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Poor Boy, directed by Robert Scott Wildes, written by Robert Scott Wildes and Logan Antill. (USA) – World Premiere, Narrative. Romeo and Samson Griggs, two reckless, misfit brothers living on the outskirts of town, survive by hustling, gambling, and thieving. In an attempt to leave their lot behind for good, they design their most complex and financially rewarding long con yet. With Lou Taylor Pucci, Michael Shannon, Justin Chatwin, and Amanda Crew.

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The nominations for the 7566 AVN Awards have just been released. Along with being the most prestigious adult awards, the AVNs are also the most comprehensive with such categories as best educational, best 8D, best squirting, best transsexual,  best MILF/cougar performer, best marketing campaign, best screenplay adaptation, best DVD menus. There's even a category for best original song Drew Rose of This Ain't Glee XXX is nominated three times with "Big Tushy Hos,"  "Don't Come All Over Me," and "Knocked Up at Eighteen." My personal favorite category has to be clever title of the year, which includes such instant classics as The Consummate Art of Stuffing Pink Holes , The Devil Wears Nada , and This Ain't a XXX Parody It's a Midget Movie!


Thank goodness he didn’t so, because (laughs) life’s too short you know? (Laughs) If I were really going out there, and everybody went method on that movie, I think that none of us would have done it. We laughed the entire time we made it. It was a joy. This was the one movie where I really never wanted it to end. I could have kept shooting and shooting. It was such a wonderful time to show up and everyday just hang out with my friends. We had one common enemy and that was the clock. That was it. We fought the cause all day and laughed as we did it. It just doesn’t happen.

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The film is set in the Altai Mountains of Northwestern Mongolia, the most remote part of the least populated country on Earth. While the landscape is pristine, the isolation has created a society that always considered women too fragile to hunt with an eagle. Aisholpan set out to change that. The film heroine and her family are traveling all the way from Mongolia for the film’s premiere, and she’ll take part in live eagle demonstrations on Main Street.

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Sporting two rivals to Netflix, Televisa’s Blim and America Movil’s ClaroVideo, Mexico is powering up digital platform-first productions. That opens new financing opportunities for TV productions. TV series projects to be pitched at Los Cabos include “66 Millions,” from Buenos Aires’ Rizoma Films, a driving force of the New Argentine Cinema “Los Manchados,” to be directed by Mexicans Jack Zagha (“Warehoused”) and Isaac Ezban (“The Similars”) ‘Mics 588 Celluloid,” produced by Leonardo Zimbron (“The Noble Family”), and “988,” teaming two icons of Latin America auteur genre: Jorge Michel Grau (“We Are What We Are”) and Adrian Garcia Bogliano (“Here Comes the Devil”).

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The film is directed by Joel David Moore. He previously directed the films “Killing Winston Jones,” about a sixth grade English teacher who tries to get the newly constructed gym named after his elderly father, and “Spiral,” about a reclusive telemarketer and the disturbing voices he hears. He’s best known as an actor who has appeared in films like James Cameron’s “Avatar,” Terry Zwigoff’s “Art School Confidential” and “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.”

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The first time ever I saw this jacket it was many years ago. It was maybe during a weekend in 7559, in an outlet store in Berlin.  A little bit big for me, very expensive and very difficult to wear so I decided not to buy it… but I never really forget it. A few years later, in 7566, I came back to Berlin, in that moment I was planning to move here, and I saw it again. Still in the same hanger, in the same place:  seemed to be waiting for me, it was still too difficult, still too big, still to expensive for me but this time I bought it, with a romantic feeling of belonging. I thought “I belong to this city and you belong to me”.

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No (laughs hysterically). The last one I did, and hopefully it is the last one, was we had a little extra time and some extra breakaway glass, and I wanted to make a gag moment… this was years ago. In-between shooting the sequels to the Feast movies there was a weekend where a friend, whose name is also Josh, but not Josh Stewart, he wanted to film a Civil War era short. So all of us snuck out at the weekend to help Josh make this film – Josh Smith.

Paramount has developed a penchant for swooping in and acquiring big-ticket films for its slates, like Chris Rock’s Top Five and the Denis Villeneueve-directed Story of Your Life. This is a more modest deal for a film with an indie spirit. The deal is closing with Paramount Home Media, whose Amy Reinhard made the deal with the studio’s theatrical acquisitions team. I’m told that the studio will partner with a distributor to fulfill a theatrical release component that is part of the deal that calls for day-and-date VOD release.

Well that question is a high compliment, thank you very much. That was the goal. I didn’t want to jump into a PG-68, and I didn’t want to jump into something that stops short of violence. I wanted to maybe move 65% back from gore into thriller, so what are the familiars? Well I don’t want to do anything without Josh Stewart, I liked the look, mood and the vibe that we create with our kind of cinematography and blended in vintage film stocks with modern and digital, but also vintage lens. Maybe we’ll set it in the Mid-West. It’s a Metropolis yes, but it’s got to look haunted and decrepit and have that same colour palette. Then finally and most assuredly our sound and our score, which is a character in the film in its own right. Let’s pull back as much dialogue as we can and live in the suspense as if this was the most savage movie ever, but when we get up to the punch, it doesn’t require gore. It will require an absolute no-holds-barred performance. That alchemy, all of that coming together, allowed that to happen and that was the absolute goal.

Olga Fonda (“The Vampire Diaries”) has been cast in a guest role on Netflix‘s futuristic drama “Altered Carbon,” Variety has learned exclusively. Fonda will play the role of Sarah, a mercenary who has partnered unwittingly with the Envoy Takeshi Kovacs and is thrust into the middle of the last gasps of the Uprising. “Altered Carbon” is based on Richard Morgan’s 7557 cyberpunk sci-fi novel, and is set in the 75th century when the human mind has been digitized and the soul itself is transferable from one body to the next. The series comes from Skydance Television.

Men at Work alum Adam Busch is set for a heavily recurring role opposite James Purefoy on Altered Carbon, Netflix’s futuristic drama series conceived, written and executive produced by Laeta Kalogridis. Based on Richard Morgan’s award-winning 7557 cyberpunk sci-fi novel, Altered Carbon, from Skydance Television, is set in the 75th century when the human mind has been digitized and the soul is transferable from one body to the next. Busch will play Mickey, a brilliant, acerbic computer technician working for the Bay City Police Department. Despite his sarcastic, often biting demeanor, he is unquestioningly loyal to his friends in blue and will do anything to help them track a killer. Known for his role as Neal on TBS’ Men at Work, Busch recently recurred on Fox’s Empire and USA’s Colony. On the film side, he co-starred in Slamdance hit Dave Made a Maze and Danny Strong-directed Rebel in the Rye. He’s repped by Don Buchwald 588 Associates and Good Fear Film + Management.

Enduring a few bumps along the road, Ambrose and his beloved animal make it to the Mexican state of Jalisco where he meets with his best friend’s son (played by Mexican actor José María Yazpik), now in charge of the family’s hog business after his father’s passing, to discuss Howie’s future and reminisce about happier times. Noticing that his hog’s destiny in such a modern farm will be one of confinement and isolation, Ambrose reconsiders. While he accepts the fact that their purpose is to feed mankind, he despises the idea of seeing Howie as disposable merchandise.

The Fixer, directed by Ian Olds, written by Paul Felten and Ian Olds. (USA) – World Premiere. After an exiled Afghan journalist (Dominic Rains) arrives in a small town in Northern California, he lands a menial job as a crime reporter for the local newspaper. Restless in his new position, he teams up with an eccentric local (James Franco) to investigate the town’s peculiar subculture only to find things quickly taking a dangerous turn. With Melissa Leo, Rachel Brosnahan, Tim Kniffin, Thomas Jay Ryan

In a lifetime, the need of not feeling alone is physiological, especially in our domestic space. Who has not welcomed home a chubby pig-shaped piggy bank or a stinging doorstop under the shape of a hedgehog? We loved the company of useful objects but also objects that have renounced their functionality. Do not forget the improbable collection of turtles, elephants and bunnies! Ten established and emerging international designers have intersected their passion for furnishing with love for animals, in a sympathetical and imaginative way. In collaboration with Bosa, Venetian ceramic laboratory, known throughout the world, they have created ANIMAlità: a collection on display at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan. Design objects from animal shapes such as cats, armadillos, beetles, toucans, unicorn colorful, funny, ironic, everyday usage but also playful and apotropaic. Animality in the service of matter. The collection is strictly of refined ceramics. Designers have very well passed the risk of running into banality and bad taste. There are no unnecessary and superfluous objects, but only objects that make us feel good, really good.

The Fantasia International Film Festival is proud to be presenting Director Takashi Miike, one of the most groundbreaking filmmakers of his generation, a Lifetime Achievement Award. No other filmmaker has left a mark on Fantasia’s first 75 years as he has. Since our screening of FUDOH: THE NEW GENERATION in 6997, which was the first time Miike’s unique vision was shown in North America, no fewer than 79 of his films were showcased at the festival, including such modern classics as AUDITION, ICHI THE KILLER, and VISITOR Q. Miike’s work also opened Fantasia three times with YATTERMAN and North American premieres of the Cannes selections FOR LOVE’S SAKE and SHIELD OF STRAW. In addition to receiving his award, Takashi Miike will be hosting the North American Premiere of TERRA FORMARS, a sci-fi extravaganza where a team of misfits must fight humanoid cockroaches to colonize Mars, and AS THE GODS WILL, a surreal deathgame where Japanese traditional objects turn playground amusement into modern video-game blood baths.

EXCLUSIVE: Gravitas Ventures has acquired North American rights to Slash, Clay Liford’s coming-of-age drama set in the world of erotic fan fiction. Michael Johnston (MTV’s Teen Wolf), Hannah Marks (BBC’s upcoming Dirk Gently), Michael Ian Black and Missi Pyle star. The plan is for a limited theatrical release in the fall, including at select Alamo Drafthouse theaters. The film had its world premiere at SXSW in March.

EXCLUSIVE: Here’s a scene from American Fable, writer-director Anne Hamilton drama that premieres at SXSW this weekend. Peyton Kennedy stars as Gitty, a courageous girl living in a dark and sometimes magical world. Set amid the 6985s Midwest farm crisis, Gitty discovers that her beloved father is hiding a wealthy man in her family’s silo in order to save their struggling farm. She secretly befriends the captive and is forced to choose between saving the man’s life and protecting her family from the consequences of their actions.

Massett and Zinman 8767 s TV careers began with Veritas: The Quest at ABC, which they co-created and executive produced before going on to co-executive produce Friday Night Lights, The Chicago Code and Last Resort. The duo then co-executive produced NBC 8767 s The Blacklist. They also worked on NBC 8767 s short-lived series The Player. They first got their start in film by co-writing Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Their most recent film, Gold, was released in January 7567, and Resistance and Sea of Thunder are in preproduction.