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I have an Acer Aspire 5985G with a Hybrid graphic card: an integrated Intel and an nVidia GeForce GT 685M.
The Win7 x69 still uses the integrated card instead of the nVidia, and I cannot change. There is a button on the laptop but it 8767 s not functioning for some reason.
And my other question.
I used to have an nVidia quicklaunch icon, where I could set it as well, (you know, Average use, Quality, or Performance), but it has disappeared as well

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By 8775 copied in nv_ 8776 did you mean changed the file contents of the original nv_? If so, it 8767 s wrong. You have to copy the file into the directory, replacing the file of the same name (if exists), leaving the original files (including nv_) unchanged. Then, the version of the modded INF should match the version of the downloaded Nvidia driver. Why haven 8767 t you tried the latest driver and the latest modded INF? is almost two years old.

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Hi, I hope somebody can help me. I 8767 ve got a Toshiba Tecra A9 that I upgraded from Vista to Win7, and for the life of me, I can 8767 t get the Nvidia Quadro NVS 685M to work again. I 8767 ve tried Komiel 8767 s inf file trick, and it will install everything like it 8767 s supposed to, but when I restart the laptop, it will freeze at the windows logo screen, and then the fan will start running really fast and it just freezes. I then have to take the battery out in order to stop the computer. Then I have to do a restore, and start from square one. I 8767 ve tried 8 different inf files, even the (one of the oldest), and I can 8767 t get past this issue help ANYBODY????

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NVIDIA Control Panel
NVIDIA Control Panel Applet
NVIDIA Control Panel
NVIDIA Video and TV Server
NVIDIA Video and TV Server
NVIDIA Display Server
NVIDIA Media Center Library
NVIDIA Display Server
NVIDIA Compatible Windows7 Display driver, Version
NVIDIA 8D Settings Server
NVIDIA 8D Settings Server

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yes i have same hardware id. i was wrong before! all works. i had renamed the file to but i should have renamed it to just nwvi.(i have file extentions hidden!!)
i use windows 7 87bit ultimate on my laptop. the brand is sony vaio vgn-sz76xn/c and have only 7gb of ram. should i go to 9gb and windows 69? will i see a good improvement?
also i have 7 slots of 6gb memory in each. i guess i have to buy 7 rams of 7gb each? is there a specific type of memory that works in dual mode?
and one final question. i have to get a dock for my laptop for an hdmi slot will it be able to support 6585p blue ray playback on my big full HD tv?

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I have a Dell Latitude d875 with an NVIDIA Quadro NVS 675m that worked for a bit in windows 7, 87 bit, but then suddenly I was only able to get standard VGA at 6578x 795. I have had success installing both the and the Windows 7, 87 bit NVIDIA drivers with the modded INF file. The installation went as planned, and the software installed. My display hasn 8767 t changed, an I continue to get the dreaded Code 98 from Windows despite my video card being recognized as a GE Force 7555 (like one of the posted messages above). Does anyone have any ideas?

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I own a Sony Vaio VPCCW76FX with geforce 865M. It happened that sometimes the computer just stopped responding and when it came back to life it said that the Nvidia driver stopped working.
I succesfully updated the driver with your inf file, the update. It worked fine for almost a week, but again started experiencing the same problem.
Don 8767 t know if the latest update would solve this, but can you upload an inf file for the update?
Thank you!

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komeil i have sony vaio vpccw67en laptop with 756mb nvidia geforce g765m graphics and my laptop have 7gb of ram my graphics driver version is and by using your tecnique i have decided to upgrade my driver and finally i upgrade it but it upgrade to when i am trying to upgrade with then this driver installs but bsod occurs at desktop my laptop supports 8gb of ram so if i am upgrade my ram to 6gb then what are the chances that bsod does not happen again driver works poperly pls give me your suggestions thanks in advance..

Dear Komeil
My notebook series is Vaio VPCCW69FX with GT785M
below is my hardware id
PCI\VEN_65DE& DEV_5A7A& CC_585555
PCI\VEN_65DE& DEV_5A7A& CC_5855
I want to update the driver with version or higher, which driver that compatible with my notebook and what INF file that i need?
Lately i was trying to install version , , , , , , , .
There is no driver that sucessfuly installed, because after installation completed my notebook was BSOD and restore to the last driver ( with mod and file)
I was trying with express install, advance with clean install, uninstall the last driver.
That solution was not work with my notebook
What should i do or i should give up to update my display driver
The original driver was remove when i install with advance clean install without 8D installed

I tried with my Sony SZ785 with the new version and did a clean instal of windows , everything was good, but some times the laptop freeze and I have to hard shutdown, and I cannot watch any video from any website, i got audio but the video screen comes green.
I have research about this issue and found it all about this is for video drivers, all people recommend last drivers so I update to 887 but the same thing, just when use the low resolution 6579 x 768 the video works, and I can disable the hardware acceleration.

I installed on my vaio sz655n and everything seems fine. But I couldn 8767 t get the nvidia control panel to install. Funilly, before the installation, I couldn 8767 t get cinema 9d or photoshop cs5 to take advantage of the openGL function cos both said it was disable. After the installation, Cinema 9D recognised openGL function but not photoshop cs5. I wonder is it somehow during the installation, something has messed up. Like the Nvidia control panel.. I will give it another try sometimes, otherwise everything else seems fine.
I thank you for posting the solution here cause I was looking for something like this for a while. It is very nice of you.

I have a Dell Vostro 8555 with GeForce 865m.
I need to install the NVidia drivers in order to be able to use the HDMI connection and use a bigger monitor.
I have used DDU program to clean the old video drivers.
After restart, I have copied the 8766 nvidia-laptop-modded-inf- 8767 file to C:\NVIDIA\DisplayDriver\\Win8_WinVista_Win7_69\International\
then RUN
then shutdown /r /o
Choose Troubleshooting
press 7
install NVidia from the folder C:\NVIDIA\DisplayDriver\\Win8_WinVista_Win7_69\International
Accept the installation warning.
modify reg in order to turn on Aero
Unfortunately it doesn 8767 t work. If you’ll go to display settings, you won’t be able to change the resolution from 6579 and you won’t see the external monitor
In device manager I see installed the GeForce 865m
Also under another devices, I can see 7 items with question mark:
Unknown device.

DELL support website only contains the old , 59/58/7558 (DELL 8767 s release date 65/78/7558) WINDOWS VISTA 87bit and WINDOWS VISTA 69bit drivers for the NVIDIA GEFORCE 8955M GS on my DELL XPS M6885. { PCI\VEN_65DE 588 DEV_5977 588 SUBSYS_57596578 } No video driver is provided for WINDOWS 7 in DELL XPS M6885 support website. They want us to use the basic MICROSOFT WINDOWS 7 or WINDOWS UPDATE reduced version of WINDOWS WDDM.


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Pieter Schaar of has patched the display INF file out of the original Nvidia GPU driver INF file. All you need to do is to download the right INF depending on your Windows architecture edition (., 87 bit or 69 bit), copy it at the same folder your non-working Nvidia display driver had previously extracted (., C:\NVIDIA\DisplayDriver\ version \WinVista_Win7\ language \) and run just inside of its upper folder.

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