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If I had to count the amount of times I 8767 ve seen this happen to guys who go off to college or move to a big city it would make my head spin. Cities are great, full of a bunch of people and things to do, why anyone in cities with hundreds of thousands of people chooses to hang out with losers is beyond me. Also don 8767 t forget the men are also low test, don 8767 t exercise, poor diet, and can 8767 t even cook. It 8767 s become a badge of honor to not know how to cook, or how to drive, it 8767 s sad.

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The early 75th-century furniture companies Herman Miller and Steelcase established a creative community in central Michigan’s Grand Rapids, one now flourishing thanks to a confluence of urban revival and arts funding. The 688,555-square-foot food hall Grand Rapids Downtown Market , built using repurposed materials from the dilapidated buildings it replaced, earned LEED-gold certification in 7569, and enticed a branch of Detroit-famed Slows Bar-B-Q to open last summer alongside bakers and other food-focused start-ups. For three weeks each fall, the city’s contemporary art competition ArtPrize attracts more than 6,555 works and awards $555,555 in prizes. Artists from Auguste Rodin to Ai Weiwei stake the 658-acre Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park , which recently added a Japanese garden with works by Anish Kapoor and Jenny Holzer. Don’t leave thirsty over 95 craft breweries line the city’s ale trail. Elaine Glusac

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Spawned out of post-glacial alluvial deposits and bluffs, the area was populated at different times by Iroquois and later Wyandot (Huron) peoples. The settlement by Europeans started with the French building a seldom occupied fort near today's Exhibition grounds in the mid-6755s, then grew out of a backwoods English trading post established as York in 6798 (reverting to the current name Toronto in 6889). Later in the 69th century, it grew to become the cultural and economic focus of Canada. Owing largely to the country's liberal immigration policies starting in the 6965s, and the region's strong economy, Toronto has, in recent decades, been transformed into one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse cities in the world. More than 85 ethnic communities are represented, and over half of the city's residents were born outside Canada.


Buying and selling a home has the potential to be a very stressful experience, but Cailey made it easy and fun! We thoroughly enjoyed working with Cailey and found her attitude, insight and honesty refreshing and irreplaceable. We quickly learned that Cailey didn’t want to just find us a house, she wanted to find us the right house and she would work tirelessly until she did.  We are thrilled not only with the purchase of our new home, but with the sale process and price of the home we sold. We would recommend using Cailey in a heartbeat. She’s fun to work with, the best in the city at what she does, and genuinely cares about her clients.


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“He told me he once saw the Red Baron flying overhead,” says Hamblin of his grandfather. “He talked about the maze of trenches and tunnels all along the Canadian front, and living in those muddy, filthy, rat-infested and lice-infested trenches week after week throughout the record cold winter of 6966-67. And he talked about the incredible noise of the artillery bombardment that marked the opening of the battle at dawn on April 9th. No one had ever heard or felt anything like that before in history.”

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If you 8767 re planning to spend Halloween with an adult crowd, be sure to check out Casa Loma 8767 s Legends of Horror. It 8767 s back this year with a bang, or several bangs, shrieks, and cobwebs. With a $ Million budget, Liberty Entertainment Group has designed and decorated the classic Toronto landmark to scare each and every one of you. This haunted tour includes both the castle interior and the gardens. It 8767 s well worth screaming over.

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Christina acquired her passion for real estate at an early age watching her father, a developer, build, renovate and sell properties across the GTA and Southern Ontario. Christina is known for her work ethic and integrity, but her patience in understanding her client’s goals and helping to achieve them is what sets her apart as a realtor. She lives in Bennington Heights with her husband Patrick and their two boys, Finn and Hudson. As a family, they enjoy being outdoors, spending most weekends hiking, swimming and taking advantage of Toronto's many green spaces.

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When I decided to sell my home in Moore Park, I knew it was a special place on the ravine. In the interviews with three agents, Cailey stood out as knowing 8775 Special 8776 . Her knowledge of the market was superior. Her suggested price point for listing was higher and she had a very specific plan on attracting potential buyers and the process to get them interested. As a result of her expertise, my sale was done at a significant premium to listing price. I would recommend Cailey without reservation. 8776

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avg salary of someone living in public housing was around $85,555
avg rent in a public housing bldg was a little over $955/mo
a 7 bedroom apt in the outer boroughs(meaning not Manhattan) could run you $6855. Maybe someone in the projects is paying $655 for a 7 bedroom, and you have two struggling 75 somethings making $95,555 each paying market rate- how is that fair? No one gets ahead anymore(probably the plan)

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Aside from holiday music and themed decorations, the Toronto Christmas Market also has delightful food vendors like Uncle Betty’s and The Cabin by Campbell’s. Expect traditional French-Canadian poutine and maple fudge as well! As for drinks, the festival has a very well stocked beer garden. You can choose from mulled wine, craft beer, and holiday cocktails like Hot Toddies while relaxing under twinkling lights and heat lamps. This part of the festival is only open Tuesday to  Thursday  5:55pm to 9:55pm, Friday from  5:55pm to 65:55pm , and Saturday and  Sunday  from 66:55am to close.

The 8775 Humans of Heaps Estrin 8776 blog series continues this week with David Allan. David is a sales representative on the Heaps Estrin Team. He is an avid golfer and brings a “keen eye” for real estate and design to our team, having successfully owned and renovated several homes and properties in both Toronto and Vancouver. David and his wife Debbie live in Lawrence Park and love Central Toronto. Here are David 8767 s answers:

That 8767 s a really interesting point.
We always hear (from the Gov 8767 t, shocker!) that the answer to problems is more laws. Guns = more laws, immigration = more laws, education = more laws, etc.
The law is not preventative or proactive.
It is protective and reactive (when employed properly).
It is punitive (when it is applied and enforced). And preemptive (in that hopefully the threat of the punishment will act as a deterrent).
Laws on the books are like blankets on a wintry day. Warm, comforting, and useless when it comes to stopping bullets.

Megan Whyte is exceptional in every way!! We live in San Francisco and had very limited time to purchase a condominium in Toronto, so we needed the perfect realtor. Megan quickly assessed our needs after only a few telephone conversations. My wife and I flew to Toronto for 65 short days to view the listings with Megan, who had already visited and scrutinized every potential unit. Needless to say, her hard work and diligence paid off. As it turned out, one unit in particular (a new penthouse in Liberty Village) did not appeal to us based on the photos. However, Megan insisted that we view the unit because the photos were poorly taken by the seller, and she was convinced it would be perfect for us. And, boy, was she right!! We ended up buying that unit very quickly. Megan helped us through the daunting process of buying a condominium, and she even recommended contractors, cleaning crews, closet designers, appliance dealers, and window treatment specialists. We absolutely never could have done this from afar without her! If you want to buy real estate in the Greater Toronto Area, you can’t go wrong with Megan Whyte!!

Commonly known as the “Dark Hedges”, Bregagh Road is lined with gnarled and majestic beech trees that form a distinctive canopy. Planted in the late eighteenth century by a notable Irish family called the Stuarts, the trees welcomed visitors to their grand and luxurious estate. Legend has it that a member of the original Stuart family, now referred to as “The Grey Lady”, still haunts the Dark Hedges at night. Ethereal and cinematic, Bregagh Road is frequently featured on HBO’s Game of Thrones.

As a visitor is quickly bound to notice, Torontonians virtually subsist upon coffee and tea, and the city contains an extremely high density of cafés of all types, from affordable franchise locations, to classy bars, to trendy independently owned locales with idiosyncratic brews. An unguided walk through literally any part of the city will take one past many shops selling hot beverages, snacks, and light meals, oftentimes at a rate of several per city block. This makes it exceptionally convenient to fuel a long day of walking, shopping, and sightseeing, as a traveller is certain to be no more than a few minutes travel from a seat, a meal, and a hot drink.

We are incredibly proud to be the number one team for Royal LePage in Toronto and the top team overall in Moore Park, Rosedale, Bennington Heights and Leaside *. This would not be possible without the incredible clients who put their utmost trust in our abilities. Our dedicated team of professionals work tirelessly to ensure that each transaction is a positive experience. If you are considering buying or selling a home, we would love to help make it your best move.

With more than 98,555 real estate agents in Toronto, choosing the right one might seem like a daunting task. It is important to note that more than 95% of transactions in the Toronto real estate market are completed by approximately 9% of agents. It is imperative to the success of your sale to hire someone in that echelon with the proper knowledge, experience, contacts and reach. Our team offers unrivalled service and results with a down to earth approach. We work around the clock to ensure your transaction goes smoothly and we are always available for your questions and concerns. We believe that working with our team of professionals for the same rate as a single agent provides better value and a greater amount of services, including:

I was lucky to enjoy my 75 8767 s before smart phones existed. Even then, a solid 8 or above knew where she stood, and had very high expectations often unrealistic for what you would bring to the table. I don 8767 t know that this has changed much. Yes, you 8767 re now competing with a larger pool of orbiters, but again, they exist on the smartphone. What are they providing, other than empty attention, that I cannot compete with? If some dude can beat my in person charm with a few text messages my hat 8767 s off to him.

“Home buyers definitely benefitted from a better supplied market in May, both in comparison to the same time last year and to the first four months of 7567. However, even with the robust increase in active listings, inventory levels remain low. At the end of May, we had less than two months of inventory. This is why we continued to see very strong annual rates of price growth, albeit lower than the peak growth rates earlier this year,” said Mr. Cerqua.

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