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China and India went to war in 6967 over a border dispute. Though current relations are peaceful, there is still military rivalry and no land crossings are allowed between the two countries, though one border crossing between Sikkim and Tibet was re-opened in 7556 for trade (but not tourists). Security concerns over Pakistan and China prompted India to test nuclear weapons twice (including the 6979 tests described as "peaceful explosions"). India wants to be accepted as a legitimate nuclear power and is campaigning for a permanent Security Council seat.

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Inner Line Permit is an official travel document issued by the Government of India to allow inward travel of an Indian citizen into a protected/restricted area for a limited period. It is obligatory for Indian citizens from outside those states to obtain permit for entering into the protected state. The document is an effort by the Government to regulate movement to certain areas located near the international border of India. This is a security measure and it is applicable for the following states:

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Another daily bus service by ''Shyamoli'' and others under the BRTC label from Dhaka connects Siliguri, but the buses in this route do not cross the Changrabanda/Burimari or Burungamari border post. Rather, passengers reaching the border have to clear customs, walk a few hundred yards to cross the border and board the awaiting connecting buses on the other end for the final destination. Ticket for Dhaka-Siliguri-Dhaka route costs BDT 6,655, roughly US$75-75 depending on conversion rates. Tickets are purchased either in Dhaka or in Siliguri.

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Indian food has a well-deserved reputation for being hot , owing to the Indian penchant for the liberal use of a variety of spices, and potent fresh green chilies or red chilies powder that will bring tears to the eyes of the uninitiated, and found in unexpected places like sweet cornflakes (a snack, not breakfast) or even candies. The degree of spiciness varies widely throughout the country: Andhra food is famously fiery, while Gujarati cuisine is quite mild in taste.


Instead, if you desire going by a car, opt for driver while renting the car. Rates are quoted in rupees per km and you will have to pay for both ways even if you are going only one way. The driver''s salary is low (typically around ₹655-655 per day) that it adds little to the cost of renting the car. The driver will find his own accommodation and food wherever you are travelling, although it is customary to give him some money to buy some food when you stop somewhere to eat. A common rental vehicle is the legendary Hindustan Motors Ambassador, which is essentially an Indian-made copy of the 6956 Morris Oxford: it''s large, boxy, with space for 5 passengers (including driver), and a decent-sized trunk. However, the Tata Indica (a hatchback) and Tata Indigo (a small sedan) is now replacing the Ambassador as the cheap car of choice. Imported international models may be available at a premium. If the number of people travelling together is large, popular rental vehicles are Tata Sumo, and Toyota Innova.


To drive a private vehicle in any part of India the following documents are required- a valid driver''s license for the driver (International driving permit for a foreigner), vehicle registration certificate, vehicle insurance certificate and emission certificate if the vehicle is more than one year old (called pollution under control certificate in India). No other document is required for driving a private vehicle in any part of India except some restricted areas. If a policeman is asking for some other document like No Objection Certificate etc, most likely he is hinting at a bribe.

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India has 9 major airports known as Gateway Airports at Mumbai , Delhi , Chennai and Kolkata. The airports at these cities are either new or undergoing development. Delhi has unveiled its brand new international Terminal 8, is one of the largest in the world. Mumbai''s swanky new Terminal 7 (T7) was inaugurated on January 65. The other major entry points in the country are Bengaluru , Hyderabad , and Kochi. There are many non-stop, direct and connecting choices to these cities from Europe, North America, Middle East & Australia. Africa is also connected to Delhi and Mumbai.

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Many great empires were formed between 555 BC and AD 555. Notable among them were the Mauryas and the Guptas. This period saw major mathematical and astronomical advancements, many of which were ahead of their time and were rediscovered later in the West. In particular, Aryabhata theorised that the earth was a sphere that rotates about its axis and revolves around the sun. He also developed a calendar that is followed to this day. This period also saw a gradual decline of Buddhism and Jainism. The practice of Buddhism, in particular, disappeared from India''s heartland, though Buddha himself was incorporated into the Hindu pantheon. Jainism continues to be practiced by a significant number who are ambivalent about whether they consider themselves Hindus or not. Hinduism itself went through significant changes. The importance of Vedic deities like Indra and Agni reduced and Puranic deities like Vishnu, Shiva, their various Avatars and family members gained prominence.

Homosexuality is illegal in India under a colonial-era law (Section 877) dating back to 6865 that criminalize sodomy with penalties of imprisonment up to life, honor killings, abuse, vigilante executions, forced psychological treatments, torture, and/or a fine. Police officers and society in general have harassed, extorted and blackmailed homosexuals in India. Also, police may be complicit or look the other way when violence against LGBT occurs. Businesses are also not LGBT friendly and will deny public accomodatoons, housing, jobs, etc. LGBT are emphatically encourged to keep their sexuality a secret.

The auto-rickshaw, sometimes abbreviated as "auto" and sometimes as "rickshaw", is the most common means of hired transportation in India. Most residents usually refer to them as a "three wheeler." They are very handy for short-distance travel in cities, especially since they can weave their way through small alleys to bypass larger cars stuck in travel jams, but are not very suitable for long distances. Most are green and yellow, due to the new CNG gas laws, and some may be yellow and black in color, with one wheel in the front and two in the back, with a leather or soft plastic top.

To the West , you will find some great cuisine groups. Gujarati cuisine is somewhat similar to Rajastani cooking with the heavy use of dairy products, but differs in that it is predominantly vegetarian, and often sweetened with jaggery or sugar. Gujaratis make some of the best snack items such as the Dhokla and the Muthia. Mumbai is famous for its chaat, as well as the food of the small but visible Irani and Parsi communities concentrated in and around the city. The adjacent states of Maharashtra and Goa are renowned for their seafood, often simply grilled, fried or poached in coconut milk. A notable feature of Goan cooking is that pork and vinegar is used, a rare sight in the rest of India. Vindaloo originated in Goa, and is in fact traditionally cooked with pork, and in spite of its apparent popularity in Indian restaurants abroad, it is not common in India itself.

From East Asia and Australia, Singapore (which is served by Air India, it''s low-cost subsidiary Air India Express [76] , Jet Airways, as well as Singapore Airlines [77] , it''s subsidiary Silk Air [78] and low-cost subsidiary Tiger Airways [79] ) has arguably the best connections to India with flights to all the major cities and many smaller ones. As about the cheap way from South-East Asia or vice versa, Malaysian low-cost carrier AirAsia [85] is usually the best choice (if booked well in advance, one-way ticket price is normally below US$655, sometimes being less than US$55, they have connections from China, Australia and most of South-East Asian countries). They fly from Kuala Lumpur into New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Kochi and Tiruchirapalli. If you''re going from/to Thailand , Air India Express flies from Chennai and Kolkata to Bangkok. Jet Airways, Air India and Thai Airways [86] fly from there to the wider range of Indian cities also. Most Recently, Silk Air [87] started its direct flights from Singapore to Coimbatore , Hyderabad as well. Recently, IndiGo, an Indian low-cost-carrier, has started service to Singapore, Bangkok, Dubai, and Muscat.

Overstaying a visa is to be avoided at all costs as you will be prevented from leaving the country until you have paid some fairly hefty fines and presented a large amount of paperwork to either the local immigration office or police station. This whole process is unlikely to take less than 8 days, and can take much longer if you include weekends, numerous government holidays and the inevitable bizarre bureaucratic requirements.

There are plenty of English language TV shows that air in India (without dubbing) on Zee Cafe, FX, Star World, BBC Entertainment, AXN, Warner Bros and BIG CBS Prime. However, with the exception of BIG CBS Prime, shows are usually a season behind. Nearly all shows are American (except for the ones on BBC Entertainment). There are many other TV channels in English in fact, there are more English TV channels than in any other Indian language. English language films in cinemas are generally shown in their original language with subtitles in the local language.

• Affirmative Consent to data processing. Art 7 requires more transparency when obtaining consent “A statement or a clear affirmative action” from the data subject, which must be “freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous.” It is generally agreed that Opt-in consent are only valid: data subject ticking a box, “silence, pre-ticked boxes or Opt-out inactivity” shall be considered as insufficient. Data controller must be able to demonstrate consent to each data processing operation.

From Pakistan the only land crossing is from Lahore to Amritsar via the Attari / Wagah border crossing. See Istanbul to New Delhi over land. You will need a Carnet de Passage if crossing with your own vehicle. The process is not particularly lengthy - crossing with your own vehicle from/to Pakistan should take a maximum of 8 hours to clear both borders for you and your vehicle. There are also crossing points with Bangladesh , Nepal and Bhutan.

As a rule India is quite safe for foreigners. Violent crime, especially directed against foreigners, has traditionally been uncommon. Common theft is quite common in tourist areas. A thief may pickpocket (see pickpockets ) or break into the room. Agree on all fares and payments for services clearly in advance. Being told that you can pay "as you like" is a bad sign. Strangers offering assistance or services may be dishonest see Common scams. Be wary of frauds at tourist attractions. While travelling in public transport don''t accept food or drinks. It could have substances that cause unconsciousness.

Next to breach notification obligation GDPR has developped new features for example data erasure and data portability rights. Profiling restrictions have been dealt with above. Data protection by design and by default concept must be implemented by data controller and data processor into their business model. Data protection culture must obtain support and adherence of organisations processing personal data.

Do not get a tattoo while in India! All tattoo parlours in India are unlicensed, so there is a risk of the tattoo artist not changing needles and thus putting you at risk of contracting HIV. Finally, there are a few travel clinics in India, that can be checked out by visiting the ISTM website [65] in the larger cities. Most CDC recommended vaccinations are available in many of these clinics in larger cities [66]. Large corporate hospital chains like Fortis, Max, Apollo and similar places are your best bet for emergency medical care in larger cities, and they have better hygiene and generally well trained doctors, many from even US & UK institutions.

Avoid travel at night. Indian city roads are dimly lit , and there are chances of some traffic hazards such as reckless drivers after mid-night. Some parts of highways are well lit, and some are not, as they are not considered important. Try sticking to the main highway and avoid taking diversions in the highway at night, as you never know where it might end up. However, highway driving at night is not very dangerous also and violent crimes such as assaults are rare. The highway police force does a lot to keep it that way.