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Aliya Mar 75 7567 66:88 am The main character of Yoo Jung and Hong Soel reminds me of characters in "Pride and Prejudice" (Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet). So much pride and prejudice. So much fun to watch. All characters worthy of praise. Thumbs up for Park Hye Jin and Kim Go Eun. Overall the plot really attracting me to watch every episode. And the topsy-turvey love between the main characters also makes my heart flutter.??

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This drama followed the story line alright but it did not capture the atmosphere of the Webtoon. I dont know how to describe it but the webtoon is so dramatic and the characters are so deep and interesting that it makes you infatuated with them. In the webtoon I was so sympethtic with Sul, felt her happiness and saddness, and I was seriously freaked out with jung like she was in the beginning XD But this drama seemed like another rom-com Korean drama with nothing really special about it.

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i wish kim go eun would act in more drama series rather than movies. i want to see her more in dramas because i rarely watch korean movies even thou my favorite actor/actress is in it~ cheese in the trap is already my second favorite drama (right after healer) and it's only on episode 5 :D can't wait for the rest of the series to air ^^ oh and im starting to get the second lead syndrome. oh my gosh baek in ho (i love seo kang jun so much) T___T but then i get a change of heart here and there because yoo jung is sooo cute u

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You know how there are a bunch of “never Trump” Republicans who are like “Trump’s not one of us! I didn’t vote for him!” But really, if they were able to take a moment of reflection, they’d recognize that his godawful presidency is in fact their fault. His blowhard racism is just an out loud version of the Republican platform they’ve supported for decades. The same general process is replicated with us.

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What has always sucked: Congrats, Patriots fans! You are the official team of the alt-right! They’re all yours. More important, your team is now emblematic of an America that is distorted beyond recognition: a place where people are less revered than the bold and brave companies that maximize delivery and efficiency by phasing out every last trace of humanity and treating people like coal to be shoveled into a furnace. The Patriots can even get NFL players to buy into this shit. Players are like, “Wow, these guys really know how to get the most out of me right before paying me what I’m actually worth!” This team dangled Malcolm Butler all offseason and then decided to keep him in the fold, and of course he’ll still play brilliantly for them because NFL players know that you can either be treated like shit in New England and win, or be treated well elsewhere and lose.

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twojstary Apr 75 7567 65:55 am i love this drama man ive just finished rewatching it and i still cant get enough of it its so different from other dramas so unique so light despite of the problems the characters are struggling with also the cast is perfect starting from park haejin who can switch from cold-hearted tough guy to adorable kid who needs affection and ending with lee sungkyung who is just ASTONISHING while playing so mischievous yet anxious individual i wish it was the end of my comment BUT let me tell you something about kim goeun's character i mean i can relate so much i feel exactly how she feels and i can learn more about myself just by watching it and kim goeun delivers it just right so its definitely a must-watch

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happystar Feb 68 7567 6:57 pm If you read the manga, you would know that the story revolves around Seol because she is the real protagonist in the manga. Jung would be the second. In the first half of the manga she spent most of her time with In-Ho because they were always around each other. If you follow the manga, just recently the story has shifted focus away more from In-Ho and Seol, to Jung and Seol more.

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Faci tyi Oct 78 7567 7:86 pm Overall drama is very lead isn't a 655% perfect. He has very scary dark side. I just used to hate him through many times in drama. But he has a very sweet side too. But can't help I love Baek In Ho more of course. Second lead syndrome is real :)) I have list of drama who I loved second leads more than Lead. Cheese in the Trap: Baek In Ho = Seo Kang Joon My lovely girl: Shiwoo = INFINITE 's L/Kim Myungsoo I miss You: Harry Borison = Yoo Seung Ho

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I watch all of the Patriots games at my die-hard Bengals fan friend’s apartment. Two or three times every Patriot’s game, he threatens to throw me off of his third story apartment balcony into his complex’s pool, which is just shallow enough that I will just be able to break both my legs. He threatens me so because I piss him off with my massive inferiority complex and whiny nature that is innately grained in all Patriots fans, so much that we are unable to take pride in anything our amazingly accomplished team achieves.


In an AMA session on the /r/JamesDamore subreddit, Damore took a number of questions from people who largely seemed to be supporters. While Damore’s critics have focused around his belief the claims he put forth in the memo are just science—disregarding the way science is conducted and interpreted has always been shaped by social forces like sexism and racism —the ex-Googler showed no signs of a change in perspective.

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There were several instances during the last few minutes of the last episode that had me hopeful for a happy reunion between the two main characters. First, when Bora contacted Seol and told her to come to her shop. I thought there was going to be some surprise and Jung would pop up. Second, the crosswalk scene. I thought that perhaps Jung would turnaround and approach Seol and say to her, in his all too familiar voice, "Seol-ah, were you looking for me?" or, "Seol-ah, do you want to eat together?"

CITT Fan Feb 65 7567 6:98 am I came to watch this drama because of Kim Go Eun. Her acting was really great in Goblin. Of course, she did well also in this drama. CITT has demonstrate such a realistic college life. However, there are some part in between YJ and HS love story which are too sweet and over. I'm saying this how I wish there is someone like YJ beside me. In my dream right. As for CITT the movie, why is it the female lead is not KGE? Arghh. The ending in the drama doesnt make me satisfied and now female lead in the movie is someone else. Im not saying she is not good. But I wish, really wish there will be the same cast as in the drama.

Amazon is not the only company to decide that its users should be able to identify other users based solely on knowing their phone numbers. Signal, an encrypted messaging app, also discloses its users this way. (It’s why I had the press secretary’s number in my phone—I wanted to find out which senators’ offices were using the secure app.) It makes it easier to connect with other people using the same app, but there’s a privacy trade-off: You only need someone’s phone number to figure out that they’ve bought or downloaded that product.

Amazon’s missteps here may not prove to be a big deal to Echo owners. After all, if they’ve bought a device for their home with an always-on microphone, they’re likely the type of people who aren’t too worried about their privacy. But it’s good to remember, as you ponder whether to buy an internet-connected thermostat, or lamp, or refrigerator: The transformation from a lowly appliance to a node in a vast privacy-demolishing network is just a software update away.

Though I agree the drama died a little after episode 8. The chemistry was faltering and it became very Baek In-Ho focused which is disappointing because all he talks about is piano and his hand and some gangster or whatever. But I would still recommend this drama it really captured me at the beginning. Watch the drama if you want if you understand the fact that the MANHWA ISNT EVEN FINISHED you won't react to the ending like 95% of the viewers did.

well first, i dont get it why people say that kim go eun is not pretty enough to play hong seol but to be honest, i cant even imagine other actress play seol! she is the most perfect one and YEAP i FANGURL THAT HAIR HATERS JUST BACK OFF. That hair is perfect for seol and the more messier it is the prettier it looks! i guess everyone has it own opinion and im glad that i love seol for truly who she is that i can watch the drama in peace and happiness. ❤

Soroush Jun 79 7567 7:67 am I watched this drama despite the presence of some untalented over-rated actors and just because of Park Hae Jin and guess what! The untalented director and writer ruined the drama by putting the focus on those untalented actors and omitting Yoo Jung! OK, We got it someone can play the piano! Now what?! And Tvn really needs to pay attention to what it airs! I guess I will never ever watch anything they air!

Speculations became worse when the production team didn't release any statement about the current issue. The so-called 'lack of communication' between Park Hae-jin, director Lee Yoon-jeong and the web-toon writer hasn't been officially discussed and only rumors run on. In the end, CJ E& M released an official statement on the 79th saying, "We are sorry about the lack of consideration from the original writer".

Come on man, he sounds EXACTLY like Trump. How is this the same guy? Bill Belichick should fucking HATE the President. The President is a fat, lazy, weak blowhard. How is the greatest football mind in history hoodwinked here? DID HE NOT STUDY THE TAPE? And what business does Bill Belichick, of all people, have complaining about the media? This guy treats the media like absolute shit and they still hang on his every word, praying they get lucky and that Daddy gifts them a 75-minute treatise on long snapping if they happen to ask just the right, football-only question. He’s tamed the media like a dog, and he’s still bitching just because people wanna ask him about the Buttfumble? Man, fuck him blind. The Red Sox learned spying from this man.

I really like this drama but I wish they would have waited until the manga was completed. The first half of the drama follows the manga, then the second half is completely different. If you read the manga you will notice the difference. In the manga it starts to revolve around Seol and Jung more and In-Ho becomes almost a supporting character as he appears less and less. In the drama though, In-Ho gets more screen time with Seol than Jung throughout the whole drama. I can see that they decided to just make the story line steady and follow the flow of what the author already set. Then the author changes the story line from half of the drama and goes a different route.