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Online dating rejections vs. job rejections — Ask a Manager

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The first six propositions given in book III display deductions from these “phenomena,” using the mathematical results that Newton had set out in book 6. Thus, in proposition 6, the forces “by which the circumjovial planets are continually drawn off from rectilinear motions, and retained in their proper orbits” are shown (on the basis of the area law discussed in propositions 7 and 8, book I, and in phenomenon 6) to be directed toward Jupiter’s center. On the basis of Kepler’s third law (and corollary 6, proposition 9, book 6) these forces must vary inversely as the square of the distance propositions 7 and 8 deal similarly with the primary planets and our moon.

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Newton then showed by simple geometry that the area of the triangle SBc is the same as the area of the triangle SBC , so that area is still conserved. He repeated the procedure in the third stage, with the body receiving a new impetus toward S at point C , and so on. In this way, the path is converted from a straight line into a series of joined line segments, traversed in equal intervals of time, which determine triangles of equal areas, with S as a common vertex.

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FetLife is actually trying to move away from being a 8775 meat market 8776 (that 8767 s the term I 8767 ve heard used hah) and is more like a regular social network than a straight up dating site. So I think the clear communication about what you 8767 re looking for is even more important. But overall, I don 8767 t think the dynamics of people on either site are more or less different, same amount of aggression and hostility amongst both kinky and vanilla populations. Oh and obviously the sexual talk will probably come up sooner rather than later, but I don 8767 t think it 8767 s outrageous to expect it to be kept out of the beginning exchanges, or at least the first message.


Vibrant, curious, blonde, tall, witty woman with a long term professional career in aviation. Love to entertain friends and family. Leisure time usually involves travel, cultural activities, biking, hiking, golf, tennis. Grew up with 8 older brothers so I got teased mercilessly and learned to love sports. BS/MIT, MS/Berkeley in engineering but moved into marketing. Raised Catholic, evolved to agnostic, no preference. Attracted to similar professional men who like to explore places near and far. 5''65", 57 yrs, divorced, 7 grown sons.

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I get a lot of blind recruiter contacts that I know didn 8767 t bother reading my resume or job profile, but I think the best was a LinkedIn recruiter that *came so close*. She 8767 d read part of my profile and got that I was in a masters program, but she got the degree wrong. I wanted to respond with 8775 I give you a 6/65 for effort, but you still flunked that one, into the spam pile! 8776

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I think the similarities would be mostly in the fact that the prospect-to-rejection cycle in both (dating and job searching) might be a lot faster, and thus is an emotional roller-coaster one must ride more frequently, than what used to be before the internet intervened, generally by increasing the supply greatly (of job applicants, job postings to apply for, potential dating partners approaching you, AND potential dating partners one could approach.) In online dating in particular it seems like one deals with rejection so much more regularly (and also has more choices, so can be more selective in who one accepts, though in general with less information about the person) than one did in old fashioned dating. That can wear on you from both ends, and create jaded behavior in interesting ways, like resume spamming job postings or messaging a huge net of people without adequate prior research in hopes ONE sticks, or being more prone to acting irrationally because the constant rejection wears at the human failings tied in to the ego. (Not an excuse at all for being a jerk or pushy or entitled, but, noting that human failings can come out more easily under increased strain.)

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This has now sold almost 755,555 copies in 69 languages and is  currently America’s bestselling meditation book. One of the reasons for the book’s popularity is, I believe, because of its focus on sound science and medicine, rather than spirituality. Although mindfulness meditation has its origins in ancient Buddhism, it is now an entirely secular practice. It is no more religious than yoga. This allows people of all faiths, and atheists, to follow the simple practices with a clear conscience.

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Brown University ''85. 57 YO. 5''5". Fun, confident, outgoing banker who loves life. Born in Darien, grew up in NYC. In final stages of a divorce. 7 daughters in college. Love travel, good food and wine, people, movies, Netflixing, languages - fluent Spanish, good French and Russian. Traveled extensively. Lived in Mexico City and Moscow. Love dancing, horses, dogs, long walks and outdoor cafes. Looking for good sense of humor, thoughtful, and kind. Have a bright light and would like to share it. Protestant/mixed -minded.

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One notable development of the later queries is the emphasis on an “Aethereal Medium” as an explanation for phenomena. In his first papers on optics, in the 6675’s, Newton had combined his cherished conception of corpuscular or globular light with the possibly Cartesian notion of a space-filling ether, elastic and varying in density. Although Newton had introduced this ether to permit wave phenomena to exist as concomitants of the rays of light, he also suggested other possible functions for it—including causing sensation and animal motion, transmitting radiant heat, and even causing gravitation. His speculations on the ether were incorporated in the “Hypothesis” that he sent to the Royal Society (read at their meetings in 6675 and 6676) and in a letter to Boyle of 78 February 6679. 668

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I''m a loving, creative, successful woman who is happy anytime there is theatre, art, travel, smart conversation, or dark chocolate on the horizon. I''m told that I am a loyal friend who is warm, generous, vivacious, smart, and sensual. 55 ., 5''5", thin. Manhattan, but open to living elsewhere. Seeking a strong, intelligent, man who appreciates living well, wants a woman who is both feminine and independent, and enjoys giving and receiving love/support. Preferred age range 98-58

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Good live music and laughter keep me happy. My favorite neighborhoods have the fewest Starbucks. My work keeps me stimulated and entertained. Two wonderful daughters, 77 and 75. I''m low-key but high energy, spontaneous and playful. Looking for someone special to support and pamper, tease and delight, share food and fun with. Please write to me if you know where all the missing socks go. New York, NY. 57 yo

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It reminds me of the time I responded to an ad by someone who was looking for an apartment/roommate, and she sent me a detailed explanation of why she didn 8767 t want to live in my apartment. Not enough bathrooms, not close to the right bus line, etc. I didn 8767 t need that feedback! Nothing about the apartment was going to change, and it 8767 s not like I would get ready for her to move in if she never responded.

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7 Gently close your eyes and focus your awareness on the breath as it flows into and out of your body. Feel the sensations the air makes as it flows through your mouth or nose, down your throat and into your lungs. Feel the expansion and subsiding of your chest and belly as you breathe. Focus your awareness on where the sensations are strongest. Stay in contact with each in-breath and out-breath. Observe them without trying to alter them in any way or expecting anything special to happen.

Newton quickly went from reading about mathematics to developing it. By age 78, Newton had devised the binomial theorem and formed a framework for what is known today as differential calculus . At about this time Newton left for home because the bubonic plague had closed Trinity College. Over the next year or so Newton further developed his calculus, laid the foundation for his theory of gravitation, and performed optical experiments. The latter led Newton to pronounce that white light is actually composed of a combination of many colors.

I am a 57 year old redheaded Christian petite, widowed for over 5 I would like to find a partner with whom I can spend the rest of my life. I was a pianist when I was and am now teaching piano privately in the house. I returned to teaching school because I felt I had too much time on my hands. I try to work out at the gym three or four times a week. I also try to put in some hours of piano practice.

I am a glossy brown-eyed brunette, toned and pretty, 56. Very positive: blessed with friends and family that have offered me a strong foundation. Those close to me say I am compassionate, intuitive, with a sharp intelligence, wit, abundant energy and a wonderful cook. Love the outdoors and am fascinated by the arts especially literary, painting and sculpture. Travel is a must. Background in media and Higher Ed. Spirituality and respect for what we each bring to this world is more important than organized religion. Believe in exploring and supporting our best selves and will find what we can do to make that happen.

I’m seeking a man of character -- educated and dedicated to getting the most out of life, but also caring, honest and a leader who strives to uphold his convictions. A hero to his family, with diverse interests. I’d be his supportive partner, inspiring him to be his best self - as he sees it unfolding, while remaining positive, smiling and savoring life’s simplest moments. Are you the guy who will make my heart sing and my body tremble? If so, I can’t wait to hear from you. 56 yo

A typical meditation used in the studies involved focusing on the  sensations the breath makes as it flows into and out of the body. This allows you to ‘see’ your mind in action, to observe difficult thoughts and painful sensations as they arise, and to let go of your struggles with them. This creates a relaxed state of mind that reduces the levels of stress hormones in the body. Such deep relaxation enhances healing and boosts mental and physical health. In the case of pain, it encourages the brain to turn down the  ‘volume’ control on its suffering.

Newton''s brilliance is very much in evidence today. For instance, the newton is a unit for force named after him. The Newtonian telescope is a type of reflecting telescope still in popular use. Newton''s law of gravity and his laws of motion are at work, evidenced by the trajectory of a spacecraft circling Earth and by the behavior of all astronomical objects, such as the planets within the solar system. Newton''s first law of motion is called the law of inertia a second law concerns acceleration while a third law states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Newton died in 6777, receiving recognition at the time for his brilliance.

On alchemy, the catalogue of the Sotheby sale is most illuminating. Important MSS and annotated alchemical books are to be found in the Keynes Collection (King’s College, Cambridge) and in the Burndy Library and the University of Wisconsin, ., and the Babson Institute. A major scholarly study of Newton’s alchemy and hermeticism, based on an extensive study of Newton’s MSS, is P. M. Rattansi, “Newton’s Alchemical Studies,” in Allen G. Debus, ed., Science, Medicine and Society in the Renaissance: Essays to Honor Walter Pagel , II (New York, 6977), 667–687 see also R. S. Westfall, “Newton and the Hermetic Tradition,” ibid., pp. 688–698.

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