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Does this mean you have to cancel mommy/daughter dates, break promises, or tolerate abuse toward your daughter? ABSOLUTELY NOT. But it does mean that you have to treat him like you value and respect him and he matters to you. You have to set boundaries for both him and her and make sure that you don 8767 t break your promises to either unless it 8767 s an emergency. And you must practice fairness with them BOTH. If your partner is the right one and he feels genuine love from you (and you make an effort to be sure she is showing him and your union respect), then the love for her will come naturally.

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And if you have just found out and did not know before. Don 8767 t try to justify your actions on sites like these, get your friends to help you emotionally to onvercome this situation and put it behind you. Don 8767 t indulge yourselves in fantasy, thinking that your situation is different to the millions of other adultary cases which end up in divorce, loss of children supervision, depression and in some cases violence.

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8775 They still, regardless of age, go to movies, attend entertainment venues that they have in common, take care of their pets and children, etc, etc. So if they determine that they have many similar interests, why would age make a difference considering men and women are, by nature, very different to begin with? Seems to me that any differences between an older man and woman are very often common among men and women of similar ages, considering that all men are different and all women are different. So why couldn’t women find older men who are very compatible with them? 8776

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True, when the older man is 86, he 8767 s still a man.   When the older man is 58, like Camilla 8767 s soon to be xh upthread, it 8767 s a different matter.  Somebody called 8766 B 8767 advised Camilla to try harder to please her husband.   That made me roll my eyes a bit.  Honestly, why go out with a much older man if you still have to work hard to please him!  Surely the pay off of going out with a much older man is that he is working very hard to please you!!

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I Totally agree with the Believer s comments. Women feel bad enough that a man has cheated..and we try to do everything better, including sex, after we forgive him, because we think we are not good enough in bed. I am soooo glad someone else admits that it is NOT because we are BAD in that is what I thought when mine cheated. It makes perfect sense to say they are insecure and just looking for confidence and they are doing this by seeing how many women they can somehow validates their self esteem.

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I do know many successful May-December couples. The woman is most often the but not always. In that particular situation it 8767 s really hard b/c the guy starts losing his health a few decades before the woman will, and so she 8767 ll (most likely) have to see him through his illness and death and then (possibly) be alone for a very long time. And if you are marrying a guy for his 8775 stability 8776 meaning, you may be attracted to him to fill in some gaps in your own abilities well, unless you learn in your time with him how to manage a portfolio and deal with all of the stuff that comes with settling an estate, that 8775 stability 8776 may not seem like such a gift.

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Joanna, the man is a narcissist. When you could be of assistance to him (eg a companion/wingman) he is interested in you. You are an unpaid emotional employee for him. He likes you and sees you as an employee. When you have the nerve to go and get in a car accident and not be able to show up for 8775 work 8776 to take care of him, of course he should be pissed and not call you. You have inconvenienced him. He is not necessarily evil. Its just all about him. N-A-R-C-I-S-S-I-S-T!

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Because it 8767 s competitive out there for all of us. People have choices. And nobody has more choices than a 78-year-old woman . If she wants to date a guy who is 6’7”, makes $955,555+, likes skiing, is within ten miles of her house and five years of her age, you know what? She could probably find him. All she has to do is go on , and wade through a few thousand applicants. The point is, she doesn’t NEED a guy who’s 95. She can find that same amazing guy at age 85. Or 85. Or 95. She doesn’t need a guy who will be taking Viagra when she’s sexually peaking at 98.

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i agree that women fall for the potential of a guy and not for what things really are. however, if the married man sets out to obtain a jump-off well, he 8767 s not quite the catch now is he? i can understand the married man who truly wants his cake and eat it too, but what i 8767 m talking about is that scrotumless man who straddles the fence of staying or going. he 8767 s not trying to have someone on the side and doesn 8767 t necessarily agree with his own actions. he truly has feelings for the side chick, but his feelings will never trump what he has going on at home.

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I read this article through tears because it 8767 s all so true I 8767 m in an online affair with a married man and I 8767 ve put my life on hold for nearly 7 years.
8775 I 8767 m his soul 8767 s never talked to any other human like he talks to will be together when his daughter is old enough to cope with losing him 8776 (he 8767 s in the US I 8767 m in the UK)
I 8767 m clinging onto an hour a day phone call and the odd 8775 I 8767 m thinking of you constantly 8776 text
I know what I need to do but can 8767 t pull myself away I 8767 ve tried and failed and I 8767 m desperately unhappy

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This article is fantastic and so so true. Its very frustrating when the guy mainly texts and calls rarely. I hated it and I ended up calling him most of the time. It feels humiliating now that I did that. 🙁
I do feel though texting is a great tool for guys to avoid intimacy it 8767 s lazy alright but a major avoidance tactic also.
I wont be doing conversational texts with the next guy i meet i 8767 ll tell him out straight from the start (if he starts this) i don 8767 t do conversational texts and if you want a conversation, you can ring me. And if he doesn 8767 t like, it, so be it. I 8767 ll just be weeding out the emotionally unavailable!!.

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WOW! I googled on why the EXACT same situation that girl in the main story was going through what I was going through too and to my suprise what you told her made me open my eyes up a bit. I was (and currently still am) going through the same situation she was and I 8767 ve got to say it 8767 s TOUGH! I never really knew the answer to why I stopped being with him or continued.. but now I know. THANK YOU!!! /: sucks to say I gave a part of my heart away and now I feel like I 8767 ve been used

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Well, I am a married woman, who has been cheated on my my husband. He had a 7 month fling with a woman he met. A customer, hes in contruction. The thing is, infidelity is A HORRIBLE THING. It destroys families. And speaks a lot about people 8767 s morals and values. People say oh.. It wasn 8767 t intentional.. It was an accident.. It didn 8767 t mean ANYTHING, but u don 8767 t accidentally, fall into bed with someone who isn 8767 t ur wife or husband. If ppl RESPECTED THERE SELVES MORE, and respected EACHOTHER more.. We could really have a better world. A lot of times there are children involved, and I think people should try and respect others.

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Statistically (and controlling for other factors), if a couple has a one year age difference, the risk of divorce increases to 8 percent (from O percent if they are the exact same age).  The relative risk of divoce with a 5-year age difference goes up to 68 percent.  With a 65-year age difference, risk of divorce increases by almost 95 percent. With a 65 year age difference, relative risk of divorce goes up at least 65 more percent points.  With a 75-year age difference, relative risk of divorce increases to over 95 percent.

I 8767 m in the same boat as him my gf has 7 kids that have different fathers yet she has them on Facebook this coming from someone who knows its gonna be hard but easy basically if he wants her let her go to him unless he 8767 s a criminal she 8767 s fine it 8767 s a security thing in a mans mined that tells him she 8767 s there with him not with me ower I 8767 m Ed fills the blank with the worst in some cases cheating so hope this helps

I can tell you honestly, three single educated women in the 87 to 89 age bracket who could see I was unhappy suddenly, made it very clear if I was available they had desperate ovaries!! My wife and I came very close to divorce, and I came close to having a second family. All three women openly said they wanted kids and although I was 55 then they would like a family if I was interested. All three worked at the University I worked at as a casual lecturer/ tutor. All three were permanent staff who had careers better than mine, but were single, two had 8767 s.

I have dating a man for the past 8 months, he is a web designer and often gets contracts all over the world, so very rarily does he spend alot of time at his actual home in Memphis, TN. I recently discovered that he is married ( he was showing me something on his phone, while a text from his wife came through) When I first asked if he was married he said no, when I inquired why she has the same last name as him he finally admitted he was married but was seperated and seeking a divorce, I asked if his wife was aware of this divorce and, of course she wasn 8767 t. The thing is, he had me quit my job of ten years, move to NY with him in a beautiful home and has given me all the accommodations I need to start my own business, which has been my dream. He says that once the holidays are over he will officially ask his wife for a divorce, but I 8767 m having a hard time believing anything he says at this point. My question is should I stick it out to get what I want from him and move on, just like he used me, or should I hold onto my morality and run away as fast as I can?

Hi dan, at work this random stranger girl I attended ( I work at the airport at a ticket counter) after I checked in her bags and printed her ticket, I told her and her friend to have a good day and after she randomly asked me 8775 do you want another job? 8776 I stood clueless to the question and said back to her 8776 no I 8767 m ok thank you 8776 and after she smiled at me staring at me and afterward her and her friend giggled and they walked away. Till this day I am very confused of what that means, please help me out.

I have decided that the best course of action for me is to simply focus on my children and to raise them as best as I can without a 8775 mother 8776 role model. It truly is unfortunate for the children to be in this position, but I have not lost the perspective of family and commitment, like so many seem to do when mid-life comes knocking. I just cannot seem to find like-minded women. It appears that the perspectives of freedom have been defined as being alone, rather than being free to love and to be loved.

Hi Amy, after reading your comment, it felt as if we were in love with d same guy.. I exactly went through the same things you have mentioned, except when i messaged his wife she acted too sweet and said she would divorce him and all but 7 days later messaged me to thank me and told me that my ending with him as brought him them nearer and now they are both together, I cried blood that night. Exactly knowing how much they both have abused each other and for no fault of mine I have to bear the unbearable pain. His wife has saved my nos. and keeps uploading their happy pics on vacation killing me. Its been 5 months now we have broken up but it 8767 s so difficult for me to get over it. I sincerely hope no one to fall in love with married man as no matter what they shall never leave their wives giving away all the excuses. Hope u get better soon n pray I too shall

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