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Anna - unfortunately, I think the anger you''re seeing comes from the fact that you may be the exception to the rule. I don''t think most women on these sites give any "nice guys" the time of day, even if they''ve read the entire profile and mentioned something nice to the girl not having anything to do with looks. Based on the interview with the anonymous guy in this article, I think the issue you''re having where *most* men are obsessed with looks alone, also goes the other way around - I think *most* women only reply to the men - nice or not - if they find the man to be "hot". I think everyone is to blame for being overly superficial, to be honest.

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After saving Lois, Superman is transported to the 86st century by the Legion of Super-Heroes. As he arrives in the Legion clubhouse, the Legionnaires show him an image of Takron-Galtos with an S-shield burning in its surface, explaining that a riot caused every prisoner to be released. Cosmic Boy tells Superman that a similar incident happened in Smallville. Then, Phantom Girl shows him an image of the culprit, and Superman realizes that it is Superboy-Prime. Superman explains to the Legion about Prime''s origins, saying that he is from a parallel universe.

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Then I get down to the decent messages. We chat. I have to ask where they live and work and I flag with them that they are my standard initial questions due to my situation. I don''t mind where they live, but where they work is important because I only have lunch times during work days to do initial coffee/meet-ups. My daughter lives with me, but alternate weekends she is with her father. I don''t want to commit my free weekends to anyone until I''ve met them first and have decided that I would like to progress. My free time is scarce so I''d like it to not go to waste.

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Superman is forced to fight Conner while defending himself from Kal-L. Superman tries to reason with Conner, but he simply keeps fighting. However, just when Kal-L is about to kill Superman, Superboy breaks free of Psycho-Pirate''s control and attacks Kal-L with his tactile-telekinesis. Then, Krypto meets up with Superman and Superboy, after having defeated Earth-Two Lois. Superman and Krypto fight Kal-L while Superboy takes Psycho-Pirate''s mask and uses it to disintegrate Kal-L. Although Kal-L is destroyed, the mask is destroyed as well. Superman believes that what happened in Smallville is happening across the world, so he, Superboy and Krypto decide to investigate. [797]

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Just afterwards, the Final Night occurs. Without the sun, Superman''s powers fade away. Superman does his best to keep hope alive, and is willing to sacrifice his own life if necessary. Lex Luthor re-emerged at this time and helped the world''s heroes come up with a solution to the Sun-Eater menace. Eventually, with the help of Parallax , the sun was reignited and the Earth was saved. But Superman was still powerless. [679]

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You did spend a lot of time on your tex to clarify the situation! I salute you for this effort. I do understand and identify to all of what you said. I am only saddenned that the phenomenon of online dating is a speculative viscious circle where the more men need to date someone, the more selective because submerged women are and therefore the more men need to date someone! = / (I guess men pushed the button first)

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I am WAY older than that, but, of course, I remember all those feelings back when there were only main frame computers and landlines. Back when women''s lib was just getting going in the 75''s. It struck me as odd that women were looking for equality, and, yeah, I can understand, yet I would see time after time that they would fawn over men that did not treat women equally whatsoever... the same women going for the "bad boys" ... hasn''t changed.

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Personally, I think the best thing anyone could do would be to work on themselves. The entire reason I even bother with online dating is because I''m deathly afraid of rejection, and get social anxiety. Unfortunately, online dating has led me through cycles of depression, bitterness, jadedness, and maybe mostly sadly - misogyny (since fundamentally I think women are awesome.) But on all levels.. men who want to be successful should be working on their fitness, sharpening their minds, and improving their confidence. Online dating could be a tool for self-improvement, if you let it. But I think a lot of men buy into a "Homer Simpson" fantasy, and expect women to see some inner merit they have, which is hypocritical since (most) men won''t go after overweight/unattractive women on these sites.

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Mister Mxyzptlk makes his return shortly thereafter, causing his greatest disaster ever when he decides to visit the Joker at the Slab and is tricked into giving Joker percent of his power. The Joker uses the awesome power of Mister Mxyzptlk to remake the entire universe in his own twisted image. [697] Superman tries to rally the JLA and his other allies in a desperate struggle against the Joker, who is committed to first torturing all of creation and then hoping to destroy it. He brutally kills Superman''s friends and loved ones before his eyes. A surreal battle ensues before Superman manages to discover the "rule" that lets him defeat the Joker -- the Joker cannot exist without Batman. Everything is put back as it was, with no one really remembering what had happened (save for Superman). Batman (who had been horribly tortured by Joker over and over) still remembers every minute of it at first, but Superman asks the Spectre to transfer the memories. into the Joker. [698]

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Superman is later kept decoyed while Lex Luthor marries the Contessa. [677] Superman also had to contend with the return of Brainiac, who switched his mind into Superman''s and Superman''s into the body of a mental patient, Chas Cassidy , before briefly capturing all of Metropolis. He used the citizens of the city as a vast data storage unit until Superman -- in Chas''s body -- was able to breach his fortress. With the help of the boy himself (Chas), Superman is able to put everybody back in their right bodies and save the city. [678]

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My problem hasn''t been so much with the issues mentioned in the article..I don''t know what it''s like in other areas, but when I search dating sites in my area, it is the same people on there all the time, year after year. I''m sure it doesn''t help that I live in a relatively low population area, but when you do a 655 miles radius search with your preferences and they give you 65 options, none of which peaks your interest (or you already know who they are and not for good reasons), you start to wonder if the only way you are going to meet someone locally is to move, which is sad, if you enjoy where you live. One thing I am most tired of is feeling like I''m reading the same profile over and over. ''Cliches'' is a good word to sum up the majority of really becomes a bore. You know what I mean."ask me anything" " I have kids and they are my number 6. if you don''t like it, move on!!!" "No games" "Im an open book"... the minute I start reading and see one, I next. Yeah, I have grown quite cynical of online dating, both with the men I have met in real life and the profiles I have seen.

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On Richard''s comment to guys about looking at other guys profiles, that only works to a certain extent or based on luck too. It''s more about seeing other profile examples to see what might work or not work for you. But one would never know how well the other guys profiles are unless you happen to be or become friends with them to find out. So in the end you try out things and see how it goes in that regards to seeing other guys profiles.

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Superman returns to Metropolis -- and to Lois, who no longer has any doubts he is the real thing. Superman gets right back into action, quickly convincing Lex Luthor and Maggie Sawyer that he is the genuine article as well. Unfortunately, he still has to "reacquire" the rights to the name and symbol "Superman," but after helping the Superboy come to terms with his origins and accept the "Superboy" name, the kid graciously returns the rights to the Man of Steel. [77]

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I became so weary of these half hearted advances and men who could not follow through, I just gave up. Why should I put out so much personal information about myself on the Internet for a bunch of really half hearted losers who were too cheap to even pay for a drink, and if they did, they felt it gave them license to grab me or shove their tongue downy throat on the first date? These men had no dating etiquette at all.

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Superman is nearly killed by Gaki , now Byakko a vengeful wraith-like being who stabs Superman in the chest. Barely conscious, he escapes and encounters Girl 68 , who takes him to Lana Lang ''s new apartment in Metropolis. Girl 68 is under the impression Lana is Superman''s girlfriend. They are quickly joined by Natasha Irons , controlling a giant robotic body (a la the "new" Steel, although it can change sizes), and Cir-El. Byakko and her gang of ninjas attack the group, but Girl 68 and Natasha are able to briefly hold them at bay. Byakko wants revenge against Superman for the death of her husband, Gunshin , who was murdered by Kojiro. The girls get Superman to the Fortress of Solitude, but Byakko follows them there. She maintains the upper hand until she stumbles across a room in the Fortress where thousands of letters sent to Superman are kept -- many loving him, many hating him. She leaves voluntarily. Superman is completely healed and thanks the girls for their help. [786]

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At some point after the Reign of the Doomdsays, Clark and Lois travelled to Gotham City. Unfortunately, the villain Brainiac stole Gotham City and put it under the custody of Telos , controller of the Blood Moon. The city was surrounded by a dome that trapped everyone inside and caused all superhumans to lose their powers, including Clark. Three months after the dome''s imprisonment Clark impregnated Lois with his child, and during the next nine months Clark fought crime in Gotham as a masked vigilante with Lois'' help until the dome around Gotham disappeared and Clark regained his powers, enabling him to be Superman again. Superman explores the land beyond the city''s outskirts and discovers the city has been taken to another planet. Suddenly, he is attacked by Captain Thunder , Cyborg and Abin Sur , inhabitants from a parallel universe. Superman''s attempts to make peace are foiled when Jimmy, wanting to help Superman, attacks the alternate heroes with an aircraft. [886]

Be selective about which dating agency you use. For example there are some associated with quality newspapers and in UK one associated with a classical music radio channel. Those are not likely to appeal to readers of the tabloid press or aficionados of more popular styles of music so you have some idea what kind of person you''ll meet. There is also a cost range. Low budget sites will attract low budget people.

The assault on Engine City is hard, but Superman is soon joined first by Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) , who manages to defeat Mongul after Superman and Supergirl could not, [75] and then the Eradicator , who explains that it was he who was responsible for Superman''s revival -- and that it cannot happen a second time. Superman also learns that the Cyborg is really Hank Henshaw, who was so desperate for revenge against Superman that he decided he would assume his identity and have the universe blame Superman when Earth was destroyed. During the fight, Superman''s powers are restored through a self-sacrifice by the Eradicator and the Cyborg is stopped. [76]

Dating sites don''t work!
One year on Okcupid and no messages or dates.
I am a retired 96 year old caucasian man. Being on a dating site for that long has made me feel very ugly and unwanted. I have read over five hundred profiles and I am very turned off by women now. I don''t find women attractive anymore because of internet dating sites. I will more than likely be single the rest of my life now, Thank you internet dating. I give up!

We should have taken it much slower. We had good times but i guess I wonder what "could have been". She was 89 and never married and I was on the rebound from my first marriage. One really never knows. I Guess I just have to look at the positive sides though now I''m older and very lonely.
It is tough to see what might have been. Overall though I made decisions the best I could with the knowledge and information I had at the time.

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