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I put her on top of me, take the shirt and bra off, lay her down, start grinding, and then I propose the bedroom move. She becomes apprehensive and gives the 8775 time of the month 8776 resistance. I tell her my bathroom is right there and I don 8767 t mind if she doesn 8767 t mind. She then says it 8767 s too soon and that she should go. I 8767 m not one to lay the pressure on, so I concede and let her on her merry way.

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8) Take action to find a mate (see fish and bucket above). men who want to get nookie often spend a lot of time and money to find a woman that is marginally acceptable to them. If she wants a white knight, she 8767 s going to have to work hard and not just in doing fun stuff (shopping for expensive cosmetics and reading magazines about how neat alpha men are). She should do actual real work to find a man like finding a job in a bad economy. That 8767 s what men do in such a position.

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Ah hah! Not true sir! If you have that level of game, you don 8767 t have to be a movie star to pull it off. I have a couple of friends who aren 8767 t rich or famous, make a good living and rotate 8-65s on a almost daily schedule. Their harems are impressive. The thing I respect most is that one of my friends has let all of his girls in his harem know about each other. His has matured his game level over time. I appreciate that and look to emulate it as time goes on.

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I just ate an enormous T-Bone steak with a side of potato soup. I 8767 m full right now. If someone offered me a mostly brown banana, I 8767 d pass. But there are men out there who are hungry enough so that a mostly-brown banana looks good right now. Hunger is the best sauce, you know. You should find one of those men, submit to him, love him, cook and clean for him, and be grateful to him for all your days. It depends on how old you are, but at 85 this is still possible in our degenerate age. If you do this you would bring blessings to both your lives.

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But sure, men are to blame for this too in that most of them still buy into western chivalrous patronage for women which caused the problem in the first place. Women ONLY get treated like ladies, by me, if they ARE ladies. If they 8767 re selfish ho 8767 s, I treat them accordingly. That 8767 s also rising above the culture. Or at least being ahead of it. But that 8767 s the direction it will ultimately go. Check out Detroit for the future matriarchal society.

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All of this is becoming moot in a new era when few women fret about being 8775 forced 8776 to raise a child they don 8767 t want. Even if abortion was unlikely to be outlawed, there 8767 s anonymous child abandonment centers for women. What women now worry about is whether they can find a decent man with a good income capable of being a good father in time for her to have a child before she gets too old. That 8767 s the scenario we should be aiming public policy towards.

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Cannot speak for other women, but from my own perception struggling to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Trying hard to stay optimistic and not self-pity, listen to strong advice such as the comment above, work hard at making the best of things and maximising looks/good character and live in hope of finding someone (even if nothing comes from it) but it 8767 s hard to shoulder the knowledge that 85 = invisible and worthless. Good rational manly advice to work hard at being in shape, be feminine and submissive etc. is cheering, but can 8767 t make up for the fact that you 8767 re a rotten fruit decaying on the ground. Why would any sane man take a 85+ year old when he could have someone Answer: He wouldn 8767 t!

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In this visual novel/dating simulator, you play as an aspiring veterinarian who, after an extraordinary turn of events, is now tasked with finding all of the cursed animal-men and helping them reverse the spell. You have to kiss them to change them back to human, and for some reason, you’re the only one who can do this. (One of the devs posted a long explanation here , but be aware, there are spoilers.) Along the way, you may fall in love with one of these human men. If you’re sitting there thinking, whoa, wait a minute, don’t worry. The developers made it clear on the store’s page that there are “No furries, despite the title!”

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The irony of all this is that it 8767 s making men far more restrained about sex than women are today which is a role reversal. Men play a 8775 part 8776 but women have most of the choices and the state in their corner so having sex with a fertile woman without a spermicide condom is Russian Roulette. It 8767 s simply not worth it for men to have 8775 game 8776 and to make a massive effort to sleep with crazy women. In addition, it makes 8775 alpha 8776 men who are hot looking a bit target. Spinster women will throw themselves at such guys to try to get pregnant.

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Traditional dating in the states at least is the worst way for a couple who plans to raise children today to meet and choose each other. A friend who met his wife at a bar got a wife who spent a lot of time drinking rather than spending time with her children. (She wanted sole custody of the kids to get that support money but her drinking caused the judge to award shared custody instead.) The dating game of exchanging sex for gifts undermines the trust and cooperation needed for a couple to raise a child together.

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I think what the Republicans did back during the Clinton presidency was a good start for welfare reform: Make it temporary assistance and if a person is still on it after a time limit of 7 years or so, then the state should consider going in, taking the kids, and then sending the parent to get educated (from the ground up if necessary) to be able to support them and when that has been accomplished, return the kids.

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The cock carousel thing is so gross. I was dating a truly gorgeous 87 year old. She seemed to have her act together and was truly elegant. We got to talking about sex or something and all of a sudden from the passenger seat, she goes somethiing like, 8775 some guys just cum so fast when you give them a blowjob are you like that? 8776 Say what (especially because she had never given me one to completion). I was so offended by this comment after thinking about it that I calmly drove her to an airport and bought her a ticket home.

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8766 the option to have children is strictly a womans 8767 are you saying men play no part and should be released from any responsibility?? Are you serious? We are talking about grown adult men, not being held accountable, and women should get an abortion or put it up for adoption? is that because a decision like that is like choosing to take a dance class or not. you sound very narrow minded. Sometimes a child is planned and then divorce happens, a spouse cheats, a spouse dies, etc it is not one size fits all situation.

Love is a girl you enjoy being around even when you 8767 re not inside her.
Love is a girl you want to do nice things for because she appreciates those things and appreciates you.
Love is a girl wanting to give you a blow job when she 8767 s physically too ill to have sex.
Love is both of you yelling at each other until she starts to cry, you comforting her in your arms, and having sex all within 85 minutes.
Love is wanting to come inside her and not caring if she get 8767 s pregnant, because you know she 8767 d be a great mother to your children.
Love is two people who need each other, and know they 8767 d be much worse off apart than they are together.

One of the things that annoyed me about modern career women was that they usually demanded men pay for dates to prove breadwinner status (sometimes they didn 8767 t, but you couldn 8767 t be sure because lots of women said they didn 8767 t want the man to pay but wanted him to 8775 insist 8776 upon paying to be a real man) AND successful women often had the attitude they didn 8767 t NEED men. Their money was an F-U statement rather than a contribution. She spent her money on handbags and expensive shoes and a way to walk out the door if the man offended her. It comes across as such women not really liking men very much. It also made me philosophically ask myself: Did _I_ like women very much and to learn to accept women as they are and handle and even love their foibles. Men and women are different and this means learning how to live with each other.

6) Identify her assets, as they are now, and sharpen them up. Hit the gym. Dress in a feminine manner. Turn on a 6965 8767 s James Bond film and see how women dress and act to see what men like. For men, the advice is to also hit the gym and identify how women like men to dress. I wore a suit when I traveled and was interested in meeting women. I didn 8767 t spend a lot of money, but I dressed as women would expect me to dress. My shoes weren 8767 t expensive, but they were clean. Women looked at my shoes and fingernails. I took care of both. Primary focus: She has to focus on changing herself to be appealing to men and not 8775 he loves me just the way I am 8776 . That isn 8767 t working anymore (see below.) This doesn 8767 t mean being a sellout but rather focusing upon improving herself in way she can live with but also men would like. I learned to enjoy wearing suits and having nice shoes.

Mattnleah, In answer to your questions (in order). No and in some contexts, yes. Explanation: Certain men take a part in getting women pregnant in the context, for example, of one night stands but holding them responsible and accountable requires a rather interesting paradigm: The men should be reckless enough to get the woman pregnant but simultaneously responsible enough to earn decent enough money to pay child support. Ironically, current public policy is designed to 8775 red pill 8776 modern men and has largely worked. Consider: the original welfare reform in the early 6975 8767 s sought to cut off benefits to two parent families in the hopes that if only single mothers were covered, then the two parent families would work hard to get out of poverty. Instead, many women simply opted to not marry and get the larger benefit set! Later reforms to crack down on 8775 deadbeat dads 8776 seemed to produce a greater number of actual fathers who couldn 8767 t pay up no matter what. This is because the system darwinistically eliminated responsible men from that gene pool.

Your coach: Oh look! It’s WIDELY RESPECTED mall dad Doug Marrone! You probably remember Marrone, seen here formulating a game plan, from the time he quit the Bills thanks to a strange contract clause that let him collect $9 million even if he opted out. Marrone was banking on getting another head job right away only to quickly discover that a coach with a 65-67 record who bailed on his team for extra cash isn’t a hot commodity. Lucky for you Jags fans, the franchise…(wait for it)…pounced on Marrone (BOOM!), gave him a piddly-shit job coaching the line for an awful team, and then promoted him when they couldn’t find anyone better to hire. Buffalo’s loss is now your future loss! Congrats! You should hope the Jags play as hard as Marrone played himself.

I have several friends who have had season tickets for years. This year, none have renewed. It’s like they’ve given up. Totally conceded that the team will not be good as long as Blake Bortles is their quarterback. It is the worst kept secret in the league that Bortles fancies an adult beverage or two and that he does not care for the team or the city in any way. On Saturday, after he threw 5 interceptions in a single camp practice, he left the field in a huff and yelled “GO JAGUARS” to some rowdy fans in the crowd. Someone yelled back “SEE YOU AT LEMON BAR !” which is a popular beach bar that Bortles is always at.

I think drug abuse counts as someone breaking their marital vows since they 8767 re supposed to be respectful to their spouse. If someone treats another spouse badly by verbally abusing them regularly or destroying the family finances or getting drunk/high, then I think they 8767 re breaking the vows and a divorce is justified. I think if the person tries rehab, then it 8767 s fair to give them a second chance but that can be considered optional.