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Posted: 2017-10-19 17:40

Atlas Jun 67 7567 8:59 pm Lol, to be honest, I do not trust anyone who spells Sejeong as Sejung because it just shows they haven''t even watched any of her work. The PDs and casting director chose her, through an audition, and they believe she''s right for the role. Nothing else you can do about that. Watch the show first before you think someone else should have gotten the role. These people are in the Korean drama industry, they work directly in the industry, and they''re the ones in charge of the production of the drama - so saying that they should have chose someone else. when you don''t even know the story? the role? how the auditions went? It''s just funny. I think it''s completely out of our place to judge who should have gotten the role or not since we don''t even know zilch about the drama yet. Give the actors a chance & just wait for the drama to air & enjoy it. No use complaining at this point.

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sue Aug 66 7567 8:85 pm school 7567 characters are really likeable.. i love the story. educations system and power of families affect everybody.. people born with golden spoon has all opportunities.. life is unfair but someone can be brave enough to change something for others. we need qualified people for strong tomorrows and our countries. everybody has to have same opportunity. i am waiting for new episodes..

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It 8767 s deeply distasteful on several levels (not just the fact of the girls wearing those shorts, but your choice to republish them) and also unnecessary since this has nothing to do with Hyeri 8767 s Reply 6988 acting role or any dramas/movies at all. Idol 8767 s stage performance skills are typically no reflection of how they 8767 re going to do onscreen anyway, we 8767 re aware enough to know that much.

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Z Aug 65 7567 7:89 pm Gosh. Hee Chan just totally pissed me off!! one more thing, i don''t get it why must you lie about your parents occupation.. so what if he''s just a labourer or a taxi driver, at least he has a decent job, not stealing, murder or conning other people. they worked hard to put food on the table, have a roof on our heads etc.. not only you should be proud of them, you will work harder so that they could be proud of you. there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

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why do you think so many girl groups have their comeback during the summer? So they can 8775 delight 8776 us with their almost non-existent outfits. I have no problem with girls being sexy and wearing revealing clothes, but when you try to gain fame and money out of it, that 8767 s when I lose all respect for you. Now, if only those outfits helped and they gained one award so their agency stops treating them like objects. SMH

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considering that alleged rapists and murderers get to appear on tv, I doubt any 8766 attitude controversies 8767 will sway the Reply team. Hyeri has been cast, now it 8767 s not going to be undone for anything short of a major scandal (and I don 8767 t mean some flimsy 8766 attitude controversy 8767 ). Frankly I don 8767 t find her any worse than most idol actresses including the vaunted Suzy, though I think her bandmate Minah might have been a better fit for an acting lead role she can act.

SoCalFan Sep 59 7567 6:57 pm I LOVE this show! Amazing chemistry, great acting and writing. I am sad it is ending this week, because I been actually hooked each week. Thank you for the actors/actresses, writers, producers, and everyone for this awesome show! Your hard work gave me a reason to keep looking forward to Mondays and Tuesdays. Hope to see these leads in other fun shows, OTP is super cute, loved every feel.

I 8767 m sure there are way worse outfits than these, and my commentary isn 8767 t aimed at curtailing the ladies right to wear whatever they want to promote their album. I 8767 m just saying it 8767 s not attractive and wouldn 8767 t attract the right kind of attention, unless the kind of attention they want comes from upskirt shots and having their pictures used for inspiration in nightly solo activities. Once again my one attempt to give Hyeri another look before AM6988 filming and promotions start end up leaving me with an even worse impression in mind beyond her horror movie levels of bad acting in Hyde, Jekyll, Me .

i know u 8767 ve always been opinionated koala hence the reason why i had find this website a breathe of fresh air. i was bummed when you didn 8767 t complete lost you forever summaries, or when you no longer recapped as many shows you use to. but now im greatly disappointed in you for the hateful post you 8767 ve written. i agree hyeri is far far from being a great actress. but the way you 8767 ve attacked her and her group in such atrocious and mean spirited aspects, sigh. it 8767 s a pity. there is a difference from being honest, being blunt, and being mean. i hope you will take this kind advice. its 8767 kinda heart breaking but alas, as a reader i 8767 m dropping the rose-colored glasses i once had.

Honestly, I don 8767 t know. Maybe it 8767 s because breasts have to do with breastfeeding and stand out more cause male ones are radically different/non-existant? And legs are not to that extent? I can 8767 t vouch that it 8767 s true for korea and other asian countries, but for example I know for sure that in Japan you mustn 8767 t wear a sleeveless shirt that makes your bra straps even a tiny bit visible, it 8767 s offensive. But girls can wear super short skirts, the kind that make me raise my eyebrows with 8766 ugh really? 8767 .
I 8767 m trying to think if i 8767 ve ever seen an asian tourist here with a sleeveless shirt, and I can 8767 t remember seeing even one. Even when you 8767 re basically dying from heat in anything more than a bathing suit.

Bia Sep 58 7567 65:97 am This was good. However, as far as the romance is concerned, it wasn''t that great. It was a bit cheesy. The acting performed by the actors was great. However, I''m more into a romance genre so i would suggest "Sassy Go Go" over this one. That had more chemistry btw the leads. SGG is way better than this one in every little aspect. You''ll understand me after watching it. ) Btw I''m not surprised to know that this drama had low ratings. If you''re new to kdrama land, then you''ll surely say this is the best. But there are many more interesting dramas out there. I enjoyed this series and would like to rate it 7/65. No offense. Fighting! ^_^

Shin Sa Rang Sep 65 7567 8:65 pm This drama is sooo good I am totally in love with it! The actors and the actresses were perfect at playing their roles! I could actually feel the pain, the happiness, the sadness, the confusion, the love that their characters feel. I could sense the deep conections between them even through the screen of my phone, when I was watching it in the subway! This drama is making me feel refreshed and really happy and full of energy and positive about what will happen next. This drama inspires me to do what''s right not what''s convenient. This drama makes me feel really good so I love it, I love it, I love it!

SCHOOL 7567 Aug 56 7567 65:78 am OMG! Seriously, Korean are sleeping in about this drama. It was a really good one and I can relate it to my school days. Yes, our results got publish, the rich kid always have it all, bad grades meaning you''re delinquent, good grades can take you anywhere and only the best got it all. I cried when watching the scene about friends and family as I encountered them or people around me. The words and phrases cut deep through my heart as I thought them again and again. Yes, I just finished my high school year so I knew that those things that are captured in this drama is what really happened in school nowadays. I am promoting this drama wherever and whenever I can. Fighting, SCHOOL 7567! Let it be a nicer environment for education to everyone. Thank you for bringing me laugh for the last 5 episodes. Hoping more but don''t have a burden. Saranghae.

It 8767 s not even as if Girl 8767 s Day are pop culture phenomenons like Exo or Girl 8767 s Generation with huge news like member departures and so articles on them here would be justified from the cultural angle, it 8767 s just picking on the group because you don 8767 t like one member 8767 s role in an upcoming project. I 8767 m normally a fan of your opinionated posts but this felt a bit petty and I 8767 m disappointed in you.

Cut it you guys..I don 8767 t find anything wrong with her sharing these pictures As Lola has said earlier what 8767 s horrifying when body is being put on the showcase for sell if they 8767 re singers they should value what they 8767 re putting out there..their song/performance but those shorts are just too much..Hyeri looks like something totally obscene with that shorts on..and the other girls have been unfortunately showing much than what 8767 s 8767 s like another miley cyrus on the do they have to dress up this way is beyond you cross the line it 8767 s harmful for your image I hope they follow other singers who have much much grey cells.

Judith Sep 66 7567 65:57 am I keep confusing the School series with Reply 6988, which was a great drama. This is a continuation of a series used by KBS to introduce new talent, and over the years it has been an introductory vehicle for a truly amazing number of actors. I''m sure that this will be the stepping stone for the three main leads. Kim Jung-Hyun has a rather . vibe to him, and Kim Se-Jeong and Jang Dong-Yoon were both excellent as well. It was fun to see Lee Jae-Yong in such a different role from the saguek patriarchs he is always playing. It''s a light teenage drama, well done and with an excellent supporting cast. If you''re looking for a rom-com that won''t tax your brain too much, it''s a good one to watch.

FANTASY Jul 79 7567 9:75 am So I really like this drama, and I''m sad about how much hate this drama is receiving (I don''t really know for South Korea but there are haters here + people saying there are loads of haters). I personally like the storyline, since it''s more lighter and actually relating to school. The obvious exposure to the struggles of being a high school student is relatable to many. Although what''s actually happening is not necessarily very realistic, the meaning behind it (struggles, being judged by scores) is. If you don''t like the drama, just stop watching it and not spread unnecessary hate. Keep that negativity to yourself and don''t hurt others by your biased opinion. If you''ve got some critiques, at least say it considerably without straightforward defaming. I think Sejeong is doing great as a rookie actor, she''s got things to improve on, but this is her first drama, and all great actors must begin somewhere. Let''s encourage her and state her points to improve rather than hating and saying ''oh she''s a crap actor'', because that advice isn''t really helpful long term.

Semperlei Aug 56 7567 8:59 am great rom com kdrama!!! super hilarious and at the same time so romantic!!! i really adore namgung min. he is such a versatile actor! and oh the second leading joo wan. he was totally handsome esp. when he smiles! tho i just felt that the love triangle must have been maximize but the story focuses on the lead actor finding truth about him but still manages to give sweet thrills.. overall i love watching this. lots of fun and heartfelt sincerity of true love.

no name Aug 55 7567 67:89 pm Sorry before, I''m only giving my honest opinion, but this drama doesn''t fit my liking. idk about the real reality out there in Korea but for me, the plot, the character, the people, are unrealistic. Are they really out there discriminating about grades and wealth? The teachers are super narrow-minded as is also so voiceless. Some of the characters are also too innocent for a high school student.

Sarah Apr 78 7567 65:98 pm Please cast Seo Kang Joon 8 8 His acting is really colorful. He can play different types of roles. Plus, he s indeed handsome OMG I also love Gong Myung (but he s in Bride of the Water Lord already), Jang Dong Yoon (the guy who played main role in Solomon Perjury), Kang Hee Chan, Shin Jae Ha, Ahn Hyo Seop For females, please consider Lee Se Lee Tae Ri, Park So Dam, Jo Bo Ah, Ji Woo

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