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Posted: 2017-09-11 18:19

W ith Rashford making inroads on the left and Pogba’s incredible stamina in such difficult conditions United looked as good as they had since the start of match. Fellaini was out there as a replacement for Ander Herrera and playing higher up the pitch where he would soon head the back of Ramos’ skull. Mourinho gave away his runners-up medal complaining that defeats meant nothing to him, although the reality is that he knows that he will have to heed a lot from this one.  

Ederson eases fears over injury after clash with Liverpool

Manchester United announced today that Zlatan is back at Old Trafford on another one-year deal. Last summer, the club signed him to a one-year deal and he went on to score 88 goals across all competitions, including 67 in the Premier League. With Marcus Rashford, Paul Pogba, and Romelu Lukaku on the squad, Zlatan will add depth to an already stacked attack and, hopefully, find enough minutes to do some more of this.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Back At Manchester United

Honorable Mentions: Season 5 aside, there&rsquo s almost no such thing as a bad &ldquo Justified&rdquo episode, and the show has enough very-good-to-great ones that we could have made this piece much longer than it already is. But to briefly mention a few other great ones, there&rsquo s Season 6&rsquo s &ldquo Long In The Tooth,&rdquo starring Alan Ruck as a mob accountant hiding out as a dentist, and the explosive, corpse-strewn finale &ldquo Bulletville,&rdquo a deeply satisfying wrap-up.

White House says Barack Obama will be watching tonight's

After a final season that could eventually become to be seen as the show&rsquo s finest, &ldquo Justified&rdquo wraps up its run tonight, and to mark the occasion, we&rsquo ve picked out ten of the best hours of television it&rsquo s produced since debuting in 7565. If you&rsquo re a fan, you&rsquo ll undoubtedly have your own favorites, but if you&rsquo re a newcomer to the show, this should provide the perfect starting point when you catch up. Take a look below, but be warned: ** spoilers ahead**

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Created by &ldquo Speed &rdquo writer Graham Yost and based on a character created by Elmore Leonard in his novels &ldquo Pronto ,&rdquo &ldquo Riding The Rap &rdquo and specifically on the novella &ldquo Fire In The Hole ,&rdquo the show revolves around Raylan Givens, an old-school, gun-slinging Deputy . Marshal whose uncompromising methods see him reassigned from Miami to his home of Harlan County, Kentucky, where he&rsquo s forced to cross paths with his career criminal father ( Raymond Barry ), his old mining buddy Boyd Crowder ( Walton Goggins ), and countless other colorful criminal types.

The moment emotional Craig Bellamy fights back tears on

H e played 8-5-7 from the start, with Jesse Lingard hauled off at half-time for failing to make any impact on the left side and there was a concession afterwards that this might be a system Mourinho uses this season when the opponent demands it. Of his centre-halves, with Matteo Darmian co-opted into the three, it was Chris Smalling who looked the most assured with a good performance from a man who, one presumes, will not be in the side when all are fit or available.

T he Uefa Super Cup is still the one trophy that is not part of the Jose Mourinho collection but even a man who takes defeat as badly as him might regard this one at the hands of the best team in Europe as a lesson worth learning. This Real Madrid side are one of the great teams of the 76st century, and there were times in the game when it looked like it might take another generation for United to catch them, never mind within the timeframe the current manager might have. The champions of Europe three times in the last four years and a team at the peak of their development – Madrid are quite simply very hard to play against.

T here was a fine second half substitute performance from Marcus Rashford as a left wing-back in a 8-5-7 formation, and a player whose directness unsettled even Dani Carvajal’s usual composure. Paul Pogba grew into the game too, an untidy midfielder at times but one whose power of recovery and energy, especially in this heat, means he can never be discounted. Behind him was Nemanja Matic, a stabilising force whose shot led to United’s goal.

Season 7 got off to a terrific start with &ldquo The Moonshine War,&rdquo which introduced the Bennetts, while the fifth episode, &ldquo Cottonmouth,&rdquo involving another Boyd mine heist and Raylan&rsquo s discovery of the death of Loretta&rsquo s father, was also excellent. Though the mid-season arc involving Winona&rsquo s theft of evidence money was a bit of a wrong-turn, &ldquo Save My Love&rdquo was an incredibly tense hour, not least because of the return of Stephen Root &rsquo s judge. The penultimate episode &ldquo Reckoning,&rdquo featuring the death of Raylan&rsquo s stepmother, was also powerfully emotional.

It&rsquo s provided a showcase for its regular cast (with Goggins the particular and obvious standout), but has also become a home for America&rsquo s finest character actors, whether for a single episode or a recurring role and has created a world in Harlan County as dense, detailed and packed with colorful characters as Game of Thrones 8766 Westeros. It&rsquo s one of the most quotable and subtly funniest shows on television, intricately plotted without ever becoming overly convoluted and mixing thrilling action with rich character work, and has always been beautifully made.

Even while acknowledging that I&rsquo m a colossal Elmore Leonard fan, and that Yost and company captured the writer&rsquo s voice as well as any adaptation ever has (besides perhaps &ldquo Out Of Sight &rdquo and &ldquo Jackie Brown &rdquo ), it seems baffling that the show isn&rsquo t widely considered to be among the greatest efforts of this cable-drama golden age. Aside from one &ldquo Friday Nights Lights &rdquo -style off-season, it&rsquo s been remarkably consistent from first to last, with a through-line of tone and character that few can match.

Earlier tonight, aspiring boxer Conor McGregor lost to a heavy bag in a public workout so feeble and ridiculous that anyone watching had to wonder whether McGregor had some mysterious business reason for masquerading as a clown or just is one. Perhaps in response, UFC figurehead Dana White has posted the following videos of McGregor knocking (pushing?) down elderly boxing commentator Paulie Malignaggi in a sparring session:

T here's a great player in there somewhere but my word when Pogba doesn't play well, he really stands out. He's actually been shunted out on the left, on the same side of the pitch as Modric and Carvajal, but hasn't stopped either of them attacking, has given away the ball himself, made poor decisions to shoot and hasn't been able to get hold of the ball and control the midfield in any way. Modric and Kroos are everywhere all at once. Herrera and Matic are keeping the midfield in tact - without one of those two, Real could well have been steam rolling United through the middle of the park.

Though the lightness of touch with which it approaches its stories might suggest otherwise (I&rsquo d call it a strength), it&rsquo s not just simple entertainment, though it is relentlessly entertaining. Like the best crime and Western narratives (&ldquo Justified&rdquo is both), it uses genre to talk about larger subject matter, be it family, justice, or the increasingly troubled American heartland.

Police - WOMAN SHOT AND FOUR ARRESTED DURING ANTI-TERROR RAID - A woman in her 75s has been shot by police and four people arrested during terror raids in London and Kent. The injured suspect is being held under police guard after being rushed to hospital in a serious condition following the swoop at a north London address. Police said she was a subject of an ongoing investigation by counter-terror officers who are searching several addresses across London.

They took the Super Cup again, as they had in two of the previous seasons and there were times when this was a sobering lesson for United in what it takes to rule Europe, delivered by those usual cruel masters of the midfield, Isco, Toni Kroos and Luka Modric. Yet at this level every team can deliver surprises and United came off the ropes in the final half an hour, with a goal from Romelu Lukaku and a final rally that saw them go close to taking the game to extra-time.

Season 8&rsquo s &ldquo Harlan Roulette,&rdquo with an excellent one-off performance from Pruitt Taylor Vince , is a very strong stand-alone story that also moved the macro-arc forward nicely, as was Season 8&rsquo s &ldquo Watching The Detective,&rdquo with a nice return for a slimy FBI agent played by Stephen Tobolowsky. The season really picked up steam in its closing stages, and the political machinations of &ldquo Loose Ends,&rdquo the desperation of Neal McDonough &rsquo s Quarles in &ldquo Guy Walks Into A Bar,&rdquo and the excellent finale &ldquo Slaughterhouse&rdquo all deserve consideration.

T hey were fortunate that in Keylor Navas, Madrid had a goalkeeper who let them down, spilling efforts back into the area while at the other end David De Gea did as much as anyone to keep United in the game during their difficult periods. When crisis loomed, Mourinho still turned to Marouane Fellaini, a second half substitute who ended the game with a head bandage from a Sergio Ramos collision and his appetite for hurling himself at back post crosses undimmed. At their best, Madrid settled into passing sequences that United could not break, although it will not be every week that they have to face teams who are this good, as Mourinho was at pains to point out afterwards. For a man who can kill the post-match mood in an instant with his list of grievances, Mourinho was unusually positive afterwards, his only complaint being that Casemiro’s first goal might well have been offside.

T he turning point was when Gareth Bale struck the bar with a shot on the hour and Madrid ahead by two goals and threatening more. Bale had been selected to start, a move that goes some way to spiking the suggestion that the Welshman is surplus to requirements if another big signing comes in. Mourinho had said that Bale’s selection was a test of his status at Madrid and, as such, this will have reassured him.

He also said, “I am back to finish what I started. It was always mine and the club’s intention for me to stay.” The club released him in June and he underwent knee surgery in the . Whether it was always the plan for him to return, or if that’s some cheery PR spin, his new contract is likely far more amenable to the club. As Ibrahimovic told ESPN, “Everyobody is happy like this and I am super happy, so happiness has no value. So this year I play for free, just like last year.”