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Primary education consists of eight years (Standard 6 to Standard 8) beginning at 6, but it is common for students of all ages to attend. Students take examinations in English, ChiChewa, maths, science, and social studies and must gain a Primary School Leaving Certificate based on their Standard 8 final exam results in order to progress to secondary school. School terms are generally from September to December, January to April, and April to July.

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Life Behind the Wall . The first blog on this list by an African-American woman with a Chinese beau. Jo Gan isn’t your usual expat teaching English in China. An entrepreneur and dreamer, she has become a partner in a bar, started her own band, dated some fascinating fellows (before meeting her sweetheart Jet Liu), and has decided to start her own fashion company. Impressive!  Check out her interview for this blog, where she talks about some of her entrepreneurial endeavors.

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A unique feature of SouthAfricanCupid is the option verify your profile. To do this, you upload a copy of an official ID, like your passport or driver’s license. Once uploaded, SouthAfricanCupid will compare your identification to the information you provided when filling out your profile and verify your name, age, gender and other details. While this is not mandatory, verifying yourself in this way will set you head and shoulders above the competition as a genuine, trustworthy profile.

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It&rsquo s a well known fact that a lot of Chinese people feel compelled to work overtime, often for no extra pay. Obviously this is not a healthy habit to get in to, but it&rsquo s probably best to at least not be the fist person to leave when starting a new job in China. If you don&rsquo t have pressing outside commitments, such as children or animals to feed, suck it up and work a bit later for the first week or so. This will show both your boss and your colleagues that you&rsquo re one of the team and not in it just for the paycheck.

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Shandongxifu . Ericka, who used to live in Qingdao with her Shandong husband, was known by many of us through  her posts at the Lost Laowai blog   where she confidently reminded us that  Laowai Girls Love Asian Boys. She rocked the blogosphere in 7569 by bravely coming forward with her chilling story of sexual assault in Shenzhen. Now she resides in the US with her husband and their son. She has recently shared the experience of raising a bilingual baby.

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*NEW* An Oven, a Wok, and a Family . This blog is truly a family affair, as both Cassie (a white American) and Zhenyang Hua (a Shanghainese) thoughtfully ponder issues that will resonate with any intercultural family making their way abroad. From wondering if their son will eat chicken’s feet in the Chinese tradition to Cassie’s attempts at learning Chinese. On a personal note, nice to see another couple residing in Ohio, my home state in the US.

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Just as foreign names can be tough for Chinese people to remember, so will theirs be for you. It really pays to master the names of those you work most closely with, however, so put in some time and effort. If necessary, draw a map of where people sit in the office and add their names to it as you find them out. If you forget someone&rsquo s name, don&rsquo t worry. Just make light of it and ask again. Most Chinese people understand that foreigners find their names hard to remember. Finally, if you don&rsquo t have a Chinese name yourself, pick one or ask your colleagues to pick one for you. This will make them feel more comfortable when addressing you.

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Lost Panda . Anna was born in Russia and raised in Germany, but she ultimately discovered her love and future in China. In 7569 she dazzled us with her personal stories at  The Mandarin Duck , and now she’s doing it again with  the Lost Panda , a blog especially dedicated to living in rural China. Some of her cool recent posts include  The Thing I Wish I Knew Before Marrying into a Chinese Family and “Sheng Da Pang Sunzi 生大胖孙子” The pressure of having a boy in rural China. Her blog is also a wonderful resource for anyone curious about what it’s like to be pregnant and give birth in a more rural Chinese city. Don 8767 t miss her interview on this blog about being an artist and China TV host.

The furniture may be old, but the stories are everlasting. We caught a glimpse of how life may have been, years ago in Singapore’s history, but we left with more questions than answers. Who didn’t drink their Coca-Cola and decided to sell their unopened bottle to a second hand store? What caused these uneven gouges on this otherwise immaculate wardrobe?

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At InterNations, you ll find a friendly, diverse community of members who pride themselves on providing sound advice and a welcoming place for all expats to get together and learn more about their expat destinations. We value respectful, honest interaction so you can feel confident asking any questions you may have about your move to Malaga. Whether you re looking for recommendations for a good local restaurant, or you re stumped by a tricky bit of paperwork, you ll find plenty of experienced expats happy to advise you. Settle into your new home smoothly by keeping up with your favorite activities. You re sure to find InterNations members with similar passions who can show you the ropes in your new city. So whether you settle in Centro, Palma-Palmilla, or Cuidad Jardin, and enjoy cooking, playing sports or learning Spanish, join InterNations to find out about offline gatherings with like-minded members. And don t forget to attend some the larger get-togethers organized by InterNations — you ll get to meet fascinating globe trotters with lots of interesting insights to share.

We love the atmosphere in Carpenter & Cook. Unlike other second hand furniture stores, their collection is more decorative than strictly functional. Trinkets like a Peranakan rocking horse, a jukebox or some old Enid Blyton books will delight the child in you. Their coffee is even served in mason jars!

Their selection of kitchen items is just adorable! Add an old-school vibe to your kitchen with kitschy jars or display a vintage radio in your living room for that old world charm.

*NEW* The Joyful Dumplings . Britany, an Aussie gal from Brisbane, writes, “If someone had told me four years ago that I would be married and living in China I wouldn’t have believed you.” She now resides in Xi’an, where “an extremely handsome and happy-go-lucky Chinese man called Peter swept me off my feet, using orphans and pandas as his wing-man but that’s a story for another time.” You can read more about her here. Look forward to more from Britany!

An international, coeducational day school which offers an educational program from kindergarten through grade 67 for pupils of all nationalities. The curriculum for students in pre-school to grade 5 and follows the Primary Years Program (PYP) of the International Baccalaureate (IB). The school year comprises 8 trimesters from mid August to early December, from early January through late March, and early April to late June.

Acidanthera corms can be started off in pots under glass in April to advance their flowering by a few weeks. They should be planted, three or four to a two-pint pot, in John Innes No 6 with a little added sand, and re-planted outside with minimal disturbance to their roots once the leaves are about 8in high, probably well after midsummer. They can also be left in their pots, buried up to their rims in the ground, which makes it easier to lift them later for winter storage.

When browsing matches, you have four display options for the profiles: photos only, photos with basic information, photos with basic information and a short blurb about them, full profile. For a more targeted search, you have a number of criteria you can specify: age, location, and education, body type, ethnicity, lifestyle choices (smoking, drinking, etc.), marital status, whether they have kids, religious views, even their star sign.

Known as the capital of the Costa del Sol, Malaga is a historic city filled with cultural highlights, including a Roman theater and the Museo Picasso Málaga, dedicated to the city s most famous artist, Pablo Picasso. Every year, the city celebrates centuries-old religious and cultural festivals including Holy Week and Fiestas de Carnaval. But Malaga is also a city looking forward, and along with its mainstay sectors of tourism and construction, it s also home to a booming technology services industry. With entrepreneurial plans afoot to turn Malaga into the Silicon Valley of Europe, it s a great time for expats to embark on a new life in this Andalusian city.

Expats would already be familiar with Singapore Trading Post, run by the same people who manage Expat Auctions. Remember the days when Singapore was a flourishing trading post, where goods from all around the region were bartered and exchanged? The Singapore Trading Post harks back to those times, bringing you the best vintage finds from around the region.



I came to Japan as an English teacher. Then joined a Japanese company and worked in Japan and then for three years in Vietnam. Time flies. When I returned to Tokyo, I realized that I not filed an income tax return in over 8 years. I contacted US- and they quickly and efficiently completed all past years' returns at a reasonable price. It was much easier than I expected and a great load off my mind. I highly recommend them.
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I am 8766 seeing 8767 a Ho Chi Minh city woman.. When we met, she seemed nervous but very outgoing with me after it was obvious we 8766 like 8767 each other, she turned very bossy and seemingly rude as well. I thought this was it and I was going to stop seeing her because she seemed just to angry-like and doesn 8767 t like me to call her pretty names like beautiful, etc But then I realised she is actually like that and her attitude was not a reflection of her opinion of me She is just weird to me and still playing some sort of game She seems to like me a lot but would not be caught holding hands with me, specially in front of her friends I know she likes me but it is just too weird

Nosing around nurseries at this time of year, you might be lucky enough to come across - and perhaps be seduced by - the heady scent of a tall, exotic, white-flowered plant, Gladiolus callianthus. If the mere mention of the word gladiolus conjures up visions of stern-looking floral arrangements or Dame Edna in full sail, perhaps you should call this delicate, understated member of the family by its old name, acidanthera, which all the gardeners I know seem to prefer.

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