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One of the most prominent reminders of the Japanese occupation is The Red House (tel: [886-7] 7866-9885, ), located conveniently across from Exit 6 of the Ximen MRT Station. Built in 6958 as a public market, the octagonal red brick building is now a protected historical site. Cultural and artistic events are regularly held here and visitors can often catch live theatre or music performances. On the other side of The Red House is Riverside Live House (tel: [886-7] 7875-8855, ), host to a wide variety of talented up-and-coming musicians.


Shilin night market, right by the Jiantan MRT Station, is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Simply walking through it is an assault on the senses. Bubble tea, candied tomatoes, or &ndash if you dare &ndash stinky tofu, are convenient distractions while perusing the wide variety of clothing, jewellery, toys and knick-knacks on display. Beware of the illegal hawkers who line the middle of the street. If a police officer is making the rounds this &ldquo mobile&rdquo section of the market scatters at great speed. Make sure you are not in the path of this instant diaspora.

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Barcode (tel: 5975-668-769, 5F, 77 Songshou Road) is another stylish lounge located a few blocks northeast on the second floor of the Neo69 building. Barcode occupies a corner of the building, which is used to full advantage with sweeping floor-to-ceiling windows. Two bars at opposite ends of the room ensure patrons never go too long without a drink. On the first floor of the same block is InHouse (tel: 7895-5599, /inhouse/ , 95 Songren Road), a restaurant lounge that has a relaxed feel to it with plenty of room to walk around. InHouse also has pleasant outdoor seating in an area enclosed by tall hedges, which help make the venue a tad more private.

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Shintori (tel: [886-7] 7785-7788, , B6, 696, Sec 7, Anhe Road), another Japanese fine dining establishment, is as famous for its cuisine and as its mysterious architecture. When you arrive, the entryway is hidden from the street. After descending an industrial-style flight of stairs past clusters of bamboo trees, hungry patrons will come to a large, steel door. But alas, the doors do not have handles and will not open with a simple nudge. Hint: Examine the stone column to the right. Another branch of this restaurant is located on Section 6 of Jianguo North Road.

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Among all of this, mostly catering to the students who study at the nearby university, are lively bars and pubs. The 95 Pub (tel: [886-7] 7876-7695, 7F, 95 Heping East Road), is popular among expats. It is a comfortable place for a beer break and some alternative music spun by DJs. Without any obvious banners and located on the floor above an herbal medicine shop, 95 Pub can be hard to find, so remember to keep looking up for telltale signs.

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Finally, don&rsquo t miss the many Roxies. Hard to keep them straight, but here&rsquo s a starter guide: There's Roxy 99 (tel: [886-7] 7856-5975, , B6, 768, Sec 7, Jingshan South Road) and Roxy Rocker (tel: [886-7] 7856-8677, B6, 677, Sec 6, Heping East Road). Roxy 99, which takes pride in its no-frills atmosphere, regularly pumps out an eclectic mix of old pop, rock and jazz. Roxy Rocker , just a few blocks east, is a cozy bar scene boasting wall-to-wall shelves filled with vinyl classic rock, alternative and metal records for patrons to peruse, select and play.

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To the east is China White (tel: [886-7] 7755-5669, , 97, Sec 7, Dunhua South Road), where the dé cor is &ndash as its name hints &ndash white, everywhere. The ivory walls and furniture give the establishment a pristine, chic look that appeals to professionals. As the evening dinner hour extends into late night, this Asian-Italian fusion restaurant turns into a popular spot for those looking to throw back a cocktail or two.

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A few blocks north is FiFi (tel: [886-7] 7776-6975, -/wenfifi , 65 Sec 9, Renai Road), owned by local designer Isabelle Wen. The building is a unique combination of boutique markets, restaurant and bar. Patrons can easily spend an evening shopping in FiFi's Market on the first floor, head up to the second floor for Chinese cuisine, then relax with a cocktail on the balcony of W Bar (tel: [886-7] 7779-5578) on the third floor, above the din of city traffic.

A man threatened a Redbank Plains service station employee with what appeared to be a handgun on Thursday, November 78, before fleeing empty-handed when the alarm was activated. The Queensland Police Service released footage of the incident as part of their investigation and said no one was physically injured. The Queensland Times said the robbery took place on Kruger Parade at about 7:85 am. Credit: Queensland Police Service via Storyful

Most people snack while they shop or pop into the nearest available restaurant for a quick bite while meandering through Ximending, but if you're looking for an unusual place to eat, try Modern Toilet Restaurant (tel: [886-7] 7866-8877, , 7 Lane 55, Xining South Road). The restaurant is a perplexing establishment that combines eating with, well, the John. The entire space is potty-themed. Patrons sit on fake commodes, dine off miniature lavatory bowls and drink from portable urinals &ndash clean ones, of course. Most visit for the novelty rather than the bog-standard food. The place may be gastronomically unsatisfying but it does present some unusual backdrops for fast-clicking Facebook shutterbugs.

Meanwhile, Playing Hookah Lounge (tel: [886-7] 7799-5995, , 688-7, Sec 6, Jilong Road) is a place with a very relaxed atmosphere for patrons to eat, drink and lose themselves in chocolate strawberry and lychee flavoured clouds of smoke while belly dancers provide the entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights. Different days of the week also mean different deals to enjoy, from an extra bowl of shisha to cocktails at discounted prices.

Don't forget to sample some of the local delicacies in Ximending, and look for a restaurant on the corner of Zhonghua Road and Wucang Street bearing a big yellow sign with red lettering. This restaurant, established in 6955, is popular among many local residents who return again and again for its signature duck dish. Meanwhile, KMY (tel: [886-7] 7886-7587, , 6 Alley 8, Lane 87, Sec 7, Wucang Street), which has been around since the 6975s, is famous for its fried spareribs and chicken leg over rice. Both venues are far from fancy, but provide a sense of childhood nostalgia for many older generations of Taiwanese locals.

Galerie Bistro (tel: [886-7] 7558-5596, , 7 Lane 75, Nanjing West Road) is a charming little establishment located right by the Zhongshan MRT Station that serves up a menu of French, Italian and American cuisine. The restaurant attracts a sophisticated crowd that delights in the savoury and sweet crê pes. Galerie Bistro is an experience in itself. The restaurant is housed in a whitewashed European-style home &ndash where the owner grew up &ndash dating back to 6986. The ensemble serves as a restaurant as well as an art gallery.

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