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I realize that funny and kind are usually high on women s list when it comes to most attractive quality. I m not really sure about whether this is something they mean or its something they say because they don t feel free enough to say anything else. Men can list all sorts of physical characteristics when asked about what they find attractive because its expected. Society tends to look askance when women say something that seems superficial. If we had a different society than we might get more physical answers from women rather than funny or kind. Nor am I exactly sure that height is defined relatively, even tiny women I ve described me as short.

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Met my fiance on Tinder. Made the whole process so much easier since I could choose who I wanted to talk to (sounds superficial, but you can tell quite a lot by the photos people choose to post of themselves (guys who only post mirror selfies while looking intense just aren 8767 t my type). You can 8767 t win in the debate over whether to respond when you are not interested. I got hostile responses no matter what I did (. for ignoring messages and for saying thanks but no thanks).

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Even if you do lose weight, it 8767 s no guarantee that you 8767 re going to look like the cover of Men 8767 s Health a visible six-pack is as much the result of genetics, dehydration and favorable lighting as it is eating nothing but broiled chicken breasts and steamed broccoli and five hundred crunches a day. A low-carb diet might help you lose weight, but it 8767 s not going to change your underlying frame if you 8767 re naturally compact and dense, then you 8767 re not going to jog that away.

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I wasn t thinking of a body positive article specifically for women, I was thinking more of a parallel to this article which tells bigger men that yes, women ARE attracted to your body. It sounds sad, but an article from a man telling bigger women yes, plenty of men DO find you attractive would be revolutionary if only because it s a message bigger women so very rarely get *from men themselves.*

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We get slammed/snarled at and have our social issues, but generally not to the degree heavier people get. For example, despite being built like a 67 year old girl, I could actually get a job as a shot girl and cocktail waitress at high end LA nightclub (as long as I wore a push up bra). Had I been bigger I d have been laughed out of the room. Not saying us skinny folks have it easy, but we do have it easier.

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While I think that finding an archetype you can use is okay, I think it can come across stronger if you can find a way to present to people who YOU are specifically (by using your interests, activities and personal characteristics). This summer at an event picnic, I happened to be seated next to an overweight black man who was absolutely charming. He was dressed nicely but normally (not costume-y), and was receptive to conversation (though he didn t initiate, so he might also be introverted). If I were in dating mode and he asked me out, I would have said yes. He just seemed like himself: a warm, caring, fairly active (walking, biking, gym) man who enjoyed life and was fun to talk to and be with. You mentioned that you like to read, so I m wondering if meeting people via book discussions might be an option. If you can figure out ways to show off your positive traits, it will make it easier for the right people to find you (and vice versa). Good luck!

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Not that your advice is bad, but the studies that showed the truly negative effects of corn syrup (in lab rats) that every one is sighting have yet to be reliably re-produced in observational human studies. The unfortunately complex answer we have to live with right now is that the science seems to say HFCS is bad because it is a sugar and is in everything we eat, we shouldn t let it become a straw man for sugary foods in general until there is sufficient evidence.

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All of that can and should be applied to online dating as well. I hear these stories of getting d**k pics constantly and I had wondered how that happens none of the platforms allow images to be sent. Then I realized people were jumping into texting/off-site communications. And while there 8767 s nothing inherently wrong with that, and it doesn 8767 t mean it 8767 s your fault if someone gets aggressive or sends pics etc, it does make it easier to become a target. I don 8767 t even tell people my (extraordinarily unique) first name until I 8767 m sitting in front of them at coffee. I don 8767 t give them my phone number until after the first or second date, usually by texting them from the number they 8767 ve sent me in their offer to move things offline. I 8767 ve been doing this for 7 years and have never had any issues. I imagine many of the guys who have ghosted pre-date picked up on my intentions and figured I wasn 8767 t going to be amenable to their antics.

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I reply to every message I get, unless it is just an unhinged rant or unprovoked insult or something. I just say something to the effect of 8775 thanks for the message, I 8767 m not interested but good luck. 8776 You can go into more detail if necessary but it 8767 s rarely necessary. I tend to do this relatively quickly and not get sunk in a swamp of 8775 hey 8776 8775 hey 8776 8775 hows it going 8776 8775 good you 8776 8775 fine whats up today 8776 8775 not much 8776 etc etc. Perhaps you are using sites where this is less of an issue.

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Totally random note, I ve felt for a long time that portion sizes in restaurants and fast-food joints reflect the patriarchal slant of society. Food is served for men s appetites, not women, which I think is why so many women struggle with their weight. We (women) should really be eating a 8rd of what they serve in most restaurants, or not eat out at all Lord forbid you re a man with eyes bigger than his stomach, hm?

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it does make sense if you hang out in specific sub-cultures like nerdom. I do see bigger women getting dates, but very rarely do I see it among geeky friends. I think this probably goes back to geek guys connecting their partner with their social value. Hang out in any nerdy corner of the Internet for an hour or two and you ll come across *at least* a few comments shaming women s bodies for not being ideal or perfect. And sure, guys write into Dan Savage. to talk about their shame and embarrassment over what they re attracted to.

GH, I think Marty s point about these articles need to exist to change the media landscape is critical. Maybe it wouldn t convince her, personally, but that s not really relevant. What we need to do is shift our cultural norms. No single article is going to do that, and it won t necessarily have a specific influence on a specific individual, but it will change what s seen as normal and appropriate in the larger geek discourse. I think she s really onto something important here.

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Yes, it 8767 s easy to say 8775 grow a thicker skin 8776 in response to the abuse that gets heaped upon you but that doesn 8767 t mean that it 8767 s not necessary. There are assholes out there who live for causing other people misery. There will be days when it seems like  everyone is determined to shit all over  you, personally. But in the end,  their opinions don 8767 t fucking matter.  They 8767 re showing themselves to be fuckheads, so why should you gift them with the power to hurt you? Why should you care about what some fuckhead thinks?

That is really difficult (I imagine) for a man to write a body positive article specifically for women, because a man really has not been conditioned to think of his body in the same way that a woman has been conditioned to think about hers (and also to accept it). There are probably other sites and forums where that is discussed in a way that is more productive for a female audience, although honestly, most people aren t going to give a shit that your body isn t perfect or even that it doesn t fit into their perfect ideals.

These two statements don t line up, several people is not an experiment, at best it is a few case studies, but really it is just anecdotal evidence that CNN likes to report on as science because it gets clicks. I agree there is more research to be done, and most diet industry jargon is garbage. Don t even get me started on the stupid No Carb diet crap. But my point is that people need to find what works for their own body and one or two individuals demonstrating that something works for them doesn t make it a hard fast rule.

If you 8767 re hiring an employee, in most cases you 8767 re eventually going to hire someone even if it turns out you 8767 re settling for someone less than super-ideal. If you 8767 re hiring a boyfriend, you 8767 ve got a vacancy but the position can stay vacant forever as long as you don 8767 t find anyone you 8767 re even interested in interviewing. Er, meeting. So the situations are similar but not entirely congruent.

If you 8767 d like to know more S ay 8775 hi 8776 . I didn 8767 t reve A l a lot about my S elf for you to read on purpose. Rather we chat, talk, engage in conversation to get to know each other instead of us reading through a long page in this section about each other. Also, just because someone look S like a good match “on paper”, doesn 8767 t necessaril Y translate in reality.

There s usually a small heel on dance shoes. My jazz shoes that I use for salsa and swing are barely an inch. That hardly effects my realistic height at all. Sure for competitions they may hike the shoes way up, but if you ve got two or three inches on a girl, even with dance shoes, you should be okay. Look at Dancing with the Stars. Hardly any of those pros are outrageously tall, and none of them are a full foot taller than their partner. It causes problems if they are. Just look at what happens when the non-pros are basketball players.