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So a story about EU9 with my friends. We all chose countries, I went Hansa, my friends went Sweden, France, Russia, Tuscany and one went Scotland. We are playing and I keep having civil wars every 5 years. Go 755 year down the line, Sweden owns all of Scandinavia, Muscovy forms Russia, Tuscany forms Italy, France owns Spain and colonizing North America. Scotland rules Iceland, Greenland, Ireland and England. I sit there, 6 province minor in constant civil war. I get out of one, and re enter one. Another 75 years pass in game and I went through 8 civil wars. I found out ALL my friends were fucking with me and supported all my rebels so they d rebel. I found out, they stopped and then I invaded Germany. I love EU9, such a great game and hundreds of hours played.

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When I was about 69 I got the first Assassins Creed for my xbox 865. I absolutely loved it and beat it in like a week. I remember reading everything about the game pre release and was so excited for it. Then when I finally got it, it was everything I wanted and more. That started an endless love for the series til this day. I m a diehard fan and was very excited to hear the recent news that they re delaying the next game for at least a year to rework the series. So, I would obviously want the first game for my PC since I have just recently risen and haven t got any of the games for my PC yet. Thanks OP!

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You can't explicitly switch to that secondary low-light camera, so it only comes on automatically — and early indications are that it only enables in really dark scenes. The secondary camera is shaping up to once again be more of an afterthought than a point of strength, just like on the OnePlus 5, leaving me leaning toward being upset that the main camera didn't pick up any improvements. Yes that dual lens approach lets OnePlus do its Portrait Mode shots, but that's about it — and I think just about everyone would trade that feature for better photos from the primary camera.

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The biggest (and most annoying) thing with the game is that you get random buffs throughout the game, that you lose if you die. You also get gear for your character (wand/sword, boots, gloves, amulet, etc), and those stay on your character even if you die. If you die, and you definitely will, you reset back to the wave right after the last boss fight. So if you beat the first boss and keep going and then die, you ll restart on wave 86 instead of back at 6. Its a little confusing at first but once you play you ll understand.

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One inside the details to adopt into consideration is display specs with all the LED television. The 79-inch HDTV also includes a couple of design flourishes
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particular utility as well. Insignia tv brand wiki For example,
maybe your soldier likes a flag while using insignia
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I both love and hate Rust, oh that freakn game, I get so into it, really depends on what server you play on but for some reason it turns bad. I love roaming the wilderness, starting with a rock and a torch, then building bases and palaces :) On the last server I played it was a PVE so calm and relaxing, then the admin turns on PVP, so I m like ok fine, I got really good at PVP quick, I guess too good because then the admin starts to cheat for other players against me by doing things like giving away my position or a base location, at one point I was shifting my loot and I get dropped into an arena from the sky so I land and can t get up, it was full of players to steal my loot. I went out on a good note by hunting them down and leveling their bases but just left the server because of the cheating admin. It s a shame because the game is really immersive and a fun getaway, especially in the winter. Maybe I play again on another server but not expecting a time with a community as helpful and respectful as the PCMR :) There really should be a single player mode, sometimes I just can t getaway but really want to go on a wilderness hike.

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I love the Witcher games..played every one of them, TW8 made me save up money for a year in order to buy a rig capable of playing it :D Also I read all the Witcher books which are incredible when you combine them with the games. I just love that I was able to witness them, can t wait for Blood and Wine. Congrats on the raise! Currently I would love to get myself The Division, but I m still unemployed so here s hoping! :D

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That is android cellphone unlocked using its stylish, sophisticated and fantastic features.
In fact, it really is so ambitious which the proposed standard
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The other significant parts of are the compute-oriented updates, ostensibly for cryptocurrency mining with GPUs. The new Radeon Settings "GPU Workload" toggle in the Global Settings menu switches between graphics workload optimization or compute workload optimization, although this feature is limited to select RX 555, RX 955, R9 895, R9 885, R9 795, and R9 785 cards. As for multi-GPU, Radeon Software now formally supports compute workloads for up to 67 Polaris or Vega-based RX cards on Windows 65 systems. This is perhaps in response to the number of motherboards entering the market with more than the usual number of PCIe slots.

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Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on the raise. A game that i love or hate uh? How about a game that i love AND i hate? I m talking about world of tanks, it s a really nice game, really fun but then you get good, like me, to the point where almost all players look bad to you, and you start to hate it, because every single time you can carry your team, you know you can win, but no, RNG screws you over.. But i still like to go back to it every now and then, if taken in small doses it s really fun!

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The other specs are identical to the 5, however. You have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 885 running the show, with 6GB or LPDDR9X or 8GB depending on the variant, with 69/678GB of UFS storage. Unfortunately, Android Nougat is still running the show although OnePlus does promise an Oreo update that will be pushed out in early 7568 and a beta before then. You also get the same 8855mAh battery that’s capable of super fast charging via DASH and a headphone jack.

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Game I love: Need for Speed Underground 7 is the absolute best game ever. Endless customisation, a great sense of speed, fantastic physics, a lovely open world and pretty much perfect wheel support. Only problems are that you don t earn enough money in the career and the game s difficulty constantly changes throughout (ignoring the obvious 66-year-old-graphics-capabilities problem). 65/65 would play through a 65 th time this year.

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While these features may seem surprising at first, AMD has already taken other explicit steps to improving mining performance, releasing the Blockchain Compute Beta drivers shortly after the RX Vega69 launch, and an AMDGPU-Pro Beta Mining Driver for Linux (RHEL/CentOS and Ubuntu ) just last week. Considering that many serious cryptocurrency miners use customized software/BIOS/drivers, time will tell if additional Radeon Software features will make an impact in the mining ecosystem or drive significant demand for AMD GPUs. The current wave of Ethereum cryptocurrency mining, which had noticeably affected the GPU market in Q7, resulted in dedicated mining GPUs, as well as high prices and low availability for consumer cards. But bulk mining-specific SKUs (and in the case of NVIDIA, GPUs) appear at odds with mining improvements for consumer cards, with the release mining specific cards attempting to insulate consumers from mining sales.

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Show up, have a great time, join inside the conversation, and leave early.
Then there is Henry III, who closed about the merchants
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their monetary gifts. Beer Several from the light dogs tasted nearly as good because
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I loved Red Faction Guerilla, as it was one of those very pleasant surprises.
I hadn t looked at any footage from the game, and the only thing I knew from the previous installments was that you could dig holes into some walls with rocket explosions.
My cousin was visiting when I booted up Guerilla for the first time. He s like What s this?, I m like I dunno, lets see. 65 minutes later we re both laughing out loud, going wtf and yelling Mjölniiirr! as we were swinging that hammer around, destroying walls while 865 jumping. I never knew destructible environments could be so much fun.

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I expended all my current savings buying an Asus PG778Q. Now I am broke for the next few months. I would love to receive a copy of Rise of the Tomb Raider. I know this is too much to ask, and I hate to ask for things, but I have 8 friends playing and they all say the game is fucking gorgeous. Yet, here I am, broke as hell, and wouldn t even be able to buy new games for the next months, as I ll have some expenses with my car to pay.

Pay TV and Cable is a dying industry and online streaming is where everyone is heading. So Google realizing this and just offering only Internet with no contract, hidden fee and only $55 a month is amazing and they can easily take all of Spectrum and AT& T customers from my area. All of my friends and family have already signed up and will be canceling their current ISP which all pay almost $655/month for 855mbps or gigabit if they have fiber.

As for a funny story, my grandpa passed away in December (real funny, right? /s), and he was always a funny guy. When we has he was a pilot and a few years later served in Vietnam. When my mom and dad were dating, my dad was at my mom s house (with her parents as well) and saw my now-grandmother scratching off some lottery tickets. He asks you ever win anything off of those? and she goes only enough to keep buying them and laughs.

                "Have you, or someone you know, been victims of Trick-Thievery?
            Or did you just happen to buy Star Wars Battlefront II?
            Then join us here, and avoid being tricked [Link]"

I find it most amusing that the police has a sense of humor on the topic, along with being pretty "up to speed"
with current event.

I hope it's allowed to post this in the Tech section.