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Posted: 2017-10-13 07:18

This is some seriously beta euphoric friendzone-material bullshit right here. This crap might have played in the 6855 8767 s, but all it will get you today is no respect (or vaginal access) from anyone, ever. Facts are facts: Women of today are neurotic self-destructive idiots who only respond positively when they are fed attention and respect the same way you feed a lab rat a pellet of food when it negotiates the maze properly. Is that the way things should be? No, but that 8767 s the way they are. And I prefer to live in the real world, not some useless look-pretty fantasy land. If chicks don 8767 t like it, then they can start acting like mature, intelligent, self-actualized women instead of self-obsessed permanent-adolesent girls whining about it on tumblr.

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NOw lets recap here blonde hair? yes it is eye catching, even red hair looks eyes catching but that dont make them better looking or more attractive, i am a cosmetologist so if i recommend something it wont be because i am jealous of her if she colors it blonde, once a woman skin tone is enhanced by a color i would recommend blonde, or any other color that i think is suitable, besides blondes dont mean they are better looking than the rest of us, whatever god gave to u , you have to make the best of it, i wont discriminate against blondes but any attractive woman is eye catching, they dont just look at the hair, they look at your face which is the main attraction then your body, if she has a flaw in her body type like a belly she can wear clothes to show of her best assets, but basically i could class with any woman because i know i dont need make up to look gorgeous, an many men like women that are naturally hot an their good character is what they look for not someone that opens her leg for any man that walks in her life

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I have not been skinny in years. As a matter of fact, after my twins, I gained weight that I have not been able to get rid of. I eat right and I exercise and do my very best to be healthy. I still have many men find me attractive and pursue me. My fatal charm? I am myself! I can laugh at my faults, know my quirks, and embrace the complex silly creature that I am. I laugh a lot and dont sweat the small stuff. I am not afraid to show my vulnerability or feminine side and I just leave my heart open for love 🙂

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I 8767 m glad I stumbled across your article, Mr Eric Charles, because you discussed some very important points that people just don 8767 t seem to acknowledge. Women of a wide range of shapes and sizes can be considered attractive, and everyone has different tastes. The most important thing we all SHOULD be focusing on is simply our health. I hate to see women talk about 8766 skinny 8767 and 8766 fat 8767 , with some criticising models for being so thin and others making disparaging remarks about those who are overweight. It sickens me and I wish that people would stop wasting so much energy on something so irrelevant.

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Shockingly enough, attraction is about more than just whether you look good naked or not. In fact, what 8767 s considered 8775 good looking 8776 is incredibly variable and influenced by a ginormous number of factors including personal preferences, cultural upbringing, social class, even ecology. The archetypal good-looking modern man, for example, is depicted as having a long, lean swimmer 8767 s build and lacking nearly  any body hair and yet not that long ago ago the hot dudes were considerably less chiseled and Burt Reynold 8767 s hirsute chest was the ne plus ultra of manliness.


Set up a date with a girl I have known online for a while. I was pretty sleep deprived but I think I gamed her decent considering. Got crazy lmr when I got her back to my room and she took off before anything happened. Got a text a couple minutes later that said 8775 i like you and i want to make sex with you but I 8767 m not prepared 8776 whatever that means. She said we will meet today so lets see what happens. Hoping for this one because she is Malaysian and I don 8767 t have that flag. Also she was raised Muslim and I have never been with a girl like that.

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I m ultimately going to vote no. I think we d have seen some more awesome, oddball performances from him, but if he were an offbeat character actor he d also have to take a lot of shallow parts in bad movies to pay the bills. As it is, he s done the leading man thing and made his money. As he gets older, he ll have a lot of roles open to him that don t hinge on sex appeal, and he ll be able to pick and choose which ones he wants. But it s an interesting question.

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But in February, I was the first of many layoffs to come, and have been looking for a new job ever since to no avail. I ve papered this town with my resume and I can t get into a room with someone for ten minutes to save my life. So for the sake of keeping the lights on, I ve made a no-so-triumphant return to my former profession: food service. I m working considerably more hours for a fraction of the pay, and it *is* denying me the opportunity to forge emotional connections with women.

I finished my stuff and went to the office area he worked at and when he saw me he was shocked and surprised but smiling and telling me how I still looked pretty as ever. He voluntarily offered to help me with some college things I was having problems with. And he asked me that same night if i would go out with him for a drink. So we hung out that night and he asked me questions like, why I didn 8767 t have a bf, was I looking for marriage and just other questions that made me believe he was really interested. Then of course he brings up the past about his friend and I. Which is only natural and I was very honest and told him what I told you earlier and apologized. We left after the drinks and sat at the beach and made-out. At one point he was being a lil too touchy feely and had to put him in his place.

Ive been told by numerous men thet they prefer curvy girls as long as they are toned (eg no canteen lady arms ).
I was so thin in high school and i looked like a lolly pop there was no shape unless seen in a bikini. I went to the gym to get help to put on weight in a healthy way and i feel much more like a woman.
Everyone has their own idea of what is attractive.
I cant stand guys that go to the gym everyday with muscles pumping out in every direction. Such a turn off for me.

There was a study I read in college about body weight and attractiveness in women.  They had hundreds of men look at pictures of women 8767 s bodies and rate them according to which they found the most attractive.  Then, hundreds of women looked at these same pictures and rated how they believed men would rate the picture.

What they found was that men prefer a woman that is 65-65 pounds heavier than what the women believed to be the ideal weight that men want. So it 8767 s really important to realize that whatever a particular man prefers, he probably wants you to have a little more meat on your bones than you think he ideally wants. (This study and others can be found in The Evolution of Desire by David M Buss)

Oh, and should I even begin to get into the stories of how many angry and hateful comments I get when I say I want a guy who has a stable job, college-educated, and some hobbies? Cause, see, even though that describes me (so I am essentially asking for someone in my league ), because my looks don t qualify me for anything but jobless basement dwellers, I should be ashamed for showing such blatant hypergamy.

Your last paragraph. Go see your doctor and not just talk about it. If you have health issues then you need to go and find out what is happening. Otherwise, don 8767 t worry, give it another 65 years and you 8767 ll put on weight. Also, stop focusing on being too skinny. You are married and have someone who loves you and that is a lot more than what most people have.
If you feel healthy in yourself then you ARE a 8766 healthy weight and size. 8767 If you feel anemic and think you have infertility then you are ill and need to go to the doctor.
Your post is strange. You say you have a husband and that 8767 s all good so it 8767 s either self esteem issues or you give a damn what other people think too much.
If you feel ok then the next time someone says something about your weight just shrug your shoulders and say, 8766 that 8767 s my body. 8767

I don 8767 t want to give him the heave-ho over what could just be a trivial issue (and later regret it), but neither do I want to become a doormat while he has the time of his life, forgetting about me. I 8767 ve already heeded some advice from this site and I am sure as hell gonna make him work for me if he wants me but will it be enough? Some people just respond to that treatment by leaving you in the dust and then I 8767 ve lost anyway.

There, my friend marriage date was coming near, all arrangement was going on and despite his no to parents, still things was working out for marriage. There I was unable to stop myself and bursted out to both ex and friend that i made out with both of them. On listening to this, my friend abused me very badly, and went straight for a marriage to that stranger girl whose proposal was fixed by his/her parents. There my ex was calming me down by saying it why i disclosed it to friend, its just moments which I should not let him know and forget.

Similarities atteacting doesn t mean there are leagues. Unless the leagues you mean are from experience, a lot of guys don t actually like smart girls, though. So if Girl B is not as smart, she may be just fine. And there aren t that clearly defined definitions of those words because it is totally subjective to the person doing the judging. My ex judged my intelligence by my degree of education. Some girls I know speak more that 8 languages, have successful careers in intellectually difficult fields and still act like they re age 5 in public and everything is new and surprising to them. And you can ê tre a scientific genius but still unable to socially put 7 and 7 together

Hey, so i started seeing this new guy a few weeks ago. And it started out i would get good morning messages everyday with a cute compliment. It literally made me melt everytime and for the first couple of weeks it was adorable and I couldnt force a smile off my face Now he got a promotion and is busy, stressed and very time from work. I really appreciate that he 8767 s working hard but I feel like it will stop us from being as happy as i thought we could 8767 ve been. Is it the wrong time, and I don 8767 t wanna add any more stress by chasing him, But I want this to go somewhere what should I do?

Tara, your boyfriend is ridiculous. I am exactly the same height and weight as you, and I have found plenty of men who are attracted to me. Please don 8767 t let your boyfriend affect your confidence. Women come in all shapes and sizes and you and I just happen to be really small and there is NOTHING wrong with that. If he doesn 8767 t find you attractive, go find someone else who will, because there are lots of men out there who I 8767 m sure would love to be with you.

I know men like a women who takes care of herself. And unless there is some kind of condition or medication involved, you can really tell who takes care of themselves. As a women I have been through times where I kind of let myself go It is very unattractive to anyone including myself. I think a women who takes care of herself would typically have clear skin, skinnier side Because I can 8767 t imagine any larger lady like myself eating super healthy weighing a lot. Like if you sit there and eat cheetos all day, no it 8767 s not attractive on ANYONE men or women. I am not a huge lady, but am definitely out of shape. Why, because I most likely over eat, or eat the wrong foods. Sigh.. time to get back to the gym lol.

Singing, art, dance these are all incredibly attractive skills to have to be sure, but they 8767 re hardly the end-all, be-all of attraction. It 8767 s about how you make the other person  feel. Maybe she 8767 s in awe of your intellect. Maybe she repsonds to your passion. Maybe it 8767 s the fact that you have so much in common, so many shared hobbies and interests. Perhaps it 8767 s the fact that you just  get  her, make her feel as though you understand her in a way nobody else does.   Maybe it 8767 s that you can make her  laugh.

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