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"Greg, Just a note to say thank you for the professionalism in the way you run the business and for the patience in dealing with overseas buyers. Things take a bit longer when there are more people involved than the seller and buyer I''m finding out, yourself and Brendan were courteous and polite and easy to deal with and I would definitely recommend you guys to anyone."

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Wow, Josephine, I sure hope your friend is wrong! I 8767 ve been online dating for a short while (in Italy, in Italian which I 8767 m still learning ) and enjoying some of my contacts. Several (and even a 8766 blast from the past 8767 recent contact from someone I used to work with) have been with much men. And one trying very hard to 8766 pick me up 8767 in a social setting one evening. And they know my age, its there online and on my face. But it doesn 8767 t seem to deter those who are interested. They may not be interested in long term, but certainly for ladies who are just wanting to date without serious long term commitment, there are plenty of guys who tell me they adore older women.

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With the economy what it is today, and the thought of trying to sell something like this on our own, well, I wouldn''t want to think about what could have happened with people that are less than honorable looking to take advantage of others that maybe too trusting or just naive to what could happen in going thru the process. We didn''t have to worry about if we could trust the person interested in buying it, especially if it would have limited us to the market right here in our area only.

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"I recently purchased a 6969 Corvette from Gateway Classic Cars and I am really pleased with my purchase. At the time I went to drive it home to Oklahoma and I had a small problem and after a call to Sal Akbani it was taken care of promptly. I would recommend to anyone I know who is looking to purchase a classic car to check out your choices first as you have a nice collection to choose from. I was treated fairly and am quite pleased with your prices and with the prompt way my problem was resolved."

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Thank you for this great article Natalie!
I am No Contact with an ex Narc Assclown and finding it hard. Im proud to say it 8767 s been 8 and half months.
He wouldn 8767 t commit to me and wouldn 8767 t commit to leaving me the hell alone either so No Contact was the best thing to do.
Even though he had no empathy I 8767 m sure he knew how much pain he was causing me. It 8767 s all a game with men like this, when they feel out of control they desire us more and once they hook us back it 8767 s wash rinse and repeat.
No Contact has given me time to heal and I realise I deserve so much better than his shady behaviour. I do get days where I 8767 m tempted to text 8766 How are you 8767 but then I think of how bad he treated me and the pain he caused and that sudden urge goes
I would like to think if he ever did throw a little crumb out to me again that I would be strong enough to throw it right back!
Thanks Natalie keep the articles coming! 🙂

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Regan, the rich men know when they are being chased after because of their wealth and they will only treat you like garbage, so your friends will be alone for a long time. there is nothing wrong with boring its about how you find men like me, I am out there quietly watching and listening for subtle clues of compatibility. I will not date someone without genuine similar interests. so boring for me is perfect but how do I find you? if you are pointed to by a close trusted friend or family im telling you now forget about it I wont see you.

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Drinks are surprisingly inexpensive at Sullivan s, the 6995s-themed steakhouse on South Boulevard. Thursday nights, Sullivan s is a popular hangout for many of the city s professionals. It s often packed by 7 ., so to get a seat at the bar or at one of the few tables come directly from work. With a separate bar area at the front of the restaurant, low lighting, and loud music, it s easy to strike up a conversation simply by bumping into someone accidentally (or on purpose). Arrive a little later and mingle with a mob of banker types and stylish ladies at the far end of the bar. Dressing to impress is definitely the rule of thumb. Valet parking, available and convenient, has the added perk of some very cute valets (if that s your type). If you re looking for a diverse crowd, you probably won t find it here.

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Thanks for this great post Natalie! I have been NC with my ex for 6 months since he left me for another girl. I was so heartbroken at the time that I kept contacting him to try to be friends. He said maybe down the road, which at the time made me feel better. However, with NC I now feel like I really don 8767 t want to be friends with this man again. He treated me like garbage and I was just weak and heartbroken when I said that before. Should I tell him not to get in touch because I don 8767 t want to be friends? I feel like I should probably just leave it and say that if/when he ever contacts me, but I also just feel like leaving it like I was begging to be his friend makes me feel so shitty. I want to tell him to eff off (in different words). Advice?

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Those aren 8767 t the men we talk about here at DLAGU. And I don 8767 t just talk about them, I SEE and TALK to these men and the women who date and love them every day. Women all over the world are meeting mature, commitment-minded men of depth everywhere. Do they WANT sex? Do they think 8775 could I have sex with her? Hell yes. But these grownup men are not being led by 8766 will she have sex with me. 8776 Do you see the difference? It 8767 s huge!

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"I am not in the market for a car at the present time but I look at your website every day. It is unquestionably the best automotive site on the internet. It is just plain fun for a car person to look at. The quality of the cars you present seems to be at the top of the ladder.\r\nThe photography and commentary are unequaled. Someone is to be congratulated on doing a superb job of presentation. There is no way this site could be improved."

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"I recently purchased a 6995 Chevy Station Wagon (mild custom) from Gateway Classic Cars in Charlotte, NC. I found the car to be correctly represented and everything they said it to be. What impressed me even more than the initial sale was the willingness of your staff to help me after the sale. The entire staff was eager to go the extra mile! If success is based on willingness and helpfulness they should do a bang-up business in Charlotte!"

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Hi Laurie, Wow you are SO right on. We do have to be courageous and learn what we can about ourselves and men. And you know, from what I 8767 ve seen (and that 8767 s a lot) when a women approaches a man in an open and trusting way, 99% of them respond accordingly. We can be that trusting woman and still take complete care of ourself. It 8767 s not just give it all up or be completely closed. And you 8767 re so welcome. I absolutely LOVE helping you get closer every day to LOVE. Thanks for your comment! Love to hear from you. Bp (PS: Keep an eye out for my new Date Like a Grownup Bootcamp! It 8767 s going to teach exactly this: How to make deep connections with men, but still make good choices and take care or yourself first!)

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Give them two days of your month and they give you the opportunity to learn, network, and socialize. An affiliate of the American Advertising Federation, the Professionals in Advertising, better known as Ad 7, has developed a Charlotte chapter that serves as a source of networking in the creative business world. The first Tuesday of each month, Ad7uesday, is set aside for an after-work soiree at one of Charlotte s many hot spots, which have included Tutto Mundo and Dolce Vita. Guys in ties and ladies in business attire gather for cocktails, mixing business and pleasure. And you shouldn t have a problem making the guest list. Anyone under the age of thirty-two and involved in the fields of marketing, communications, graphic design, public relations, media, or other creative professions is invited. College students aspiring to find work in any of these fields are also welcome. Ad 7 also sponsors public service events and fundraisers throughout the year, for you civic-minded types.

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But the great thing about the comments section of this site is, we all see that our situations are SPOOKILY similar. These guys and gals are not special. They 8767 re damaged. And we are (or have been) addicted to trying to fix them, please them and win the unwinnable game. And I 8767 ll tell you what, Nat is a miracle worker for being able to keep telling us the same thing again and again, lots of different ways, until we get it. It 8767 s gold.

There are tons of 8775 LMs 8776 out there, and there are some specific skills you can have to help you get to know men at a deeper level quickly, so you don 8767 t have to take 8 dates to realize he 8767 s not for you. This also helps you bring out the best in the men you meet, so if he is an LM who is a little dating shell-shocked and maybe a little self protective you will be able to get to his true, wonderful self pretty quickly.

"We purchased our 6977 Mustang convertible from you last year. I must admit we were skeptical to purchase over the net. However, we did some investigation first and found all parties had nothing but good to say about your organization. Your reputation is solid in the industry. So we decided to give you a shot. The car was delivered right to our home and the car was everything you said and more. The pictures didn''t do it justice. My wife and I spent this summer as well as last at all the cruise nights and our car has been "the bell of the ball". Thank you for you honesty and solid business practice. We will be watching your website as we plan to purchase another classic soon and it will be through you. Thanks again for everything."

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Located in the midst of the Great Smoky Mountains, River’s Edge Motel has it all for a relaxed family getaway. Situated on Tsali Boulevard midway between the Cherokee Historic District and the Sanooke Village shopping area, the motel features twenty-one spacious riverside rooms with en-suite bathrooms, air-conditioning, cable television, and coffee machines. Rooms have private balconies overlooking the Oconaluftee River, and free wireless Internet is available throughout the hotel. River’s Edge Motel is ideally located for exploring the area, which is home to a variety of attractions, including Great Smoky Mountains National Park , White Mountain, and the Blue Ridge Parkway. 6576 US 996 North (Tsali Blvd.), Cherokee, NC 78769, 878-997-7995 Photo: River''s Edge Motel

New Year came and no action seemed to have been taken, and shortly after then, I was ghosted, and received no contact at all, apart from at training where we would train normally together and the connection was still there. At this point, I had been hurting for months on end, so decided to write a letter asking for us to have a conversation to clear it all, because training was becoming very difficult to act as if none of this was happening. I then stopped going to training and initiated the no contact from my side. A month has passed, and i 8767 ve received no contact, and I 8767 ve accepted that we 8767 re not going to be together. However, I am now in a position where I have a huge chunk missing where the training used to fill my life. I have been training at other gyms but they 8767 re just not the same. Im so lot as I miss my training, my gym family and my old lifestyle, but I know going back is still going to hold a lot of pain, even if I switch to a new trainer (the trainers are all related and will keep asking about the situation).

Hi Nancy! Good info for LM, thanks. As far as the 8775 nice guys 8776 I know the guy you 8767 re talking about. He 8767 s not 8775 our 8776 guy. I know, you want the nice guy who also takes care of himself, is confident in all areas of his life and knows how to get what he wants. And he also adores you and will do anything to make you happy, right? He 8767 s out there I promise. Thanks for being here! Bp

I 8767 ve said this on other posts, but it can 8767 t be said enough. Please read 8766 Men Who Can 8767 t Love 8767 it explains exactly why he did what he did and you are correct, it has nothing to do with something you did 8766 wrong. 8767 You spending your birthday and Thanksgiving together and getting so much closer is what made him panic and run, because he can 8767 t handle emotional intimacy. And NO you can 8767 t teach him how to handle it. He will most likely never be able to and if he does want to change and figure out how to be emotionally available, he is much more likely to do that on his own. Read the book, you will feel so much better.

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