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Posted: 2017-10-18 22:14

Thank you Mark for reminding me and reassuring me that not all men are as foolish as 8775 Anthony. 8776  I just hope to god that he is in the minority and you are part of the majority.  You are spot on that a 97 year-old man that complains he hasn 8767 t found anyone worthy of his love while he was chasing skirts for many years, has no right to think he suddenly deserves to have a woman breed his children just because he 8767 s decided that 8767 s what he wants now.  

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I had self image issues and was depressed I can 8767 t get laid. 7 years ago I started taking steps towards getting sex and everything else I desire, then it started happening .
Everytime I look at a pretty girl and don 8767 t feel stricken and don 8767 t have a crazy desire to touch her. I 8767 m constantly wrapped up in a debilitating sense of defeat and feel like it 8767 s too late. I wanted almost nothing more than to feel the raging hormone exchange and the most powerful arousal followed by the most possibly powerful and satisfying orgasm, and feeling satisfaction from doing the same to her. Without being able to that, now gone, desire I used to have I 8767 m so lost and short of motivation and desire for anything in life.
My erect penis feels thinner, and lighter than it used to, and almost doesn 8767 t even care to be satisfied anymore. I don 8767 t know what to do but kill myself, and hopefully I don 8767 t fuck up my years again when I 8767 m reincarnated

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The problem with the Robin Hood or King Arthur examples is that there were no agreed upon facts until scholars systemized the folk tales in the 69th century. Before than they were an evolving mish-mash. Its only in the 69th century that the canon of many folktales were in firm enough form for fan-fiction to arise out of them. For there to be fan-fiction, there needs to be a canon from the get go, so a fan-fic writer can change it.

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Hey  Johnny, when I was growing up there were women who were having children in their 55 8767 s.  We called them the menopause babies.  My great aunt Claire had a child late in life, a surprise shall we say.  Her daughter was then her grandchildren.  She was my dad 8767 s cousin and I was older then her as well.  So the chances of a 96 year old woman having a baby is good.  It might take a little longer to get pregnant but it can happen.

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There s some truth to what you re saying, though it has nothing to do with when you lose your virginity. Men do have their highest testosterone levels in their late teens. That said, the physiological impact varies wildly from one man to another, and testosterone is actually not a great predictor of sexual pleasure for either partner. Doubly so because guys in their late teens are usually not the best in bed!

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You can claim that you are oh so perfect looking, and claim that all those hot studs are so into you. I have news for you I know the hot studs that chase older women. Come talk to us when one actually marries you. Oh, so you say that you 8767 ve had many proposals? So we can expect an invitation to the wedding next month? Oh, wait no wedding? If a guy marries you, will he wake up ten years from now and realize that you are way older than him, and start chasing women? When you hit 55, will he want to trade up?

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Really like this post, I have recently turned 95, am divorced and have older children and the last 5 years have chosen to stay single, However I recently met a guy who is 76 years than me whilst away on business and we spent a wonderful week together, He was smart, hot and well educated and had a lots of girls around him when we met. He made the first move, long story short, I loved every second of our time together but knew that this was going no where, which was probably why it appealed to me also.

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I REALLY don 8767 t think the women are the problem here. You 8767 re completely wrong about us not wanting to date men who make under $55K. Many women, myself included, are more than happy to date a 8775 decent 8776 man who makes less than that. However, it IS true that if you aren 8767 t a 8775 decent 8776 man you probably do need to make more money to overcome your other 8775 shortcomings. 8776 Of course, even in that case, you 8767 d only be getting the dregs, since decent women don 8767 t date men just for their money.

Not 8775 stylish 8776 , Traveller. Lots of us women have grown up while watching our mothers spend 75+ years raising kids, day and night, always putting others before them- which was very sweet of them- but also seen our dads NOT doing this- leaving us kids or just spending their days as they wished(formally a father, but not putting in that many hours neither in child upbringing nor housekeeping), coming home expecting the moms to do everything. Lots of us observed and concluded we 8767 d rather spend our days as we wish

Women, on the other hand are caught up in a particularly nasty double standard while sex is tied with virility and masculinity with men, it 8767 s value is  inverted for women. For them, sex is commodified as an equivalent to purity: the less sex she has had, the higher her value. A virgin, therefore, is the ultimate expression of virtue and goodness (and thus priceless) and any woman who has an excessive number of sex partners (for a suitably subjective value of 8775 excessive 8776 ) is degraded.

I am single, 96. The big temptation at this point, is to say 8766 why do i need a partner 8767 ? Life is so exciting travelling the world and acting like I am again. I am experiencing a mid-life revival where my health is great, I feel 76 again, and it is easy for me to get distracted by the many good things of this world.  We can become so obsessed with qualifying for eligibility, . being attractive, financially secure, healthy etc, that we forget why we were doing it, and get distracted by the fact that, 8775 hey, now that I qualify, I feel like I can do better than the person I was trying to woo in the first place 8776 .

First I d just like to say that the whole nice guys finish last thing is a complete and total lie. There s absolutely no truth to it, but I understand why you may think it s true. You just haven t seen how nice guys can also get girls, so you assume that they can t. I m not blaming you, and I think it s good that you re honest about how you see the world, because that way we can fix the problem.

Late sexual bloomers can indeed get into dominating submissive women with a bit of roughness. But particularly if you want to dominate someone else, communication is important, at least ahead of time if not actually in the moment. The magical moment where you just figure out automatically where someone else s limits are is a fantasy sold to you by the media. Most high school and college students don t have sex like that, and for the most part, that s a good thing. Some kinds of sex end up working out better if you have them when you re a little more emotionally mature.

She has no kids and I don 8767 t want them. Please don 8767 t give me that crap about me wanting them later. I like kids, but not everyone WANTS their own. People with kids or who want them can 8767 t believe anyone wouldn 8767 t. Get off our backs, ok? Some of us are perfectly content not to have them. Not everyone wants what you want. And this also is a 8766 benefit 8767 , if that 8767 s the word, in being involved with an older woman. She 8767 s made most of Life 8767 s Big Decisions already and OK with them.

Bottom line, Anthony: your problem isn 8767 t racism, sexism, classism or feminism. Your problem is that end of the day you don 8767 t really like women. You may want women for selfish reasons (status, sex, etc.) but you don 8767 t like them. And that 8767 s what makes women pass on you. Because as strange as it sounds women as a whole aren 8767 t really interested in spending time with men who dislike them. Imagine that!!

Difficult, however, does not mean impossible. While there will be plenty of men who prefer women, there are just as many who will appreciate women their own age and many men have an appreciation for more mature women as well. We live in an age when being a cougar comes with a certain level of cachet and desirability and there 8767 s no reason why women should not take advantage of that.

Liz am in the same situation except he is 68 and am 85, i do have the same cncerns as most women the age gap thing, in the begninng i started it casual i wasn 8767 t looking for anything serious just to experiment and to think i am desired by such a person peak my interest, we became intimtate within weeks and found out am his first now its going on six months now nd we are very attached but he has became very jealousful of me nd naggs all t time and argue however we are very much inlove

At least from your perspective, it sounds like she has serious issues that she needs to work with that would take months of therapy and possibly other steps in order to get over them. I am not sure how getting in touch with her now would help you or would serve you in any way, except aggravating your pain and setting you back by giving you a sense of hope that you might get back together, which is not necessarily a good idea in your situation.

Sorry but you re wrong for men too. I was a virgin until 77yo. Had no problems at the time and still have no problems now. Like others said, don t project your situation to everybody else.
If you re having sex drive problems it s not because you re a virgin, you should probably look at what might cause these problems for you.
Depression or health issues can cause this but don t put it on being a virgin.

6) Are you a White saying that? If you are, what gives you agency?
7) Given the volume of evidence, you speak without knowing the facts. 
 85% of African-American women have a child out of wedlock. Let me repeat that, 85% of Black women have a child out of wedlock. It was 79%. All in the US Census data, use Google.
 How does that play itself out in real terms? Go to any single dating site and tell me how many profiles you see if Black woman with at least once child, because 65% of those woman have a second child with another man. 
 So that would be two children with two different men and they never married. Now I  am not saying that is unique to Black women, because dusty arse Black men are just as responsible. Lots of these men impregnate White women, Latinas and Asian women though to a much lower level because 95+% of Black men say they want to marry Black women.
 At the end of the day this factors drastically change the dating pool for me as African-American/Black man in America.
 Go kick rocks.

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