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I have a question to ask on the letter said 8775 As i will notice in the petition,my wife intends to seek a 8776 status only 8776 divorce. What it this mean 8776 this means that issues regarding property distribution, child custody, child support, and spousal support, among other things, will not be addressed. These issues will be left out for me and my wife to handles. My wife simply wants to dissolve the marriage and return to single status.

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My wife left our house that we own jointly 7 years ago with my daughter.. she filed chapter 7 bankruptcy and wrote off the house on it. she also took about 5k out of our bank acct and closed it. i have been paying for our house for the past 7 years alone and even had to file for chapter 68 bankruptcy since it was going into foreclosure due to her taking all of our money.. now my attorney claims i still owe her half the money for the house.. our house was apprasied for 657k and we still owe 65k.. she hasnt paid a dime since she left with my daughter.. she is hiding out somewhere in OH. The house is located in PA do i still have to give her half of the equity if she hasnt contributed a dime since 7 years ago and she wrote the house off on chapter 7?

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My father passed in may. My mom passed. Around 67 yrs ago my ? Is my dad didnt pay my mom a dime for childsupport for 6 kids I was. Wondering do we have any right to get what was owed my mom my dad married a few times since but we r his only legal kids by blood and it was very big struggle for. My mom to just feed us let alone cloth us if u could give me any advise on this matter id b deeply in debted to you. Thank you for listening

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Hello, I live in MI. I understand that we are a No Fault state. Me and a female caught my husband up about to commit adultery with her. that was about 6 wks ago. Now, she is claiming him, and putting things on FB trying to taunt me. I feel some is slander. Is there any other way to sue someone for having an affair with your mate, even if you can 8767 t use the alienated of affection in MI ? I want to sue for the slander also

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I am divorcing after 76 years of marriage. I have made several proposals to try and end this without getting only asked for certain household items and 755 dollars a month. He makes 85 dollars an hour and I make 65. He claims adultery which is untrue. Emotional and physical abuse is what has ended the marriage and he was arrested last month for domestic violence against our 67 year old daughter. He says because he thinks I had an affair, he will make sure I leave the marriage with nothing. I am under the impression that there will be an equitable distribution for the both of us even though I can prove abuse through arrest records. My question is that will his claims of adultery in court cause me to recieve nothing at all in the divorce? I live in Ohio.

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TMZ has learned both sides squared off in court Tuesday and David made his case to spend the holiday with 8-year-old David Jr. TMZ broke the story, cops threw David out of the family home after Jennifer got an order of protection claiming she was afraid David would hurt her and her son. David says she's lying and vengeful because they were at an impasse over custody.

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I have a friend In Michigan she is married but wanting a divorce from her abusive husband, we lost contact for 65 yrs up till that last Febuary we have been talkign on facebook texting and few phone calls her husband has found out and is using it is for grounds to fight and block the divorece saying she is commiting adultry with me via Emotional Affairs cause he over heard her tell me on the phone she still loves
Is it possiable for him and the state to hold this against her and stop her from getting a divorce???

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i have been married 7 my daughters father for a week as of today we got married in a court house 7 days after we got married he said he made a mistake and wants an annulment.. i live in alabama and i havent seen him since the day after we got married he got back with his ex .. now i know this seems wrong but i dont want to get an annulment or a divorce because i want him to suffer he doesnt work and has no money he wants me to pay for it all what should i do? am i wrong for not divorcing him just to make his life miserable?

Hi there, I am very early twentys and I have been dating this girl for about 7 months and she says she is pregnant. Now my son is almost 7 years old and we have been married 7 months married in Vegas elouped but we live in Oregon. She has cheated on me and she cheating on me again, I 8767 ve been staying for the kid too long it won 8767 t be fair to my kid for us to all live a lie and be unhappy. I have a long time career long before her and a couple cars in my name. And renting an apartment. IN OREGON could she take half of everything of mine including money n cars and everything and child support. please let me know I want the best for my child and want to find out my options as soon as possible she just recently got a part time job about month and a half ago but wasn 8767 t even hired on fully till 7 weeks ago. I 8767 ve had everything long before her. Is she legally entitled to anything besides visitation and maybe some child support???? Plz get back to me as soon as possible, its all I can think about.

I 8767 m fixing to go through a divorce. My ex is trying to make a deal with me on certain things to prevent me from taking him to court. We live in Louisiana. My ex grosses approx $/month and I gross approx $/mth. We don 8767 t have much community property together. I want to know about the community debt. With him making a great deal more money a month than me, how is the community debt usually decided? Will the judge split everything down the middle or would he take into consideration my regular monthly bills, the child we have together and the fact that my ex makes so much more than I do?

My son deployed to Iraq last August. His wife took his baby daughter and went to Oklahoma to 8775 Visit 8776 her dad. Two weeks after she got there she moved in with her old boyfriend. They spilt up then she moved in with another guy. She had a miscarriage in November 7565 while my son was deployed. She then cleaned out the bank account and rented a moving van and took all their household goods from DC back to Oklahoma. She is now pregnant with this guys baby. They are not divorced. Does this mean the child will legally be my sons? Will he have to prove it isn 8767 t? Will he have to pay for it till he does? Also IF the child is 8775 legally his 8776 then can we use it in the custody fight and tell her give us the little girl and walk away or we will go after you for BOTH kids ? She really is a horrible mother and very neglectful.

My husband and i are currently going through a divorce right now we have an interm parenting plan where he is supposed to get our children every week, he was with a woman for over 6 months she just had his baby he left her while she was 8 months pregnant for another woman, is there something i can do? he is only taking our children 6 day a week and is letting his new girlfriend control our situation and the one with his other child 8767 s mother.

My husband ask me for a divorce over the phone, he has been working Overseas for about 7 mounts. I am overseas also, we are in different continents right now. He doesn 8767 t wants that I come back to The States for my personals belongings. I am so afraid and sad an confuse, that sometimes have difficulties to breath. I have serious suspicious that he is cheating on my. Can I spy him sending a software to his laptop, is this legal? Please help me!

I divorced my wife 68 years ago in Arizona. It was agreeable and manged without a fight. The assets were not divided equally, I received 75%, she the rest. The assets I received were the primary domecile with a net value of $6,, my 956K valued at $85, and a rental property with a net value of $9,. The decree called for me to pay alimony of $/month for one year. She remarried six months later ending the alimony after I discovered the new marriage. My 956k at the time of the civil divorce was valued at $85, and hers at $856,. She agreed to decree $55, of her 956K to me at the time of the divorce. End result I got $65, of value, she got $756, of value plus a car and household goods. I was the larger income generator throughout most of the marriage although she made good money in her career of 76 years. Now 68 years later, after completing another twenty year career, she is filing for an anulment through the Catholic Church in the state of Washington. Is the original settlement in Arizona subject to change based on the anulment? Do I need legal help?
Thank you, Ichabod

My brother is getting divorce from his wife. My brother and I bought a duplex. He ownes 55% and I the other 55%. They were going to settle a buy out for her portion of the marital home. Now she wants to take the house. She is not on the title nor the mortgage loan. She does not work. She came over from Mexico after they got married. Can she take the house in the divorce? She moved out once they decided to divorce. They have no children. My brother is still making mortgage payments. I would also hate to still be living next to her if she is awarded the house somehow.

I just got Divorced in oct was taking for ever,,then finally one day it starting picking up quick..low and behold I found out my husband got a woman pregnant while we were still married and I had no I think his Lawyer knew I could of gotten my husband for Adultery and I did not know this..can I appeal my Divorce under the ground of him committing adultery plus getting this woman pregnant.

Deanna Cloud is a scum bag for what she did, she took someones marraige and is trying very hard to ruin it because hers is. The guy she is cheating with has a history of beating and betraying his wife 8767 s. He starts out so nice and sweet and then it will hit you with a bang. She is a millwright and I hope she pays dearly for not backing off. I also hope Terry Manor pays dearly for being a beating cheating lying creep. He pretended he was sober and a god fearing man and stopped at every bar he could in each state on his way back to Wisconsin. He has cheated his kids out of a dad and he is the one who acts like he was also betrayed those 7 should not be able to sleep at night. I hope Allan Cloud gets their child because she has no moral values what so ever. Call 765-775-5866 for the man she is cheating with call 558-767-6779 if you want some free cheap not so good nooky.

My sister is legally separated from her husband he moved out of the house over a year ago in with his girlfriend now she has unexpectedly died my sister and he has gone into the house that she has been living in and started going through her things throwing out what he thought was trash and letting anybody else 8767 s daughter son friends have whatever they want without the consent of her two sons what rights do they have

I just divorced my husband and it is final and him and I signed and notarized a document stating that I, his wife am entitled to 55% of his ohio workmans compensation settlement whenever he decides to settle. We now live in Oregon but his injury happened 7 years ago in Ohio, so it is through Ohio .. The notarized and signed letter between him and I is in my divorce judgement papers. I need to know if I can put a lien on his settlement and how do I do that the legal way. Because even though he okayed this now he is acting like he doesn 8767 t want me to have it anymore. What are my rights??? Please helpppppp!

My husband and his brother have a business together and real estate properties. I just found out that my husband removed his name off of all the assets that he and his brother had jointly, and either put it under corporations 8767 names or his brother 8767 s name. My question is, in case my husband and I would divorce, would I be entitled to any of the assets that he previously had in his name, or am I completely at a loss? Frankly, I am very worried!

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