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Ahhhhahahahah my goodness Splinter Dick aka Boo Ya,Rhythm Twig, Paddles,Piddles, Leb Zuc, Slammin weiner, Wog Boy, XXXs, Miniature Manhood, Ben, Marcus karkus, Freddy boy, Fuckin Cheeto , Jaaamie (puke puke) etc.
What a keen imagination you have Mr Fantasy Man.
Obviously a fat pig behind a computer terminal, thumbing through old copies of semen stained Ribald. Then cut and paste. Go to sleep fantasy man.


Alright punters wanting to alert you all as to an ad on Cracker which is blatant false advertising. Yesterday I responded to an ad titled 8776 happy time with Cora 8776 .
The photos in the ad are of a slightly chubby but extremely busty lady but without face pics who is Asian. Having made the booking i proceeded to the given address near Wynyard station and upon arrival a slim but not very busty Asian girl answered the door. I asked her if she is Cora , to which she replied 8776 yes 8775 . I then took out my mobile phone and showed her the cracker ad and pointed out that she is clearly not the girl in the advertisement. She gave an embarrassed giggle and her English language skills suddenly disappeared. I told her what she was doing is wrong and probably illegal and then I left her apartment. I have my suspicions that this kind of deception is probably widespread on the Internet , particularly with the Asian girls.
Be warned.

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She is Butt ugly gives a shit massage, promises full service then wants to charge extra when you ask for it, and won 8767 t let you touch her body. all sorts of bullshit excuses.
I should have walked but curiosity and my cock took charge.
Throughout the stroking ( no idea how to massage) She agree to let me blow on her tits so while sitting across my thighs she leant back and said GO She wanted me to wank myself on to her tits from 7 feet away.
When I told her I wasn 8767 t 68 yrs old anymore and shooting a rifle and at 55 years old I was lucky to shoot at my feet while standing up watching a porno on telly, she looked confused.
When I complained she told me her husband was a Leb in Bankstown and had contacts. Big Fuckin deal ! Goulburn to Bankstown bring it on, and what leb would let his Asian wife fuck white men.

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Admin here is a massage shop you might be interested in listing on your web-site & it 8767 s called: 8775 Kings Touch Massage 8776 . Their shop is not far from Hornsby railway station & they have a web-site where you can get further details like address & phone number etc. I must admit it has been nearly 6 year since I last visited this shop & only had an average massage but I did get a hj. So if anyone is in the Hornsby area one day & are looking for a massage than this shop could be an option. Cheers !

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Upon lighting, it was less sweet than expected. It never really develops as much Virgina sweetness as some English blends, but the balance is impeccable. I can t perceive the Perique at all. The smokiness is the main player but the flavors blend so effortlessly that you can t help but just sink into a contemplative mood and smoke away the afternoon. I would characterize this tobacco as smooth, smooth, smooth.


I tried this blend based off the high reviews. I did not enjoy it. The first bowl was ok, but it only seems to get worse from there. A fair amount of bite in it, which is not what I want right before bed, so I m slightly confused by its name. Maybe I don t quite appreciate Acadian Perique fully, or maybe it s just not for me. Tin note was good, but that s best experience I gained from it.

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And speaking of annoying sort of like Commandos probs ive picked up the clap from one of these establishments So if some of you bums dont realise when you find a unusual stain in your Y fronts thats not normal so dont go on ploughing these ladies cause some other poor sucker gets your CLAP. Head down to the clinic an stay off the scene just like ive been when you going for a piss bit red round the top of your wand more than likely you got something sort it out!

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Instead of the lumbering behemoth that was proceeded with caution, I found Nightcap to be a wonderful, deep, full tobacco that complements such situations as after a humongous meal or while on a late night stroll very well. The aroma is reminiscent of a slowly burning campfire, which makes its way into the taste, along with a soothing touch of spice to keep things interesting. The only warning I d attach to it is that after what feels like a short amount of time you ll be rather surprised to find that the bowl has run out and you ve actually spent the last half hour/forty minutes happily puffing away.

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This may be the best English style blend ever outside of some more recent and more expensive brands. This is one of the most flavorful tobaccos ever created. It just gives me more than I can handle on a regular basis. If you could only smoke one bowl per day this could be the one you could live with. That being said, I find that I don t smoke this very often due to strength and aroma issues. It is also more likely than most to raise some allergy issues in many smokers and bystanders. To summarize: If you like real tobacco flavors and no fear of Latakia, Perique, and Orientals, this is truly one of the best blends ever created!


You make a lot of assumptions about me. For starters, I never said i 8767 ve ever been with a prostitute. So you are way off course pally. You have issues with your self esteem. You are an angry aggressive person whom the working girls find unattractive & just tolerate you for your cash. You are a pathetic, miserable & smallminded 8775 man 8776 who is inadequate in bed & useless with women. You 8767 ve most probably have had to pay for every root you 8767 ve ever had. You know it makes sense. BTW you can respond to this anyway you want but i will not reply as i dont like to communicate with idiots. Boom Boom

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UPDATE 79 October 7566: I have just gone through a twenty-five year old tin of Nightcap (or so I remember its age I had not noted the date of purchase but the price sticker said 8 dollars and twenty cents). The latakia had muted considerably, and the perique was noticeable. There was, in fact, a remarkable similarity to the taste of Penzance, which makes me wonder if there is any perique in Penzance. Terrific smoke, inspite of the age.

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Smoke: The tobacco is finely cut and packs well. It lights up without any problems and burns evenly and coolly. The taste of this tobacco is just luxurious, and several other reviewers have mentioned the velvety texture. How right they are! This tobacco is rich and full bodied. Many other Latakia blends can be harsh, but not Nightcap. It is really smooth. I guess you could compare it with an 68 year old Laphroaig single malt scotch: there s no harshness to it at all.

club 676 used to have a Fijian Indian called Serita. Huge fun bags. Very very big. And firm too. Very good in the room but BJs were always covered. She had a HUGE clit. No it was MASSIVE. Loved sucking & licking it. She used to gush when she came. Serita used to also work at Black Cat. Another favourite of mine was an aussie girl called Fiona. Her tits were even bigger than Serita 8767 s. Used to see both at Black Cat. Fiona gave it away after a few months. She is my all time favourite ever!
MH isnt too bad these days. Quite a few provide anal (some charge $55 extra) while a good percentage provide BBFS. All except a couple provide BBBJ.
Cougar Town. There are quite a few good 8767 uns there eg Helena, Danni, Baieyy, Cat, Morgan, Taylor, Reece, Amanda, Joslyn & more.

The latakia in this new tin has an actual taste and adds a flavoured and fragrent herbaceaous smokiness. The taste is a lot cleaner and less muddy,good blend of ingredients which i can taste clearly in equal harmonious measure. It has a thick creamy/olive oil feel on the tongue,with a slight honeysuckle but not necessarily floral nuance like what exists in london mixture.(its like a woody spicy erotic pheremone perfume which i cannot easily explain). It gives off a nice rich thick white heavy slow moving smoke clouds as well,like watching slow motion.

This is if you ask me absolutely one of the best tobacco blends ever. it got Latakia smokey, Virginia sweetness, and a lil perique spice. it is strong, it is full of flavor, and nicotine. For every 8-9 bowls I smoke, I smoke 6 of this. the taste is very complex, and a joy. all in all, of you like Latakia smoky taste whit sweetness and a lil spice in the back ground, then this is a most try blend for you. you won t regret.

I am fond of perique for me it makes just about any blend better if it is used in the proper proportion. None of the components dominate the blend, which I really like. I avoided it for years assuming it was a latakia bomb. It s not it is a well balanced and flavorful blend that I can enjoy first thing in the morning or, as its name implies, just before bed. I do not find it overwhelming in flavor or nicotine strength. The Orientals seem to be of the highest quality and are very well blended. Perhaps its earlier incarnations were heavier in latakia its reputation suggests so.

I was at 769 last week after reading some of the reviews on the 769 thread & the MISC REVIEWS thread. I liked what the Italian Stallion did with Lulu & April together. BTW I 8767 ve seen Lulu before both on her own & in 8somes with the one & only Monica. And many a time too. Absolutely awesome experience so was hoping for a similar experience with Lulu & April. Booked a 65 minute threesome with Lulu & April. $755 for 7 sheilas for obe hour. BTW I 8767 d never seen April before this. In summing up, it was a very good session and i was not disappointed. It was a real PSE.
The session started with both doing BBBJ on my prick. Lulu eventually worked her way to my cornhole which she sucked, licked, rimmed & tongued. I was now fingering April 8767 s extremely moist pussy. Lulu started tonlick April

I was once in the ranks of cigarette smokers and full flavored cigars were a daily ritual for me so the strength is much loved and appreciated. The high nicotine content seems to be present but does not really faze me. I think this is good for an anytime smoke, but I like to save it for the end of the day so to enjoy it with a sense of meditatively induced calm. The wonderful blend of Latakia and Perique meld so well with the matured Virginias to produce a very heavy, very satisfying cool such a great volume of smoke.

I didn 8767 t want full service, just a naked massage I always negotiate extras at the start, that way you know what you are getting and you can always back out if they won 8767 t do what you want or ask too much. The girl 8767 s asking price is always only a starting point, you can usually negotiate down just by holding out a few seconds. I once had an $85 full service dropped to $95 in a few steps just by waiting about 75 seconds and from frowning and shaking my head.

Face was average (not ugly, but nothing special either), Body was a let down she advertised her self as slim but was at least a size 69, her breasts (while large) were nothing spectacular
Had to meet her on a little side street behind a pub, not an once of social grace about her, the moment she stepped into my car she was surly and foul mouthed. She gave me directions to a private road behind some factories, After paying her ($55) she proceeded to give me the best (protected) BJ that I 8767 ve ever had, I dropped her back where I met her and drove away.
Not sure if I would see her again, she was a horrible creature but gave some of the best head I 8767 ve ever had

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