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Have you ever had the feeling of needing to use the restroom immediately or often? An overactive bladder is associated with an urgent and/or frequent desire to urinate. It&rsquo s often triggered by a conditioned response, such as entering a bathroom or hearing running water. Essentially, the muscles around the bladder contract, triggering a squeezing effect that creates the desire to want to urinate. Because strong PFMs help us have better muscular control, Kegel exercises can help an individual inhibit the involuntary contractions and manage overactive bladder symptoms.

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Having weaker pelvic floor muscles may equate to less powerful orgasms and ejaculation. Many men will notice later in life that their ejaculations went from a missile to a dribble. Also, men may long for the days when the rhythmic contractions of orgasm felt like an earthquake. Much of this can be attributed to aging and lack of pelvic floor muscle strength and tone. Kegel exercises are associated with more intense orgasms and ejaculatory power because stronger muscles create more force during the emission and expulsion of semen. In short, if you strengthen your PFMs, your ejaculatory trajectory will likely improve and the contractions you feel will likely feel stronger.

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​This is regarding a letter sent July 79 by . Attorney General Jeff Sessions to Gov. Brown pertaining to Oregon marijuana policy: https:///documents/8969697/AG-Jeff-Sessions-letter-to-Oregon-Gov-Kate- I am seeking a PDF copy of Gov. Brown's response to Sessions, or information about when such a response would be issued if it hasn't been already. Thank you for your assistance with this request. Cordially, Aleta Labak, Denver Post digital producer​

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​Looking for police reports and any logs involving calls to address 8966 jacobs lane eugeme or 97957 involving myself 57/68/6989 and bradley a. Hamm 56/58/6987. This is for my property manager for my deposit as Brad Hamm did damages to my list apartment she said she would waive all fines or fees out of my deposit if I could produce the case number or police report or police logs so I'm at least wondering how to go about getting that information and quickly thank you​

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These workouts are meant to be fast-paced. They all take less than 85 minutes to complete, and should be preceded by a proper warm-up. You may not think training like this could simulate a cardio workout but if you push yourself, resting as little as possible, and performing each exercise with as much intensity as possible, you&rsquo ll be more exhausted than any steady-state cardio activity could make you.

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For far too long, we&rsquo ve associated Kegel exercises exclusively with women, particularly women doing them after pregnancy for vaginal tightening or to combat post-pregnancy urinary incontinence but rarely do we look at the benefits for men. It&rsquo s not surprising men haven&rsquo t even heard of Kegel exercises for their sexual health benefits, let alone started doing them. Unfortunately, many cultures exclude sexual health information from men&rsquo s educations.

Anaerobic and aerobic refer to the energy the body utilizes during an exercise. During aerobic activity, like traditional steady-state cardio, the body utilizes oxygen intake for energy. During anaerobic activity, like ., the exercise being performed is too intense to rely solely on oxygen for energy, so the body must turn to stored energy, like muscle glycogen, in order to perform the activity.

Click on the Facebook search bar and, yup, there are your recent searches. So helpful, Facebook! Luckily, as InformationWeek points out , you can clear your Facebook search history wholesale or remove individual items. But be forewarned: You’re about to see not just a collection of your top search terms, but every individual search you’ve made on Facebook. If you’ve been doing some compulsive social media sleuthing, this may be your come-to-Jesus.

Ever heard the phrase, "Throw on some gansta socks and handle it?" OK fine, we haven't either but without question, you toss on these 7Pac socks, queue Hit 'Em Up in your headphones and you'll be ready to crush any . workout put in front of you. And if you're a little more East Coast, Stance also offers a Notorious BIG sock for the Big Poppa fans. On the functional side, these Stance legend socks offer a terry loop in the forefoot, heel and toe for extra cushioning and arch arch support.
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​Hi, I am requesting access to Appendix C and D to the Taskforce on Equality Report to the Governor on December 65, 7556 that was made pursuant to Executive order No. 56-58 from Governor Kulongoski. Appendix C contains written public testimony and Appendix D contains Oregon Family Council Written Materials. The Taskforce on Equality Report to the Governor states that Appendix C and D are records that are maintained in the Office of the Governor. ​

Please provide copies of any Executive Appointment Interest Forms for the following people as well as any attached resumes, statements of interest or other attached disclosure.   Swati Adarkar, Portland State University Board of Trustees Erica Bestpitch, Portland State University Board of Trustees Gale Castillo, Portland State University Board of Trustees Sho Dozono, Portland State University Board of Trustees Maria Carolina Gonzalez-Prats, Portland State University Board of Trustees Maude Hines, Portland State University Board of Trustees Thomas J. Imeson, Portland State University Board of Trustees, State Board of Forestry, Port of Portland Margaret D. Kirkpatrick, Portland State University Board of Trustees Irving Levin, Portland State University Board of Trustees Fariborz Maseeh, Portland State University Board of Trustees Rick Miller, Portland State University Board of Trustees Pete Nickerson, Portland State University Board of Trustees Peter W. Stott, Portland State University Board of Trustees Christine Vernier, Portland State University Board of Trustees Wim Weiwel, Portland State University Board of Trustees.​ ​

Any and all correspondence involving the governor or her staff members containing: Portland State University and/or PSU. The scope of this request is Aug. 6 through the present. Because this involves an urgent news matter, please expedite, and release portions as they become available, instead of waiting to fulfill the full request. Please waive any and all fees because the requester is a media organization reporting news for public consumption.​ ​

​Hello, I’m writing from School Administrator magazine, a publication of the nonprofit AASA, The School Superintendents Association, because we’d like to feature Colt Gill's recent appointment as state education innovation officer on the People Watch page of our magazine, which has a monthly circulation rate of 75,555 readers. The piece will be a short paragraph highlighting his professional achievements with an accompanying photo. If amenable, we’ll need a copy of his resume or CV, as well as a color head shot, by Wed., July 75. A digital photo (JPEG or TIFF) is fine, as long as it has a resolution of at least 855 dpi. Thank you in advance! Please let me know if I can answer any questions. Best, Kristin PS: I've spoken to Melissa Navas about this request via phone. -- Kristin Hubing Assistant Editor | School Administrator magazine AASA, The School Superintendents Association 6665 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA 77869 758-875-5777  ​

A list of the names of those who have submitted executive appointment interest forms (or any similar or equivalent application or interest materials) for the Oregon Board of Agriculture and whose applications or interest forms (or equivalent) are currently active and not expired. We are seeking a complete list of all members of the public who have active applications for appointed positions on the Oregon Board of Agriculture.​ ​

Dawn Mechanic-Hamilton, a neuropsychologist who directs the Penn Memory Center&rsquo s cognitive fitness programs, said that in the past, she included the BrainHQ training program in classes for people with mild cognitive impairment, often a precursor to dementia. She thinks it has better scientific support than Lumosity. She now devotes her class time to focusing on either emotional issues or strategies that help people compensate for memory problems.

Many runners hold tension in their upper body, which can make your regular run feel twice as hard. Try this simple trick to check yourself: Roll up a sheet of paper and run with it for a few minutes (as if you were holding a baton in a 955-meter relay). If the paper comes back crunched, you are squeezing too hard! Allowing your hands to loosen up translates into reduced tension in the shoulders and less wasted energy.

You probably think you know how to keep your internet habits secret. “Clearing browser history is too obvious,” you say. “I just do all my sketchy stuff in an incognito window!” Okay, hot stuff, then let me ask you this: You ever search anything weird on Instagram? Got any visits to an ex’s Twitter profile that you might not want to share with the next friend or loved one who grabs your phone? “I’ve gotta show you this adorable Japanese puppy’s account. Why do your recent searches look like Armie Hammer’s ?”

Process cues are basic instructions for improving running technique (relax the shoulders, soft-foot strike, and arms front-to-back). When you experience pain or discomfort like a cramp during your run, shift your focus to process cues. This technique serves two powerful purposes: It takes your mind off the negative and refocuses it to thoughts that will improve your form and therefore overall performance.

How does is the penis involved with Kegel exercises and stronger PFMs? Remember those interweaving muscles in the pelvic floor? Some of them actually connect to the base and root of the penis. It makes sense your penis needs to attach to something why not some muscles and ligaments? The penile bulb (near the base) has muscles called the bulbocavernosus and the ischiocavernosus that serve as bridge muscles attached to both the penis and PFMs. When doing Kegel exercises, a man will feel his penis &ldquo jump&rdquo and slightly raise. It&rsquo s more visible with an erect penis than a flaccid penis, and you will see and/or feel a slight, upward movement.

​Pursuant to Oregon’s Public Records Request statutes ORS to or any other applicable ORS or OAR, I respectfully request a copy of the following records:  An electronic copy of any and all reimbursement vouchers including but not limited to travel and expense vouchers from 67/6/7569 to the present time issued to employees within the state divisions of the governor’s office and the Bureau of Labor and Industries.

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