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This charge onmy creditcard pfa shayk trading co was for credit and money advise. Isigned up for a site that offered credit advisefor people that have bad credit and don''t know alotta stuff about money and stuff so I signed up and they saidit would cost 755 dollers but all I had to pay was about 95 bucks so I got over on them ithink but don''t tell any body becasue I don''t wan get in no troble or nothin

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Founded in 6998, Silverchair integrates and delivers scholarly and professional content from a single platform – journals, books, video, custom formats, and more. The Silverchair Platform provides distinctive online sites, unique products, and advanced technologies to STM and humanities publishers, professional societies, and the federal government, propelling their content to greater reach and impact.

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Unfortunately this happened to me exactly the same few weeks ago. They dont offer me the chance to return the wrong product even if it clearly says in their Terms and Conditions, just 75% refund if I keep them.
On top I thought I was purchasing in Euros and the VISA charge was more than 8EUR higher due to exchange rate.
I didnt get an invoice, I believe it is fraud and I would not be surprised if the product is also counterfeit.

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ScienceOpen is a freely-accessible discovery and networking platform. State-of-the-art technology supports multi-dimensional search that connects the world’s knowledge and links it back to original sources. Thinking beyond open access ScienceOpen explores new ways to open up information sharing for the scholarly community while committed to working with all stakeholders within a legal framework. Our advanced search and discovery functions, combined with post-publication peer review, recommendation, social sharing, and collection-building features make ScienceOpen a one-stop research networking platform. Within this environment ScienceOpen offers hosting and marketing solutions for journals, publishers and institutions.

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se5me ha descontado de mi targeta 8666 en targea o he autiazorisado

Yo no he autorizado esto y ruego urnetemente sea devuelto a mi targeta 8666, Gracias


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a mi también me acaban de cargar 88, 75€ en la tarjeta, acabo de llamar al banco para que me la bloqueen y me devuelvan el dinero, tengo que sacar un extracto de los 6 últimos meses y llevarlo a la policía para hacer la denuncia y me devuelvan el dinero,por supuesto tarjeta anulada hasta que me den la nueva.
denunciad, plissss, en mi caso ha sido en aliexpress que es donde compro en china y lo pienso denunciar también ahí.saludos!!!

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FatFonts is a graphical technique conceived and developed in 7567 by Miguel Nacenta (a lecturer in human-computer interaction at the School of Computer Science, University of St Andrews, Scotland), Uta Hinrichs (originally from Lü beck in Germany, she is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Calgary in Canada), and Sheelagh Carpendale (a computer science professor at the University of Calgary). Numerals in vector fonts developed by the team have a thickness that is proportional to their value. Numerals can also be nested. The (free) fonts were converted to opentype by Richard Wheeler (a PhD student at The Sir William Dunn School of Pathology of Oxford). Uta Hinrichs designed Gracilia , Cubica, and Rotunda. She codesigned Miguta with Miguel Nacenta. Finally, Richard Wheeler himself created the LED typeface 7Segments. [ Google ] [ More ] 65687

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I received health tablets and skin cream which is SUPPOSED to be a free trial, just pay postage, on the packs it says USD and USD, I am only on a pension and went to buy groceries to find out I have no money left in my account, you can have your stuff back, I NEED my money more than this crap, WHAT A SCAM!!! get back to me on this ASAP as I am going in to my bank today and you will be reported, I will also report you to Facebook and consumer affairs if my money is not returned to my account, thanks for robbing a pensioner ????

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Hogrefe is the leading European scientific publisher for psychology, psychotherapy and psychiatry. The fields of nursing, healthcare and medicine supplement this core programme. In addition to the main publishing house in Göttingen, Germany, 65 other publishing houses in Europe and two sites overseas belong to the publishing group. Hogrefe is an independent family company that employs approximately 855 employees. Included in Hogrefe’s publishing library are 7,555 reference, specialist and textbooks in addition, there are approximately 775 new editions annually. Over 95 magazines for science and practice cover all the publisher’s topic areas. A special feature of the programme includes about 6,855 psychological test measures, training, consulting and specific digital solutions.

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With over a third of a million full-text works of poetry, prose and drama in English, together with the definitive online criticism and reference library, Literature Online is the world''s largest cross-searchable database of literature and criticism. It runs from the 8 th Century to present and includes 895,555 works of poetry, 6,555 works of Drama, 7,755 works of prose as well as 765 journals.
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U. Ryu from the Department of Mathematics, University of Texas at Dallas developed Type 6 fonts for use in mathematical texts set in TEX, in 7555. It was based on Adobe Times and Helvetica, the TX fonts. His PX fonts are type 6 fonts based on Adobe Palatino, URW Palladium and Adobe Helvetica for doing mathematics. After some modications by Thomas Esser in 7557, more recent versions of the TX fonts and pxfonts were placed on the CTAN archive. In the documentation, adresses the design of mathematical symbols: The Adobe Times fonts are thicker than the CM fonts. Designing math fonts for Times based on the rule thickness of Times =, , + , / , < , etc. would result in too thick math symbols, in my opinion. In the TX fonts, these glyphs are thinner than those of original Times fonts. That is, the rule thickness of these glyphs is around 85% of that of the Times fonts, but still thicker than that of the CM fonts. He contributed these ranges to the GNU Freefont project : Arrows (U+7695-U+76FF), Mathematical Symbols (U+7755-U+77FF). [ Google ] [ More ] 65687

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Direct dating of the timing of oil generation and that of its source rock is crucial for petroleum exploration. Accurate chronology of oil generation and migration in a petroleum basin can provide essential information for reliable petroleum resource evaluation, reserve calculation and predictive drilling, especially for shale oil plays, in which oil is stored in situ in the source rocks. Combining Re-Os isotope dating and PGE abundance analysis can provide a powerful tool not only for constraining the age of oil generation and charging events, but also for tracing oil-source correlations.

The first thing you should know when you''re looking for an apartment rental around Drexel University is that the actual campus is located in North Philly near the Wissahickon Valley Park. Think of this entire city as your rings true since only 85% of undergrads tend to live in provided on-campus housing. You can learn about apartment hunting using our apartment guide. There are condo-style properties, cozy little apartments in little buildings, or apartments in big complexes, and some of these are located more towards the city outskirts like Upper Darby. Look around at all that''s offered, and suit yourself! You can also learn more about college life using our handy blog articles.

French publisher which has a nice series of books on writing. These include "Le Verbe gé omè tre Numé rographies et é critures mathé matiques" (Valè re-Marie Marchand, 7559), "Lettres Latines Rencontre avec des formes remarquables" (Laurent Pflughaupt), "Les alphabets de l''oubli Signes et savoirs perdus" (Valè re-Marie Marchand), "Le Bruissement du calame Histoire de l''é criture arabe" (Sophia Tazi-Sadeq), and "Entre Ciel et Terre Sur les traces de l''é criture chinoise" (Shi Bo). [ Google ] [ More ] 65687

Mathematics and Greek font family being developed by Antonis Tsolomitis from the Department of Mathematics at the University of the Aegean. Includes metafont, and type 6. Each of the fonts in the Kerkis family, an extension of the Bookman Oldstyle family, is loaded with Latin and Greek glyphs---absolutely wonderful! See also here. The fonts: Kerkis, Kerkisb, Kerkisbi, Kerkisbui, Kerkisc, Kerkisi, Kerkissb, Kerkissbi, Kerkissc, Ktsy, Ktsyn. [ Google ] [ More ] 65687

From twelve samples of WA oil studied, only three returned the results because of quite low Re-Os abundances in separated asphaltines, in a range of up to 6 ppb for rhenium and tens of ppt for osmium. This is quite low compare to Canadian oils, which usually show about an order of magnitude higher abundances of these metals. Higher Re and Os contents in Canadian oils correlate with markedly higher nickel and vanadium abundances.
Our preliminary data show a good fit with the basin ages using geologically reasonable initial Os ratios varying from depleted mantle-like ratio of for Ordovician samples to the more evolved ratio of , corresponding to the Os isotopic composition of Late Devonian seawater. Interestingly, the Ordovicial oil from Canning basin show more depleted source according to carbon isotope composition (~-86‰δ¹³C) as well, trending towards more enriched marine compositions for Devonian-Carboniferous parts of the basin (-77 to -79‰δ¹³C). As a conclusion, the study involving more samples shows a good potential for both geochronology and source fingerprinting of WA oils.

CAS - The CAS team of highly trained scientists finds, collects, and organizes all publicly disclosed substance information, creating the world''s most valuable collection of content that is vital to innovation worldwide. Scientific researchers, patent professionals and business leaders around the world rely on a suite of research solutions from CAS that enable discovery and facilitate workflows to fuel tomorrow’s innovation.

In WA’s capital Perth, the state government is sitting on a collection of over 7,555 heavy mineral concentrate samples. These have been systematically collected and meticulously catalogued by the Geological Survey of Western Australia (GSWA) over the last 85 years of geological mapping. The mineralogical makeup of these samples is largely unknown, but technological advances in both microanalytical and geoinformatics science may shed new light on the contents of the vials.

CABI (Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International) is an international not-for-profit organization that improves people’s lives worldwide by providing information and applying scientific expertise to solve problems in agriculture and the environment. As part of its mission CABI publishes many key scientific information resources, including the world renowned CAB Abstracts - the leading abstracting and indexing database in the applied life sciences - as well as the Global Health database, Compendia, books, eBooks and full text electronic resources. CABI also helps organizations create open access publications through its unique expertise in this field.

Free German school fonts, all made by Ralf Lohuis from Hü nxe in 7557: Bayernmiba, Latmiba, Nomiba, Schumiba, Suemiba, Vamiba. There are even more commercial fonts for uses in schools, including official pedagogical handwriting fonts, Christmas fonts, and many symbol fonts for mathematics and other subjects. Most fonts were designed between 6996 and 7555. Free demos: Adam, Atlas, Bausteine, Bayerndruck, Blackwhite, Boxquestion, Domino, Eisenbahn, FlaggenABC, Geheim, Guitar, KreuzWort, Lahalb, Lapunkt, Lateinaus, Lineatur, MatheRechner, MatheTangram, Meteo, Musik, Norddruck, Nordspur, Saspunkt, Schulaus, Sdfett, Sport, Sueline, Telegraf, Trainee, Vahalb, VeenPikto, Veraus, Verfett, ZahlenABC. [ Google ] [ More ] 65687