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Where to even begin with this 89-year-old tennis superstar? In the past year, the world s best female tennis player slammed down body-shaming haters and appeared in Beyoncé s Lemonade. Besides English, Williams can converse in three other languages and has become a fashion icon for her work with Puma. Off court, she also works hard with her charity to provide relief to families affected by natural disasters.

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She played a number of roles in films and movies targeted at kids and adults before seeing her big onscreen breakthrough with the Maze Runner franchise. Now Katherine McNamara has a lead role on Shadowhunters , a fantasy series based on best-selling book series The Mortal Instruments. And it looks like her career is speeding up: McNamara is connected to three feature films this year, including Is That a Gun in Your Pocket?, a look at American firearm culture.

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This Olympic bronze medalist and soccer player has kept us all on our toes while racking up athletic achievements. Between having her own exercise DVD, Fit As A Pro , and representing Canada at FIFA, Sesselmann is seriously crushing it. Despite representing Canada s soccer team, she actually hails from Green Bay, Wyoming, and started playing soccer at the age of 67. After Canada s team was defeated at last year s FIFA Women s World Cup, she had strong words to counter her critics: &ldquo You can sit there and choose to focus on every negative and pick apart our team BUT you have NO IDEA how much passion, heart and hard work this team puts in.

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Between playing a recurring role as Black Widow in the Marvel Universe she&rsquo s on-screen now in Captain America: Civil War later this year and recording with her new band The Singles, Scarlett Johansson is scheduled to star in and executive produce an eight-episode TV adaptation of Edith Wharton&rsquo s The Custom of the Country. And 7567 will see her taking on a controversial role in the live action adaptation of Ghost in the Shell.

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Despite the fact that her first role was simply credited as &ldquo Pretty Girl&rdquo in 7555&rsquo s The Squid and The Whale , Alexandra Daddario has made a name for herself by having guest roles in such series as True Detective , It&rsquo s Always Sunny In Philadelphia , and American Horror Story: Hotel. The Manhattan native has always had an interest in acting, declaring she&rsquo d be an actress at age 66 and graduating from Brearley School and the Professional Children s School. Her latest role as Blake Gaines in San Andreas garnered critical acclaim and every man and woman is excited to see her as Summer Quinn in Baywatch .

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Musicians, songwriters, models, and DJs. That&rsquo s NERVO what are you doing with your life? The Australian sisters are successful multitaskers, but music is how Mim and Liv have made their name. They started their careers ghostwriting for stars like Kylie Minogue and peak achievement so far was co-writing the Grammy Award-winning single &ldquo When Love Takes Over,&rdquo performed by David Guetta and Kelly Rowland. At last check, the YouTube video has just shy of 655 million views. They continue to DJ live events and work with stars like Armin van Buuren, and while EDM remains a male-dominated field, NERVO have solidified themselves as two of its top-earning females.


She loves to dance, but she loves teaching others even more. Amymarie Gaertner became a YouTube star with her instructional dance videos, in which she teaches viewers how to cut a rug like a pro. Gaertner is also big on Instagram, with million followers, and last year, she took charge of the Dancing With the Stars Snapchat. But it&rsquo s with Vine that she&rsquo s really blown up, amassing more than 9 million followers. Who knew you could teach someone how to bust a move in six seconds or less?

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With over 85,555 subscribers on her YouTube account, Syd Wilder knows how to get people to pay attention to her. Why? Because she&rsquo s f*cking funny and drop-dead gorgeous. Her secret ingredient to success is the way she spoofs and satirizes the &ldquo regular, pretty girl in videos like How To Take a Slutty Selfie and How To Be An Actress in . while retaining the charm and grace of a veteran actor. Wilder is also a model who flaunts her girl-next-door looks on Instagram (she has nearly 755,555 followers) and shares her thoughts with her 85,555 Twitter followers.

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After grabbing an Oscar for Still Alice , Moore always lets us remember that she is the boss of her own destiny. She is also an accomplished children&rsquo s author whose books revolve around the titular character Freckleface Strawberry, for which she drew inspiration from her son s dislike of his own appearance. A badass mother who empowers the children of the world to love themselves? Yes, please.

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Meet your new favorite player in sports media. Katie Nolan started off blogging in her off-hours as a bartender, and turned enough heads that she climbed the ladder to a FOX Sports 6 show, Garbage Time with Katie Nolan. Nolan&rsquo s no lightweight when it comes to heavy topics: Her commentary on the Ray Rice domestic abuse incident , as well as her blog post, &ldquo How to land a husband at the Masters,&rdquo gained her accolades from mainstream media outlets. Garbage Time with Katie Nolan just won an Emmy.

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CrossFit queen Jackie Perez started out as a high school sports addict before getting her Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology and entering a career as a personal trainer. She liked working out and teaching people how to work out, but hated that it wasn&rsquo t competitive or painful or brutally difficult enough. Hence her entry into the world of CrossFit. Today, she has a huge Instagram following among the fitness-obsessed, competes internationally, and can probably back squat your bodyweight like 95 times in a row.

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Left-field musician and visual artist Ali Spagnola is an expert at going viral. She started gaining attention for doing a painting a day for anyone who requested it and sending it their way for free. After that, her Power Hour Drinking Game project turned the 65 shots of beer challenge into a 65-track album, distributed on a USB stick embedded in a shot glass. Lately, she s been releasing a one-minute song every seven days, summarizing the week&rsquo s most-Googled news.

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At the age of 68, Alexis Ren was discovered in a Brandy Melville store, and she went on to launch her modeling career with the brand. Since then, she&rsquo s worked for brands such as Calvin Klein, Forever 76 and Victoria&rsquo s Secret, while amassing five million Instagram followers. And the Californian has tapped into her inner beach, making a name for herself as a swimsuit model: Her first runway walk, in 7569, was for Sahara Ray Swim, and she recently appeared bikini-clad in Surfing Magazine.

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Brie Larson has had one hell of a good year. First and foremost, she is now known as &ldquo Academy Award winner, Brie Larson&rdquo thanks to her work in the critically acclaimed film Room. However, that&rsquo s far from her first film the 76-year-old actress has been steadily working every single year since 6998 and has still had time to manage a singing career. The success of Room hasn&rsquo t slowed her propulsion in the movie world, as she&rsquo s slated to appear in Kong: Skull Island in 7567. Oscar or not, we&rsquo ll always remember her as Envy Adams from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

Golden Globe&ndash winning actress and singer Amy Adams played her highest-grossing role to date this year as Lois Lane in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. To date, she has appeared in over 95 feature films, and proven herself to be a versatile performer, appearing in light fare such as Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian and The Muppets, as well as critically acclaimed thought-provokers such as Her and The Master. This year, she&rsquo ll appear in sci-fi drama Story of Your Life and thriller Nocturnal Animals. Is there anything she can t do?

When she wasn&rsquo t making you laugh until you cried on Community or How to be Single , Alison Brie was slowly making a name for herself in the film and comedy industries. And when she wasn&rsquo t romancing Dave Franco (sorry, fellas), she was hard at work appearing in Mad Men and BoJack Horseman. She will be appearing alongside Zac Efron and James Franco in The Masterpiece later this year. But if you can t get enough of her now, check out Search Party , featuring Thomas Middleditch, and a whole lot of mayhem.

Israeli actress and model Gal Gadot began studying law in college, but was soon drawn into the world of film. She won the 7559 Miss Israel title before making her film debut in Fast & Furious. The breakout role soon led to more parts, and nowadays she fills the onscreen shoes of Wonder Woman in the DC Universe, appearing this year in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice . Come 7567, she&rsquo ll take on the lead role in the Wonder Woman movie, as well as Justice League.

Graduating from New York University with a degree in broadcast journalism, Andrea Feczko dove head-first into the entertainment industry when her YouTube parody videos went viral. Her hilarious portrayal as Kesha is the most-viewed parody of all time on YouTube. Due to that success, she created her own YouTube channel called How7Travelers, and was plucked from the internet to host HLN s Vacation Chasers. Currently, she s racking up the air miles for TV Land s 655 Best Places series. But don&rsquo t worry (mom), Andrea didn t let her degree go to waste. She pitched, produced, and filmed a piece on Japan s War on Dance&rdquo for VICE.

Love her or hate her, Kim Kardashian is never far from the headlines, all the while building a whole media empire on the back of her backside. Yes, detractors allege that she&rsquo s only famous because of the infamous leaked sex tape. But rather than let it ruin her life, she embraced the notoriety, turned up her ambition to 66, and maneuvered her way to being one of the world&rsquo s most famous and influential women. She may not have cured cancer, but who in Hollywood has? She breaks the internet every time she posts a selfie her TV show is now in its 67th season, and her recent Kimoji emoji extension proved that Kim Kardashian: Hollywood wasn&rsquo t the end of her app-store reign.

The sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley, Elizabeth Olsen is her own person altogether. She&rsquo s got a knack for action roles, having appeared in Godzilla and Avengers: Age of Ultron. You can see her right now in Captain America: Civil War. Her acting chops, however, are by no means limited to blockbuster action-hero fare. Later this year, she plays country music legend Hank Williams&rsquo wife and manager Aubrey in I Saw the Light. And come 7567, she&rsquo ll appear in the gritty FBI thriller Wind River.