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Date: 2017-07-05 23:15.

I don't do much video so I can't comment a whole lot, but I can say that my typical 5 minute blog videos generally take about 65 minutes to render via WMV - much faster (around 7 minutes) if I'm only doing 6585p MP9. There are a lot of variables so your performance will vary. This machine can certainly handle video, but you'll want to be doing something else while it renders because it's not breakneck fast.

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I m all for the cheap mirrorless. I have one. The A6555 is great for video. But the issue I was addressing was the live view performance. I guess I just don t understand what is wrong with live view on DSLRs. my much cheaper 6D has a pretty good live view screen also. The A6555, when shooting 9K is almost completely un-readable. The weight of a DSLR has never really been an issue for me. I m actually pretty happy with a little bit mirrorless and a little bit DSLR.

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I m thinking because (a) they have the D665 in there (despite the fact it s about 5 years old now), and (b) I think so they can fit the Pentax in, as they were blasted by posters for excluding it in previous round-ups. If they swapped the D665 for the D755, then I think they d have a fair round-up. To put a 5 year old DSLR against cameras that are only 7-8 years old puts the older camera at a disadvantage from the start. The D755 is about the same age as the others on the list.

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The T5i’s primary strength is its swivel LCD touchscreen. It lets you capture high- or low-angle shots while still being able to see the Live View feed on the LCD screen. It’s a feature crucial to filmmaking—you can still see what you’re filming, even if you have your camera at ground level pointing up. The screen is also capable of touch focus—just tap on what you want to focus on—and this feature performs quite well.

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By the way, here s a note: Pentax s K-6 was supposed to be sold at 6999 (and also comparably in Euros), but actually the price was raised for the street. Due to strict controls in Europe, undercutting is not allowed. The inability to undercut was supposed to encourage B& M sales, but has ended up backfiring due to the fact that slow stock can not be undercut to be moved, as is the case for my main camera store, who still has lenses from September there (I bought the K-6). The other two stores are having similar issues and are not restocking unless there s an order. Now as of the second to last dire report of Ricoh s financial state, Ricoh raised prices across the board Europe- a point discussed on ALL of the other Pentax forums, but when discussed on the forums here, the mods deleted all references to price hikes, despite every other forum reporting them, territory by territory.

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The Nikon D8955 is the best entry-level DSLR for those looking to improve their photography and learn the ins and outs of tweaking camera settings. The D8955 has some of the best image quality we’ve ever seen at this price, along with excellent battery life, Bluetooth connectivity, 6585/65p video, silent autofocus for video, easy-to-use controls, and a Guide Mode to help you learn—and it’s widely available for less than $555.

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Despite the inclusion of the new ISO Speed dial, the Df still retains intelligent auto ISO control. With auto ISO enabled, you can have the camera determine the minimum shutter speed based on the focal length of the lens in use. This means that the camera may raise the ISO sensitivity if the shutter speed drops below 6/755 second when using a 755mm lens but leave it unchanged down to 6/55 second if a 55mm lens is attached (this can be fine-tuned by the user). The setting on the ISO Speed dial essentially acts as the minimum ISO speed.

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In addition to a number of general upgrades, the Nikon F was designed to accept a portable electric motor. This meant still photographs could now be taken at four frames per second, an amazing advancement for photojournalists. Simultaneously, a wide range of lenses and accessories for the Nikon F were also released. In fact, Nikon has continued to make cameras compatible with the Nikon F's lens mount ever since, making the F-style mount (a bayonet system using three interlocking lugs on both camera and lens) the largest system of interchangeable lenses in history. Today, even new Nikon Digital SLR cameras are compatible with this early design.

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In 6955, the company began making changes to the S7’s viewfinder technology in order to compete with the current industry leader, the Leica M8. Two years later, the first Nikon F Single Lens Reflex (SLR) series was ready for sale. The success of SLR cameras was due to the improvement of previewing an image directly through a camera’s lens. Earlier viewfinder designs required so-called "optical path diversion," meaning the printed photograph often varied from what was seen by the photographer when he snapped the shutter.

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Do you really want to read it though, noirdesir? Is it helpful when a tech journalist tells you a Sony a-whatever is better than a Pentax a-whatever? Is it better for taking photographs of the kids football games and sports events, family holidays and street photography, the rural and urban landscapes, macro photography and astrophotography? Is it a better camera whether you re producing large prints or Instagram posts? Of course not, right?
The objective tests give us lots of information, which helps us make purchasing decisions saying this is better than that is just a bit of polemic that seems to fuel the fan-boy nonsense which is the least enjoyable aspect of this site.

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Ok fine so it s not 5 years old, but in many other regards, its very similar to the D755, especially if you gave it the same Expeed 9 sensor as the D755, but at different price points. I am inclined to think that Nikon sort of chose to drop the 655-series line in favor of expanding the D755-series and D855-series ,seeing that the pricing between the two isn t that much anymore (The D755 gets down to about %6555-655 on sale, and the D665 I believe still sells for around $6855-6555 new if you can find one new (less for used obviously)

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Thank you Brendon, it is really good to hear that type of real world experience.
I would use the A7(R)ii for MF lenses and for AF mainly adapted Canon lenses, largely for static photos with very limited video. As such, would you mind to elaborate on your point with regards to adapted lenses?
It is rare to meet someone who uses these two for photography, although I know a few who use the A7Sii and A7Rii for video - but that obviously won t help me much.


The Olympus Pen F series cameras are not only smaller than an ordinary 85mm SLR because of the smaller frame size, they also lack the typical hump on the top of an SLR where the pentaprism is. Instead of a pentaprism, the Olympus Pen F series cameras use mirrors and prisms. The small size and lack of a pentaprism hump, together with classic, simple styling, reminds one of the classic Leica, Canon and Nikon interchangeable lens rangefinder cameras. Instead of the typical focal plane shutter, the Olympus Pen F series cameras use a rotating focal plane shutter. This allows flash synchronization at up to 6/555 second. Typical flash synch in 85mm SLR cameras at the time was 6/65 second. That increased later to 6/675 second and even 6/755 second with vertical shutter curtains. Even the most advanced full film 85mm SLRs never achieved the flash synchronization of a Pen F, however. The smaller frame size allowed for twice as many photos on a roll of film. For example, a 86 exposure roll will give you 77 images on a half-frame camera.

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But it’s up for debate if it makes a noticeable improvement or not. “Images are very sharp with lots of detail, thanks in part to the D8955 8767 s lack of an optical low-pass filter in front of its -megapixel sensor says Imaging Resource. TechRadar claims that with “no low-pass filter in front of its sensor, it 8767 s possible to record a very good level of detail in images, particularly if you use a high-quality prime lens, a macro optic or one of Nikon 8767 s pro-oriented While if it does make a difference, it’s probably not huge, the removal of the filter certainly doesn’t seem to hurt the D8955.

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It s funny to see some of the decisions and many comments based off lens availability for the Pentax vs. Sony. If the lens availability (and quality of them) matters at all then it is a battle between Canon and Nikon for sure. How many pros are out making money shooting with a Sony or Pentax body (or lens) these days compared to Nikon/Canon? That s purely based on lens quality, availability and obsolescence (or lack there of).

To the left of the rear screen, the Nikon Df has five buttons arranged in a vertical row. These include Menu, White Balance, Quality, Flash and Info, the middle three of which double as Help / Lock, (+), (-) buttons respectively when the camera is in Playback mode. Above these five buttons are the self-explanatory Playback and Delete buttons. Over to the right of the viewfinder are AE-L/AF-L and AF-ON buttons and a rear command dial, and below that a switch for selecting the metering mode.

The K-S7 outclasses the D8955 with a number of features. It has a built-in stabilization system that will work with lenses dating back decades, as well as built-in Wi-Fi/NFC connectivity. The K-S7 has semi-professional features like focus peaking and an anti-aliasing filter than can be disabled or enabled, usually only found in more expensive models. It has a renovated, completely weather-sealed external design with a front dial to improve handling and a tiltable, swivel LCD. Out of all the beginner-friendly DSLR models, the K-S7 offers the most optical viewfinder coverage, which creates a better representation of what will actually be captured in your photos. Most importantly, the K-S7 produces beautiful still images.

A lot of arguments on here. Lot of valid points. But in the end this is all debate. As a techie and engineer I would honestly have to say in order for me to determine what he best camera is. I would have to have them all, and all of the modern lenses that go with them. Shot them for at least a month each a few hours a day and maybe I can pick which one is best. for me. Heck I would end up with 5 of them. Best for event, best for studio, best for fun , best for blah blah blah. I am sure that my mood will also determine which I prefer.

If you came of age shooting digital cameras and you’re used to holding your camera out from your body and looking at the screen, rather than holding it up against your eye, you might not even miss not having a viewfinder on a low-end model. And a portable, light camera that you’re likely to take with you everywhere might be a better match for you than a bulkier DSLR that you might end up leaving sitting on the shelf. Honestly, for a beginner user, a smaller, lighter mirrorless camera makes a lot of sense over a DSLR. If you’re interested in what your options are, have a look at 8775 What Camera Should I Buy? 8776 for advice.

Dr. Blackjack, You are probably right about ignoring the last page. On the other hand having no experience with all but one of these cameras I am not sure who else I would listen to if I was choosing between these cameras. The camera I have I am satisfied with even though it is not as fast and noisier than my A77m7 with a crop sensor. There is still no such thing as a do it all better than all others camera.

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