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Posted: 2017-09-11 20:40

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Where are the 8 reasons for a black girl to date a white man? I m sure this is good and all, but it is nearly impossible as a white guy to get a second look from or any kind of conversation going with a black woman. I m a kind, good looking, successful business man, but never, even as a musician in my days, could I get any attention from a black woman. I know the cultural divide can be big but man, it s a chasm.

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What a ignorant booty scratcher u r. Not every white man who dates black women only sees them as a sex toy. There are white men who are actually married to a black woman and have kids by that black woman u idiot. Think about the American actress Whoopi Goldberg who is married to a white man and had her daughter by that white man. I honestly would never date/marry a dirty african man like yourself. The majority of u africans are filthy apes that is infected with hiv/aids anyway.

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Am an african woman in africa,n I can tell u, MOST african men have lost their moral campus. Most of em r indeed womanizers n because african women r brought up 7 believe 8775 everything ur husband does is ryt 8776 african men do get away with a lot!madam noire pliz get ur facts ryt africa is not a country, it has 55 countries in it n all have totally different cultures! and ur 8775 fresh meat 8776 comment?? sounds 7 me lyk u think we still live in the bush n hunt 9 lunch lol seriously u shuda spent at least a month in southern,western,eastern,central n north africa b9 u wrote this article

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I am a black African ( as in from South Africa) 67 year old girl. I have always been attracted to white guys from as far back as I can remember, and this was before being introduced to the strictly black and white world. Even in South Africa, a black girl isn 8767 t easily approached by white men, if at all. Its so confusing for me because already I am as insecure as it gets and when you like that guy who doesn 8767 t even give you the time of day, it hurts. When you like that white guy that doesn 8767 t give you the time of day makes me question my worth honestly. Help please

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For the love of all that is holy, stop painting black men with a broad brush. What is so difficult about being intellectually honest, instead of going with uncontrollable emotion. Ok, you 8767 re angry. But you know it can 8767 t possibly true that all black men are as you say 8775 Toms 8776 . You 8767 re making such broad generalizations, it 8767 s almost as if you 8767 re just trying to pick a fight. I can 8767 t tell you how many times I 8767 ve heard some black women make fun of a black man for being 8775 too dark 8776 or swooned about dating a Latin guy and having a child with 8775 good hair 8776 . Yes, there are some really shallow black men as you have described, but it goes both ways. We all need help.

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The negativity here is exhausting. I feel like I 8767 m trying to shout over a belligerent crowd that 8767 s about to kill each other. I 8767 m not a historian, but I think it 8767 s safe to say there were so many daunting obstacles we (black men with black women) have overcome it 8767 s ironic that the one that 8767 s still standing is ourselves. And all this does is feed every racist entity that wants to destroy us. It 8767 s so crystal clear. Watch the Neo Nazi trolls that welcome themselves into these comment sections and voice their so-called two cents of information. I mean they basically spell it out for you who they are. And yet many of you don 8767 t even care. Your beef with black men/black women is so juicy, you get tunnel vision and can 8767 t let it go.

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According to my own understanding and to how I see things, % of South African white man are only just looking for s*x on black woman and 6% of them I can say they love black woman for real, I am a black woman and I 8767 ve never dated a white men before but I 8767 ve always wished to date one but when it comes to it I just loose interest even on going to meet up with a guy cause my mind always tells me that he is only looking for s*x. It just happens that maybe whenever I speak to them through the phone or chatting to them they always talking about s*x like always so I got confused but maybe it 8767 s my bad luck or something or maybe my ancestors don 8767 t want me to date white guys so I decided to give up on them. But I still get attracted to them.

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The way we talk, the way we walk, our quick Witt, our sense of style non-European men typically don 8767 t have it. And despite the negative portrayals, black men are more than just great athletes and entertainers we are intelligent human beings who continually get knocked down by the system, yet get out of bed every day and try to find our way in a system that was strategically designed to result in our destruction.

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In reading, it behooves me to find that as a child, being called names and I learned to fight back. As an adult I am taken off guard as to the inference to such which seems to be the times to subject another to downgrading them because of difference that hinges on their race. Most educated people no matter what race or climate they come from are able to carry well across communication channels a openness that shows no prejudice in refinement. I see intercultural competence is something new that needs to be adopted into the management planning of all businesses in every part of America more so. Race or color has always been a separated value wage. This is why online learning brings more substance to writing rather than a face. Even when we provide a bio-of who, we learn the beginnings of what another hopes for and offers instrumentally.

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When first being in 6th grade i was introduced to people of different races in 6969. Never gave it a second thought. Through the years Ive found women of color much more interesting and also a closer connection with. So sad I did not activley allow that to resonate in my earlier life. But now I would tell people to not overlook those beautiful women. If you think someone else of different skin color or shade is not worthy of your attention, then you are falling short of so many wonderful women out there. Dark skinned women, know this your are beautiful. I prefer you over your light skinned sisters.

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Luke, I occasionally read the columns you have on this website, and this one struck a nerve. I 8767 m a white guy, and I 8767 ve had several black women working for me in the past, of which one of my best machine operators was a black woman. I enjoyed working with her and gave her the best evaluations and pay increases available, since she put all of the white/hispanic men and women to shame. She had kids to feed and take care of, and I respected her more than ever for that. I also had a black man, who worked there for over 85 years, and one of the white operators made a comment about his intelligence, so I told him that he may not talk as well as you, but he has a job and you don 8767 t. You 8767 re Fired!

As for the nitwit who said google and read about any African country, how about visiting instead to enable you come to a more educated conclusion. the western media go outta their way to make Africa look bad. Dunno why they do this probably to make their countries look better in comparison. There are tons of white folk in my country for instance who have probably better lives than where they came from and have adopted a number of less privileged kids and are giving them a better chance at life. Know a number of white American women who are married to Nigerian men and have not left the country in decades. Guess this is why white folk are generally considered superior to black folk. They are well traveled, knowledgeable and seek ways to impact their world instead of sitting on their ignorant and stagnant black asses and judging the world from their microscopic lenses. Lemme ask any of y 8767 all to name 75 US states of the top of ur head right now and I know 99% will fail. So consider urselves under-qualified on international matters. Bye 😉

Former Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams has kept a relatively low profile since the group went there separate ways. Along with releasing a few gospel albums, Williams has been romantically linked to former NFL player Adewale Ogunyele for several years. Things must be getting serious between the two. Last December, Williams traveled to Ogunyele’s native country Nigeria to sing the country’s national anthem at an event. Ogunyele, who played for the Chicago Bear and the Miami Dolphins, was with singer Kelis before he hooked up with Williams and he 8767 s Sanaa Lathan 8767 s ex man.

Kerry Washington is having a great year. In addition to starring in the most talked about show of the season, the “Scandal” star surprised everyone when she up and married NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha in June. The current free agent, whose parents both hail from Nigeria, was considered one of the best corners in the league. A few weeks ago, Washington made headlines once again when it was revealed she was expecting their first child.

Yes. There will be a time. About the time when people of color stop segregating themselves. . BET, AAWE, , Blackish (tv show), and the list goes on. I see black people in social environments all the time. When there 8767 s one, everything is what society would deem as 8775 desegregated 8776 . However, as soon as a second black enters the mix, they will almost always join each other and start an outside conversation apart from everyone else in the room. When I 8767 ve asked my black friends about this. They tell me it 8767 s a 8775 cultural thing 8776 . Seems like that 8767 s an easy go to. Now I 8767 m not saying all do this, but a vast majority, to the point that it 8767 s noticeable.

I agree with most of the things said in the article, however i think that when it comes to dating some african men, women need to be careful! (especially west africans). I am from East africa and i honestly think that Nigerian men are the ones who make all the other african men look bad. Ladies, if you met an ADEYEMI or a BABATUNDE, it doesn 8767 t mean that all the black men out there are as bad as him!!!

Agreed. This idiot does not speak for me or any of my pals. How can anyone make such an idiotic blanket statement about a group of people. Listen, guys are so simple, really. The first thing I notice is the beauty of a woman. Its true we 8767 re guys. Then very quickly, I move onto the personality and the mutual connection factor. Believe me, opposites play a factor in the appeal. Most blonde guys like me are highly attracted to African American is really nothing tangible I can put my finger on, but it 8767 s definitely there. As a vet, we were taught we were all Americans irregardless of our backgrounds. Too much made of race in this country. A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman Period! Now beauty is a subjective term and thought process. Everyone 8767 s idea of beautiful is different, no one should sell themselves short.

All women fight an uphill battle in the workplace especially black women. Black women are strong and powerful in general, because of life 8767 s challenges and when they make it to the coporate level, there is nothing they haven 8767 t seen or can 8767 t handle. So, it is understandable why a white man is afraid of a black woman at that level, because all they know is what the media portrays so they really don 8767 t know the 8775 black woman 8776 personally or professionally, therefore they are left with assumptions and media stereotypes. There is way more substance to a black woman whether she is a CEO or works the Drive-Thru at McDonalds.