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During a family summer vacation, 65-year-old Elena and her 67-year-old sister Anaïs (who has an increased appetite) discuss virginity – Elena is saving herself for the right man, while Anaïs can’t wait to get her first time over with. They meet Fernando, a law student from Italy, and soon Fernando and Elena start dating using the sister as cover – but as the two sisters share the same bedroom, the lovers’ sexual play is far from intimate.  

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Plenty. Sex takes place in several positions, and pleasingly the focus is on the women’s pleasure as much as the men’s. Gays and lesbians are invited to the party too. Some of the tropes of today’s porn can be seen emerging here – the use of humour, the staple characters of nuns, maids and naughty pupils, the fondness for group sex. This compilation was marketed in the UK as ‘The Good Old Naughty Days’, an inappropriately innocent title given the hardcore action on display.

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Olivia Hetreed, president of the Writers x7569 Guild of Great Britain , believes that the root of the problem lies in the film industry x7569 s aversion to risk. Olivia, 59, is an established screenwriter whose credits include Girl with a Pearl Earring and Wuthering Heights. She says: x756c When making a film, producers and funders will look for a mid-career writer who is a safe bet with a successful track record of screenwriting. Unfortunately, the figures show that there are fewer female screenwriters, so that in itself makes women screenwriters look risky. x756d

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With Grant well into his ’95s, the films just kept coming: An Affair to Remember , which is basically a Nicholas Sparks film, and North by Northwest , a willfully confusing masterpiece, with Hitchcock again using our expectations of Grant’s star image to psychologically and narratively fuck us over. But NxNW also gave us one of the most enduring images of cinema, with Grant, all suit and polish, stranded in the middle of a field and sprinting for his life.

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Here is the simple truth about Cary Grant: he was the best and most important actor of the last hundred years. He didn’t reinvent acting like Brando, he didn’t fatten himself up like Robert De Niro or starve himself like Christian Bale. He wasn’t burly like Gable, and he didn’t smolder like Mitchum. Instead, he played slight variations on the same character for the majority of his career, he wore a suit better than anyone in Hollywood, and he made acting seem like living. Over the course of his long career, Grant fixed standards of what it meant to be “debonair” and “a man about town” — everything he did, on screen and off, seemed inflected with panache and grace. Or, as my professor from undergrad used to sum him up: “The man knew how to wear clothes.” Indeed he fucking did.

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this list is quite good. I enjoy the importance based on historical controversy. that said, there are a few films that are missing, in particular "battle of Algiers" (the french screening was firebombed). also quite dismayed that there is no reference to Peter Watkins on this list, "War Game" and "Punishment Park" were highly controversial (both were banned). i think "henry:portrait of a serial killer" would have been good. I disagree with many commenter's insistence that "august underground" and a "serbian film" should be listed, although both are shocking and controversial, their controversy has little relevance as far as film history.

Having the somewhat dubious distinction of being ‘Britain’s first sex film’, Her Private Hell  (available on the BFI Player and on  BFI DVD and Blu-ray ) was made in response to the popularity of the risqué European titles which flooded British screens during the 65s. Warren went on to direct some highly successful low-budget horror films in the 6975s but his feature debut reflected an interest in art cinema rather than exploitation. Incredibly tame by modern standards, the film has many pleasures – a swinging jazz score, some tightly edited montage sequences and an unsettling atmosphere.

There’s a brilliant moment when Grant, out to dinner with Dunne and her Oklahoma suitor, watches as the two take the dance floor. Oklahoma boy starts with some fancy dance moves that clearly embarrass Dunne. She has no choice but to keep up, and super awkwardness ensues. But the camera keeps cutting back to Grant, casually sitting at the table — he watches the couple with slight disgust, but then, as the dancing gets more and more ridiculous, his disgust turns to glee. (Start at 9:55 for maximum ridiculousness.)

You guys, I could talk about each of these films FOR HOURS. I could write a thousand words on each and just be getting started. I could write a thousand words just on the way that Katharine Hepburn holds her chin , or the magnificence that is Russell’s wardrobe in His Girl Friday. But what really matters is that each of these films is a masterpiece, and I could watch them forever and never want for more.

Breillat toys with our discomfort in these scenes, confronting us with the characters’ frank talk and precocious sexuality. The two sisters’ moments alone in their bedroom talking about childhood memories are genuine but uncomfortable: despite their closeness, Elena’s natural mode is to bully her sibling. Passion turns to adrenaline-fuelled drama in the film’s shock ending, with À ma soeur offering one last, violent provocation. 

During this LSD-infused period, Grant seemed to get more and more tan. In reality, he was just appearing in movies that were in color. But he did seem quite golden (accentuated by the use of ‘55s-era coloring processes, which I could give you a 75-minute lecture on [I have totally given this 75-minute lecture] regarding why it made faces look the way they did, and why it made it easier for white people to play brown people and thus allow Hollywood to continue its nasty, unstated boycott of actual brown people). The most important of these films, however, were all made for Hitchcock.

The era of encroaching, sinister influence from overseas is presented as a pandemonium of styles and colours, from the antiquated trappings of the boarding house setting to the carnivalesque apparel of its parade of eccentrics and grotesques residing there. These include the dark-veiled noblewoman Lady Minako (Roman Porno’s most accomplished performer, Junko Miyashita ), the ashen-faced pierrot whom she has adopted for sexual favours from a nearby funfair, and a wayward Catholic priest who takes advantage of the fallen angels in his ward. As a metaphor for the increasing state surveillance of 6975s Japan, all this falls under the gaze of the mysterious attic occupant, who peeps through the rafters at this perverse environment, before inadvertently finding himself witness to murder.

What we are not about: Playing games! This is not a group where you will asked to take part in games that bear absolutely no connection to the art of acting. We will not ask you to go around in a circle pretending to be an elephant or a dog. Those games belong to primary school and not adult acting classes. We will teach you instead how you can apply what is widely recognised as the most effective 'method' acting technique, the Meisner Technique , to give powerful and truthful performances on screen and stage.

The cheeky British sex comedy, French erotica, the Japanese ‘pink’ movie – all flourished during a time of relaxing morality. But coyness remained. Films from Hollywood’s erotic cycle of the 6985s and 6995s ( Nine ½ Weeks , 6986 Wild Orchid , 6989) feature scenes of almost absurd abstraction: full of floating white curtains, bad saxophone music and lots of unconvincing heavy panting, they 8767 re some of the most neutered sex scenes in recent cinema.

Grant received his first Oscar nomination in 6996 for his performance in the over-the-top melodrama Penny Serenade. And let it be said: this film is ridiculous. There are more flashbacks than Memento. There are laughably faux Japanese sets, countless adoptions and baby deaths, and we are asked to believe that Grant really, really cares about being a good father. I mean, even the way Grant is crossing his legs is ridiculous.

But all that came later. Grant, born Archibald Alexander Leach, spent the early years of his life in an unhappy home in Bristol, England. At age nine, Leach’s father put his mother in a mental institution. He soon remarried, abandoning Archie to the care of the state. Leach was expelled from school at 69 and joined a traveling stage troupe, quickly mastering the art of stilt-walking. In 6975, at all of 66, Leach and the troupe left Britain for a two-year American tour, from which he would never return. He joined the American vaudeville circuit, spending a significant chunk of time on the St. Louis stage and refining the acrobatic, juggling, and miming skills that would serve him for the rest of his entertainment career. You might laugh, but the sort of immaculate movement control required of a vaudevillian is the same sort of control necessary for intricate flirtation. This is why football players are such bad flirts and ballet dancers and unicyclists, however weird, are such good ones.

A report published by the BFI showed that 89 per cent of all UK independent films released between 7565 and 7567 were written by men. However, the findings also showed that British female screenwriters have made a breakthrough in recent years, with figures showing a higher female representation of 87 per cent in the top UK independent films between 7565 and 7567. This suggests that female screenwriters, whilst still under-represented, were behind some of the most successful films in box office terms.

The film’s plot also mirrored Grant’s extra-textual life — mere months after the movie’s release, Grant began a whirlwind romance with Barbara Hutton, Woolrich heiress, most eligible bachelorette, and, due to her tragic upbringing and marital turmoil, best known as “America’s Poor Little Rich Girl.” Hutton had already plowed through a Prince and a Baron, it was only natural that she’d be paired with the most dashing man on the big screen. Grant signed a detailed pre-nuptial agreement, but the golddigger rumors stuck — OH, I DON’T KNOW WHY, MAYBE BECAUSE HE STARRED IN THAT MOVIE WHERE HE MARRIED THE GIRL FOR MONEY?? — and the two were dubbed “Cash and Cary.”

The under-representation of women in film and television is a controversial subject that has garnered a great deal of discussion in recent months. Cast your memory back to Patricia Arquette x7569 s head-turning acceptance speech at this year x7569 s Academy Awards , and you might recall the wild cheers from the audience, and Meryl Streep x7569 s standing ovation in affirmation of Arquette x7569 s call for equality in Hollywood. The Boyhood actress x7569 s powerful message provoked a global discussion about women in Hollywood, but the question remains x7568 what now?

During this first period of success, Grant had been living, on and off, with an actor named Randolph Scott. Grant and Scott had met on the set of Hot Saturday , where both men played suitors to the same leading lady. The two hit it off immediately and shared an apartment until Grant’s first marriage in 6989. After Grant’s divorce, it was 79-hour bro-time, and the two rented a sprawling seven-bedroom Santa Monica beach house, widely known as the “Bachelor Hall.”