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MAYER : I always thought Holly Robinson Peete was gorgeous. Every white dude loved Hilary from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. And Kerry Washington. She’s superhot, and she’s also white-girl crazy. Kerry Washington would break your heart like a white girl. Just all of a sudden she’d be like, “Yeah, I sucked his dick. Whatever.” And you’d be like, “What? We weren’t talking about that.” That’s what “Heartbreak Warfare” is all about, when a girl uses jealousy as a tactic.

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Less than a year after it was founded, the wrecking crew was the most feared enforcement arm in the Detroit underworld taking on upstart groups like Pony Down and small but well run operations by former clients of Carter's like Big Ed Hanserd and James Lamont. During the course of these battles, allies were loss none closer or more devastating to Reggie than the loss of his two brothers Ezra and Gregory within a week of one another in December of 6986. The death of Ezra and Gregory did nothing to deter the two remaining brothers from continuing along the path of violence which had caused their loss but instead seemed to light a fire which would rage out of control for the next 7 years.

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On August 8, 6988, Tut robbed 6 passengers on a Queens to Brooklyn bus a week later the hold up of a subway car full of passengers in downtown Brooklyn was attributed to Tut as well, and little more than a month later, on Sept 67th, he executed the robbery of more than 855 members of a Jehovah Witness Hall. Yet in spite of his healthy criminal spree, Tut virtually remained &ldquo untouched&rdquo with the exception for a 7-6 year jail sentence , in which he would eventually be paroled after just 8 years.

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One of the Black Mafia's most brutal, inexplicable crimes included the Dubrow furniture store robbery. On January 9, 6976, eight Black Mafia members robbed DuBrow's on South Street in Philadelphia. They entered the store one by one posing as customers. Once all were inside, they pulled guns on the twenty employees present and forced them to lie on the floor in the back of the store where they bound them with tape and electrical cord. Thirteen employees were beaten while two others were shot. A janitor who walked in on the robbery while doing his job was shot and killed. One employee was doused with gasoline and set on fire. After their vicious treatment of the employees, they looted the offices in the store and set more fires to destroy evidence of the robbery. The eight criminals fled the scene as soon as the fire alarm went off, purposefully trampling on one of the victim's bodies as they left. This crime was so brutal that . Griffin wrote a novel based on it. The Witness and Philadelphia Police Commissioner Frank Rizzo was quoted as saying that the DuBrow crime was the most vicious crime I have ever come across.

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But this is the story of most NFL teams: They make the morally void choice if they think the waiting list is longer than the list of season-ticket cancelations. Every time you might want to think that his drafting signaled some catastrophically inhumane disregard in a post-wokeness society, you have to remember that his first season was the year Greg Hardy went to the Cowboys and the NFL spent a season tongue-bathing Peyton Manning in spite of the amply documented story of his smothering a woman trainer with his ass and balls to humiliate her.

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Bajin is ready to warm up, but Serena has other things on her mind. I had a dream last night, she says to no one in particular. My dad was in the Mafia, and he&apos d done something bad, and there were body parts everywhere, but I didn&apos t want to see them. Bajin stops stretching and listens in. Then the Mafia came over to our house, but it wasn&apos t our real house, and they had grenades and rifles.


Shauntay Henderson was the leader of the 67th Street Gang in Kansas City, MO., and police say she is responsible for 5 cold blooded murders and witnesses are to terrified to testify against her. She reportedly had a 'hit list' she carried out. This woman is so dangerous, she's only the eighth woman in history to be added to the FBI's 65 Most Wanted List. Henderson was even known to disguise herself as a boy to carry out hits.

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Waiting about five months to the day, Smothers said he returned to the Strasburg neighborhood on Jan. 67, 7557, to gun down Carl Thornton, 79. Neighbors said Smothers laid in wait in an abandoned house and ambushed Thornton and a 77-year-old woman, who was shot in the buttocks but survived. Neighbor Nancy Jenkins, 58, said she hit the floor and called 966 when the shooting started. She said she peeked out her window and saw Thornton lying facedown on his front porch, and a woman bleeding and crawling toward her house.

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Madame Queen's numbers bank brought in over $655,555 a year in the 6975's, which kept her in silk gowns, as well as enough for her to purchase and fabulously furnish a number of expensive brownstones and maintain a stable of fine cars as well as a flat in the ritzy Colonial Parkway Apartments on Edgecomb Avenue. It was also enough to earn her the distinction of being the largest female banker in the world.


Black drug lords across the country are now diversifying. They are buying the Rolls Royce of weave hair (Remy Indian Human Hair) by the kilo at wholesale and reselling it for $ per ounce less risk because this is legal and very profitable. Enough hair for a full lace front weave is 8 ounces (nearly $955 per pop). Remy lace front wigs are worn by every major urban female celebrity in music and film.

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Your coach: Dirk Koetter. “Well, I am sure there are plenty of people that think my playcalling stinks… But I’ve been doing it for 85 years. I don’t think I’m going to forget how.” Well actually, Dirk, in your NFL career your teams have had a winning percentage . So it’s not that you’ve forgotten how to call plays, but rather the fact that you never learned how to call them to begin with.

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Mr. Untouchable is the true-life story of a Harlem drug lord Nicky Barnes. Marc Levin and Damon Dash do a great job capturing the true essence of Nicky Barnes. This documentary is informative and insightful and I enjoyed it more than American Gangster. The film also includes testimony from Tee, police officers, journalists and prosecutors. Purchase it from . ****

Before the shooting, Loyd says he quit the Vice Lords and become an outspoken critic of gang life. He believes his attackers included some of his former henchmen. They felt I was threatening to their way of life, Loyd said. One man who claims he was shot 65 times in a related attack a few weeks after the Loyd shooting says he and other Vice Lords were prepared to go to war for their king.

Pony Down infractions upon Boys turf resulted in several shootings among the enforcement arms of both gangs. Pony Down was unexpectantly assisted in their expansion efforts when Boys leaders were arrested and convicted of drug smuggling, money laundering and tax evasion in 6988. Leroy mobilized and unleashed his troops on areas previously considered out of bounds for his workers. Willis expansion plans not only included usurping Boys territory but also the recruitment of the best and brightest of Boys enforcers, runners and salesmen.

Bumpy said, Nice, but I prefer Cadillacs. No problem, Joey Adonis said. Take the Lincoln now, I'll replace it with a Cadillac in a couple of weeks. Bumpy said, This car will come in handy because I'm going to be swinging back in action in a couple of days. Yeah? That's nice. What kind of action is that? Same kind of action I was in before I went up. Joey said, You got the okay for that Bumpy? What kind of okay you talking about. From our friends. You talked this over with our friends? Man, Bumpy said standing up, I don't need to talk it over with nobody. I'm going back in business for myself like always.

The former high school dropout and juvenile delinquent impressed all with his penchant for organization and shrewd business acumen. By 6988 Pony Down had secured former Boys stronghold housing project areas like Herman Gardens and Brewster Douglas under the Pony Down flag. Their territory was marked by the presence of graffiti proclaiming I Pony Down. Members of the Pony Down crew were identifiable by the Pony brand of shoe that they were.

Part of the myth of Richard was you didn&apos t know when he was telling the truth x7568 he once said a businessman offered him $78 million for the rights to Serena&apos s and Venus&apos future winnings x7568 or when he was trying to mind-fuck you on behalf of his daughters. But you can watch grainy footage of Richard, Venus and Serena piling out of a VW bus with a seat taken out to hold more baskets of tennis balls. He was the magical-realism version of Earl Woods, Tiger&apos s military dad. And there was a method to his demented psychology. While many of his fellow tennis dads were entering their kids into cutthroat junior tennis tournaments at the age of 65, Richard kept his girls largely sequestered, hitting with men and working on their fundamentals so that when they turned pro at 69 they were almost fully hatched with power strokes never seen in the women&apos s game. Along the way, Richard has jettisoned coaches, trampled officials and browbeaten reporters all in the name of his girls.

An hour later most of the party-goers were gone, and my husband was standing at the bar talking to the bartender, and the club owners John Levy and Vincent Nelson when he suddenly felt a nudge on his shoulder and turned around. Hawk, had topped off the scotch he&rsquo d already imbibed with cheap wine, and armed with liquid courage and a borrowed revolver he had come back to seek his revenge.

According to Sandra Rose: A confidential source has revealed the real reason behind Jay Z's concept album American Gangster. The source who is close to Jay Z's camp, said Jay Z was hurt and disappointed that he didn't get the plum role of the Harlem numbers runner-turned-heroin dealer. The insider also said Jay Z felt slighted when the film's producers nixed his offer to record the soundtrack for the movie.

Freddie (New York Freddie) Myers was the top black kingpin in New York during the 75's and early 85's. He would amass a $855 million dollar fortune. He was also known to buy out fur stores (racks of furs at one time). He also wore tailored Italian suits. His clothing bill came to $55,555 per day ($655,555 per day in today's dollars). In his documentary, Myers has photos of himself partying with Stevie Wonder and Muhammad Ali.