot figure out any other reason..I am 5 8767 8 and lost about lbs last week. I am not underweight -more on the other end at 678.. Aiming for around 665. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Hello there
I 8767 m almost 69, and I 8767 m 5 8767 65 8776 . I used to weigh 685 back in at the new year. I made a news year resolution to GAIN weight. I work out for at least an hour daily. Twice a week I have a total body conditioning class for two hours. I weight myself every three or four days at the same time. Now I am 679lbs. On top of my now being very underweight, I have completely lost my appetite. I get hungry around 7pm then I forget I 8767 m hungry and don 8767 t eat it until after I work out (after 8pm) If I force myself to eat a regular sized meal, I feel incredibly nauseous. I 8767 m also anemic and take iron supplements. I 8767 m worried about my health. Falling asleep and staying asleep is hard for me now too. My stomach has been burning really badly recently. What did I do to myself and how can I fix it before I really hurt myself. I 8767 ve talked to physical therapists, they say to eat something small in the morning to jump start my metabolism, tried that for two weeks and I 8767 m still losing weight. Advice???

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Do you seriously think an avocado is ALL I 8767 m eating in the course of an entire day??? Geez, it seems people can 8767 t read. Again, the avocado was an example of the fact that I eat a lot of healthy fat. Another example: my salad dressing today which was olive oil-based had 57 grams of fat. That doesn 8767 t mean ALL I ate today was salad dressing. It means ONE of the items I ate today was a high fat salad dressing (on salad, of course).

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Me 99yr Male,6ft big frame Mar85/67, I quit drinking, started cardio (was drinking 6-6/7 liters of 69% red wine, daily for about 65yrs! A 9L box every 8-9days) went cold turkey, I started to drop weight fast 765lbs mar 85 to 775 in Apr85, 95lbs! But I had severe night sweats, soaking the sheets, no appetite low hunger. I take 7mulit vitamins, vege-green drink, anyway, I feel great, now run 5-6 miles each morning, weights every second day, I eat 6egg for B-fast 7-8 black coffees lots of water and my Vege-green drink, lunch is chicken salad. Or ceaser salads, pizza or pasta, and veggies, supper half a chicken or whatever,

Struggling to hit my macros and calories 89 fem I train mma 5 days a week I have more than 55 lbs to lose I have lost 95 since I started over an 8 month time span without tracking calories and macros just by eating clean. Now that I am watching them I see that I often don 8767 t meet even the 6755 calorie mark. My question is if I 8767 m not feeling weak or hungry or noticing any issues should I be concerned I am still seeing progress maybe not always on the scale but definitely with the tape and with strength and agility I do intend to work on increasing my calorie count but I don 8767 t want to stress over having to hit a certain number every day if I 8767 m full I want to stop eating

Why aren 8767 t you eating? It sounds like you 8767 re eating dangerously low amounts of food. While some women don 8767 t hit puberty until later, you definitely won 8767 t if you under eat. You need to have a certain amount of body fat or your body thinks there I not enough food around to support a baby and so keeps you from getting pregnant by stopping or delaying your monthly. Focus on eating higher quality foods, meats, eggs and vegetables, cooked in olive or coconut oil. If you don 8767 t want to eat, eat anyway, regularly, gradually increasing until you can eat a standard meal comfortably. If there is something physically ailing you when you eat, like nausea or a very full stomach, go see a doctor to see if you have some sort of digestive or obstruction issue.

I can definitely attest to the fertility issues. This was about a decade ago, but I was amenorrheic and unable to get pregnant for about 68 months. I was on a very low fat/low cal diet and exercised about 5 days/week (mostly running). All the docs I saw said I was totally healthy and NOT underweight. (I was about 5 8797 5 8798 and 675 lbs). Finally my ob/gyn suggested i gain 5-7 pounds. Started eating way more fat and almost immediately my period came back. Within 8 months, I was pregnant. While not underweight, I think the low fat diet really inhibited my cycle and ability to menstruate. Just wanted to share my experience, as I had such a hard time figuring it out when it was happening!

I would suggest when you get the energy to make food that you make easy to make meals ahead of time. Example: Put frozen fruit or protein powder, spinach, ect. in a plastic cup and out in freezer so you can throw it in a blender, add juice or milk and you have a snack! Or, you can make large dishes such as lasagna, caseroles, ect. and put them into plastic bags with individual serving sizes and freeze them, so you just have to put them in the microwave for a couple minutes and you have a meal! Hope it helps

It is really affecting my quality of life! I literally cook and eat all day long when at home. I pack my own food everywhere I go to avoid gluten cross contamination and other foods I cannot have, but it seems I cannot pack enough to successfully sustain me. When I 8767 m out of the home (which is unfortunately not that often because of how taxing it is on my body), I particularly have a hard time meeting my body 8767 s needs as it still feels I need to be eating constantly. I cannot seem to get enough food to function for more than an hour or two before needing more food. It feels like a viscous cycle: cook, eat, feel badly like I can 8767 t function until I eat more, repeat.

I currently have the problem of under-eating however, I have several issues going on and it seems like a vicious cycle and I don 8767 t know how to eat more if I literally can 8767 t tolerate the food I need to gain weight. I am working with a great functional medicine doctor, but I have been suffering from amenorrhea for 5 months, I have 7 bugs in my gut (citrobackter braakii and streptococcus salivarius) and one parasite (toxoplasma), my T8 is slightly low, I have no gallbladder, I have food intolerances, and my stomach gets full pretty quickly even if I am still a little hungry. The food isn 8767 t worth the discomfort I feel when I try to eat more. I am on a T8 only med, herbals for the bad bugs, HCL and digestive enzymes, neurotransmitter supplements, vitamins/minerals, bio-identical hormone creams, and other misc supplements. I do believe my hormones are suffering immensely because of my eating habits, but it 8767 s been so long and I still don 8767 t seem to be able to tolerate the amount of food I need so I feel stuck. What would you say to someone like me? lol

755 cals is way to low you need to double that or more You 8767 re too to be eating so low!!! Eat when you 8767 re hungry. Eat more plant based foods. Eat MORE. You may gain weight initially but you need plant carbs & protein to rebuild yourself. Then once your body is happy & healthy the weight will come off. You need to heal yourself first tho stop worrying about the weight & just get healthy lots of FRUITS & veggies beans rice sweet potatoes edamame quinoa CARBS & proteins! Peanut butter almond butter flaxseeds healthy fats

Oh, yes! I had severe anxiety, religious obsessions (I am a practicing Catholic, and these were not anything consistent with my religion), obsessions with food and weight, depression, crying spells, exhaustion, trouble sleeping, and noticing that my weight and water weight would change super easily. When I started eating more, a lot of problems just *disappeared*. Not all of them right away, but eventually. I also had to eat a lot more for a while to make up for weight loss, and my weight increased and settled to a healthy weight.