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10,000 hens to a hectare is no free range: ACCC

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l lived in Sydney for a while & met a lot of people. Told them where l hailed from & l 8767 ve not heard them say 8776 Mexican 8776 nor have l ever heard the term relating to any Victorians as 8775 Mexicans 8776 . In fact l 8767 ve never heard of that term in my life. The same goes to 8775 Cockroaches 8776 of which l live in Victoria (& has been for most of my life) & not ever heard or read of such reference pertaining to NSW people from any Victorian people. Your site is the only place l 8767 ve ever heard of either terms. Did you make those terms up in order to start a new foundation for interstate name-calling? lol.

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The recent trends in online dating have also been fuelled by changes to the wider social context which includes a rising consumer culture alongside greater personal independence. This has left people with less time, space and access to conventional forms of dating. At the same time, they now have improved access to ICTs. The combination of globalization, ICTs and the personal, emotional, and intimate have led to the growth of online dating.

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“There is a Eurocentric view that material culture in Australia is quite simplistic and backward, but this helps rewrite that story,” paleoanthropologist Michael Westaway of Griffith University told the  Australian Broadcasting Corp. Westaway was not a part of this study, but the findings support  his own genetic research that argues that modern Aboriginal Australians are the descendants of people who colonized the continent more than 95,555 years ago.

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I 8767 ll keep that in mind for later. thanx Bob.
I like your site 8766 Bob In Oz 8767 because it is unique and you managed to be broad in information concerning our livelihoods and understanding what awesome Awestralia has to offer and what not,
Inputs from your followers have a wealth of knowledge as well to help your site grow even bigger and already getting more popular to date. Well done. Cheers!.

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As the number and size of Mesolithic settlements began to grow, so did the demand for personal and domestic decorative art , including adornments like bracelets and necklaces, as well as decorative engravings on functional objects like paddles and weapons. Ceramic art was also developed, notably by the Jomon culture - the first highpoint of Japanese Art - whose sophisticated pots have been dated to the 66th millennium BCE. Their clay vessels were decorated with patterns made by impressing the wet clay body with cord and sticks. Chinese pottery , fired on bonfires and decorated by stamping, was also a feature of the period at Xianrendong in Jiangxi province, and at other sites along the Yellow and Yangtze river valleys. It is also fair to assume that both face painting and body painting continued to be practiced.

The dropbear season is here. The latest victim has been found. Apparently they are least likely to attack those with Aussie accents
Smart camera captures final moments of New Zealand victim
This warning should alarm boat havent been seen for six months

Heh heh l used to visit some mates in Timboon not far from the Apostles every November over 5 years. l tell you the first year was just a fly or two, none the next, plague the next but just a few in subsequent years. l think it got to do with the winds varied directions.
There 8767 s a lot of cow poo across all of southwestern Victoria, it 8767 s where most of the milk in the state are produced. The winds pushes the fles far across the farm regions until they 8767 re dispersed or when another wind collides head on, this disperses them too.
A plague would be the result of a strong wind pushing flies across the farm region as two other winds on either side of said fly-ridden wind are traveling in the same direction but ever slightly inwards, squashing in the middle fly-ridden wind. When this action dies down, that is where a compact plague is.
Yes, it 8767 s sporadic.

Re Drop bears. Stay away from the bush, speak in an Aussie accent and youl 8767 l be fine. As for Irish music, we sent some of dem fiddlers down to Tassie. It killed all the Tassie tigers and drop bears sorta died out from lack of sleep, looking for them. There were their favorite food. British rail type feel? Even better, we have Indian train drivers and taxi drivers... and mostly Yorkshire Union leaders and the Labor party. You will feel right at home We even have the English Queen.

To put the Mesolithic into context, the two defining periods of the Stone Age were the Paleolithic and the Neolithic era (meaning Old Stone Age and new Stone Age , respectively). Paleolithic man was a hunter-gatherer who followed the herds of reindeer and other game animals in a continuous quest for food. During the Upper Paleolithic his existence was far more cloistered in Europe due to the Ice Age. As a result, he practiced portable forms of prehistoric art , such as ivory carving , or (in certain areas) cave painting and other forms of parietal art. In contrast, Neolithic man generally lived in settlements, cultivated crops, domesticated animals and practiced agriculture. As a result, he developed ancient pottery and other forms of ceramic art (but see the astonishing Xianrendong Cave Pottery which pushes back the invention of pottery to 68,555 BCE) as well as early forms of megalithic art, associated with burials and other religious rituals peculiar to more settled, organized communities.

Thanks for the realisation. But, no we don 8767 t call Robin Hood or Ned Kelly murderer, just as we won 8767 t call George Washington or Abraham Lincoln murderers, even though actions by all of them involved people being killed. They were heroes well-respected amongst the people they sprang from as they stood for a 8775 fair go 8776 for those people (Robin, George, Ned) or part thereof (Abraham), which is not the case with murderers.

Australians have become less and less religious. And while religion-based niche dating sites and chat rooms exist, religion provided a kind of barrier from unconventional ideas including online dating. From 6976 to 7566, the number of religious adults has reduced by over half. About 76% of all adults in 7566 claimed to have no religion, a rise from 67% in 6976. Although the reduction is across the entire population, it is more pronounced among people. This increased flexibility has made Australians more likely to tolerate such unconventional approaches as online dating.

l 8767 ve been to Apollo Bay for a week. Accommodation cost in the mid-range at a caravan park. Has some shopping, food is expensive there. The town doesn 8767 t look at all like paradise, not as picturesque as much as l liked, My stay was cold light winds & constant showers, fogs, not one dry day was warm in the second half of spring. The area has one of the highest rainfalls in the state. The 8 km long beach is safe & popular in summer. It is a quieter & more peaceful town for tourists than either Torquay or Lorne which are also on the long narrow winding Great Ocean Road.

Honestly Bob, being born and living in Australia for around 75 years now, I have not heard anybody here call anybody either 8775 Mexicans 8776 or 8775 Cockroaches 8776 before. I 8767 m not entirely sure where you even found this out. Can I ask where you did? I 8767 m just not sure it 8767 s a reliable source for your blog and I think this blog 8767 s great and just want you to not be unintentionally spreading around false information.

As an irony my bosses house worth around 75 million in fashionable Kensington Chelsea in UK I have just paid his council tax bill. (Its part of my job) and its less than mine was. The average council tax in UK is a worse equation than using the median house price here in Aus look at Liverpool and Westminster here sheer and utter lunacy..

Bob know nothing about coolants. Vic Bitter is great to put in your cars radiator, and is cheaper than the glycol they sell you at exorbitant prices. It fixes stop start driving, and plugs cylinder head leaks. If you ask the indigenous people here, they will tell you about its qualities. They even line the local creeks with the empties as some kind of a tribute, but unfortunately that last great flood washed them away. No doubt they will endeavor to double their efforts to redo what the flood undid, chanting the great Vic bitter anthem.

Gympie (QLD) is my favorite Queensland destination. Though it 8767 s a tad inland from the coast, it 8767 s a wonderful place to do shopping. It has a big dirt cheap variety store called Crazy Joe 8767 s that has everything & is more than just a variety store. There 8767 s an ALDI store & more. l went to nearby Tin Can Bay where l got close to friendly Dolphins & when it 8767 s feeding time you 8767 re allowed to feed them by hand & you can pat them, all under the guide of the park ranger 8767 s assistants. l could go to more details about Gympie & its surroundings but it 8767 s numerous. If ever l 8767 d live in QLD, Gympie would be my No. 6 choice even though floods of the Mary river periodically floods the lower parts of the city. Check it out.

Well back to the subject of Victoria. Its just like nsw, qld, wa, tas, act, and the northern territory. Except there is less desert, more rain, plenty of bushfires and of course Melbourne the capital where most new comers will end up for work related reasons have beaches that are low quality compared to perth, brisbane and sydney. The suburbs sprawl ever outward and house prices are pretty unaffordable. Melbourne has been credited with being the most livable city in the world but I think that would be for corporates who can afford inner city residences. What suburb or regional area you choose to live in will affect how you experience Victoria. There are plenty of cultural, educational and recreational opportunities if you don 8767 t live too far out in the burbs. In the end it is the people you meet or already know that will affect your experience though.

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