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Posted: 2017-10-12 14:00

Dude, mostly police harassment / raid starts from afternoon onwards. u can visit brothels at noon time from 66 am 8 pm. From my personal experience i can say that noon time is safe (regarding police). but anytime u go except morning u will face crooked pimps and elderly women who can force u to take a chik of their choice. so go along main streets of the area. do not enter any blind lane. just ignore them and don 8767 t talk to them. if u are walking then do not stop around them. talk to the girl u like directly. rate for avarage girls is Rs 655 755. take ur condoms with u (at least two).

Kolkata - The Naked Anthropologist

Does All the workers do this ,just because they are intangled? Or all the gals were born in this and had no choice rather than to join this tradition.
Custom of keeping mistresses is age old in our country. Had it been a stigma on the society then why govt issues licences for the same?? Why not a important revolutin like 8766 satyagrah 8767 has taken place to fight this just not get there to erase all frustrations. many go bucks and come not becoz they are cheated but they attain satisfation doin it..which cannot be understood by immature and ficlkle brains. And even if somebody does it ,its not a sin of any kind,Coz law allows it, history evidents it,and there is a support released to the needy in terms of money which balances the mutual need.

one of my friend says that he booked a 68 yrs. Bangladesi Muslim girl for a night. From her he came to know how she reached to the age 67 yrs. she married to a fisherman, he came to house after 7-8 days after he was not in house, her 55 yrs. Father-in-Law her regularly. One day due to inhuman torture she left the house, reach to parental house, where her elder brother & bhavi stays. Her Brother was also Fisherman came to house after 7-8 days of fishing. Incidently her bahvi 8767 s father came to their house, when her brother was not in house. That day her Bhavi 8767 s 55 yr. father her in front of her bhavi. Her bhavi forced her to marry her father. She stays with her bhavi 8767 s father for a month, after that he sold her to Sonagachi through a lady pimp.

This story from The Times of India is about Sonagachi, a very large red-light district in Kolkata, India, and home to the Sonagachi sex workers 8767 cooperative. Like the story from Malaysia the other day, this one gives financial details on how a commercial sex economy works and adapts to a recession. Note the complex structures and the different ways workers may depend on intermediaries. It 8767 s not a simple economy. NB: 6555 rupees = euros

hi..guys in my point of view if u guys r so crazy about should get married & enjoy your married lifr why the hell you r trying to kill yourself by going to such a place like sonagachhi or other wrong place just for some time enjoyment but will get whole life trouble becoz there r 95% chance to get HIV which will end your bright my suggesstion is insted of going to a call girl get married & enjoy with 6 one girl.

U can not judge best among 55k women. But if u want beautiful girls with decent nature and u don 8767 t want to be troubled or mishandled by rough pimps then a good choice is the brothel called 8775 nanda ranir bari 8776 . It is simple, but Bengali girls there are nice (not very amazing) and u will be safe. Vis-a-vis you can try other girls inside sonagachhi of ur own choice. but don 8767 t fall in the hands of rough pimps. Do not carry any ATM or Credit card with u.

Don 8767 t go to Neel Kamal. If u book a girl for overnight, they will throw u out after an hour or so. they will demand even ur ATM card as well. best option in sonagachhi is u choose and avail a street woman urself and don 8767 t take any help from any pimp. don 8767 t carry any smart card. some common building there are neel kamal, prem kamal, prem bandhan, ganga jamuna, night lovers etc. all these buildings are heavily crowded by pimps. first they will ask u very less commission. most of these brothels are have north-indian delhi based girls. pimps at first will try to act very healpful. but after sometime they will show u their original cunning nature. Avoid any pim in sonagachhi. Bengali girls in 8775 Nanda ranir bari 8776 is somewhat OK. But i still insists that u do not go to these brothels only hearing the name. be bold. select ur own girl.

even i am also ashamed to be an indian and i totally agree with natasha.. has anyone ever thought what are the problems that are faced by all these innocent girls? does anyone know what humiliation they might have faced when they were at a age?? Probably no one knows.. u guys only deserve one single word and that is moth** fuc**r.. there are many girls who fall prey to the human traficking every year. these girls are also having some life but due to some sexual satisfaction their full life is spoiled. incredible to think that we r in a developing country can these girls get an employment somewhere??? the answer is no. untill and unless our mentality changes human traficking will go on..

For the first time, I feel ashamed to be an India. Deplorable is more like it. You guys have not only shown how base and humiliating you can all be, but how utterly inhuman. guys like you would not even spare a woman who needs help. Despicable- Please take yourself off this site and do us all a favour, shave your head, sit on a donkey and parade the street saying : I am an ass, I need redemption 8776 and still it shall not be enough.

You guys are sick! sick! sick! the article reveals the ugly trade of prostitution and how it can change a firl 8767 s life forever when she is is exploited because she was found in un-negotiable circumstances. Instead of understanding the senstivity and the cruelty of this act, you Bast****s are exactly propoagating this trade and have the audacity to go on a public forum on an active discussion of finding prostitutes.

Mongers, do not fall in the trap of some cheats who present themselves as prostitutes. I have heared so many incedents about these. Girls stand near Hazra crossing, society cinema and elsewhere are organized with a criminal gang. They will tell u that they have a safe place to do sex. Then they will call a taxi. The driver is also a part of this gang & number plate may be false. In the road they will rob u. So beware of these cheats. If any prostitute asks u about taxi or ATM card them better u avoid her.

A couple of minutes ago, i just finished reading ur comments and it seems to me how shameful and cruel we r in nature. The article indicates about the bad effects of prostitution, the worst life of the sex worker, and i find all the guys except(natasha & debayan) log into these sites for further info to laid to night. I like to ask each of those mother fucker only one question
8775 How will u feel if ur mother is a whore? Will u going to laid with her to night? 8776
I think u r.
And another fuckwit posted his comments before me with a name of 8775 Sree 8776 though he is not aware of the exact meaning of the title, suggested us not to visit this site..and i suggest u guys to leave this site immediately else i have to kick on ur ass to leave it.
U guys only deserve one thing a huge kick on ur butts..fucking assholes.
Thank u natasha & debayan for posting ur beautiful comments..

Sometimes in April, 7559, I visited Kolkata and also visited Sonagacchi. I was charged per girl for an hour. The girl was very nice and cooperative also. I was satisfied by the girl in all respects. Keeping in view the cooperation and nice attitude of the girl at Sonagacchi, I intend to repeat my tour to Kolkata as and when found possible. In comparison to Mumbai, Kolkata girls are nice and cooperative and non-fraudulent. Once, in 7565, I visited Mumbai and and a fraud took place and almost all of my money was taken away by the pimp in collusion with the sex worker. So try to avoid Mumbai brothels and prefer Kolkata 8767 s sex workers in the area of Kalighat

I really do not understand for what reasons there are few people who behave as if they are very pure at heart and do not think of having sex with a gal apart from his wife or gal friend dude if you are so pure then what the fuck are you doing out on this website and posting your comments giving all these bull shit craps and excuses and say that you do not have balls to go there and help those gals out there whom people like us have forced to come to the business

Guys i live in Bangladesh and i would like to share something with u guys only. The sex girls in Dhaka are first class. Rate are as same as sonagachi. But the brothel is Not as big as sonagachi. but there will be lots of pretty girl arnd frm bangladesh. An hour 6755tk but in gulshan overnight 6555tk and any other places 6555 to 6855tk. Girls are generally found in hotels. These hotels are usually only for get laid. These kind hotels can be found many places in Dhaka. but the most good ones are based on Banani. A top place to get laid. many hotels there only for sex. just pick ur girl no haresment no raid just pure plesure. Bears surve up on request. rates are low as well. Single shoot 855tk. Hour 6755tk. Best of luck.

8775 Though new girls keep coming here, the space available is limited. Under the contract system, one room can be used by up to three workers. Still, the rents are constantly increasing, 8776 says Kohinoor. 8775 And if the landlord can 8767 t hike the rent, then we are charged for other facilities. Keeping a television costs Rs 755 a month and a mobile phone charger Rs 555, 8776 she added.