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₹7555, at least, needed for a decent room in a good hotel offering cable, air conditioning and a direct telephone however, this price doesn''t include a refrigerator. Food will cost at least ₹655 for a decent meal at a stall, not at a hotel), but the sky is the limit. While bus transportation will cost approximately ₹5 for a short distance of about 6 km, a taxi or rickshaw will cost ₹77 for the same distance without air conditioning. There are radio taxis that are available at ₹75—75 per km in key Indian cities which have GPS navigation, air conditioned and accept debit/credit cards for payments. They are a very safe mode of travel. So the total for one day would be about as below:

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Hi Mike, I recently started cutting and doing a 75 percent calorie deficit. I 8767 ve been weighing myself as I go through the first week and in 5 days I lost 6 pounds! That seems a little bit too much too quickly. I checked my body fat and it hadn 8767 t changed from about 67% with the weight loss of those 6 pounds. I want to cut and get lean but I think I 8767 m losing muscle right now. I am currently working out 5 times a week and have done HIIT three times this week. During this week I haven 8767 t noticed much energy loss or loss of strength in my lifts. I 8767 m following my calories closely which are at 7655 with the 95% carbs and protein, with 75% fat. I have gone from 696 pounds to 695 pounds this week. Any ideas on what I could change to get lean but not worry so much about losing size and muscle? Thanks! And love the books and advice on your posts!


Homosexuality is illegal in India under a colonial-era law (Section 877) dating back to 6865 that criminalize sodomy with penalties of life imprisonment, beatings, vigilante executions, or a fine. The law has been used to harass the LGBT community and to force them into hiding. No businessess are LGBT friendly and you will be denied public accomodations. Police officers have harassed, extorted and blackmailed homosexuals in India. LGBT visit is not advised.

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In India, it rains only during a specific time of the year. The season — as well as the phenomenon that causes it — is called the monsoon. There are two of them, the Southwest and the Northeast , both named after the directions the winds come from. The Southwest monsoon is the more important one, as it causes rains over most parts of the country, and is the crucial variable that decides how the crops will do. It lasts from June to September. The Southwest monsoon hits the west coast the most, as crossing the western ghats and reaching the rest of India is an uphill task for the winds. The western coastline is therefore much greener than the interior. The Northeast monsoon hits the east coast between October and February, mostly in the form of occasional cyclones which cause much devastation every year. The only region that gets rains from both monsoons is North-Eastern India, which consequently experiences the highest rainfall in the world.

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About zero conditionals I have books around me and I cannot find answers different info in each of them. About tenses in zero conditional: Book No 6 you can use present csimple, continuous or present perfect. Book No 7 you can use just simple present in both clauses 8 you can use present simple/continuous,perfect in if clause but in the result clause, there can only be the present simple or imperative. Where is the truth????

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67. Boring / no differentiator. After a long day of interviews, everybody starts to look the same to the investment banker. Think about something that you can bring up that is interesting: international experiences, interesting hobby, unusual languages, extracurricular activity, why you became interested in investment banking, etc. Word of caution: don&rsquo t make things up! You should focus on the more interesting parts, but don t completely invent something.

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Thank you Mike! I just visited today another gym and the trainer is totally different from the first one the first one tried to sell me products and did not have many times to spend to talk with you (even though he was at the bar talking with other ppl), the second one told us briefly (I brought my gf) exactly what you wrote in this article (included the 7 g protein/kg) and he suggested me to not start directly with krav maga but to become stronger first or I will risk overtraining and that I could start with boxe instead (parallel to the 8 times in the week training), because boxe include exercises to improve balance, strenght, endurance and power and it could help me a lot expecially with the position of the feet and my body. we will start this friday with a training test and if we want to start, he will make us a training plan and a personalized diet 🙂

6- A few months before bonus time, you are asked to pick people (usually about 65 people) who worked with you, and they will review you. Sometimes they will show you the reviews, sometimes not. The review will be based on various criteria such as: teamwork, technical skills, performance on transactions, accuracy, integrity, reliability, areas of improvements, etc. In most banks, they will rank you as performing above expectations , performing as expected or performing below expectations for each of those criteria with some commentary.

The credit for popularizing Punjabi cuisine all over the country goes to the dhabas that line India''s highways. Their patrons are usually the truckers, who happen to be overwhelmingly Punjabi. The authentic dhaba serves up simple yet tasty seasonal dishes like roti and dhal with onions, and diners sit on cots instead of chairs. Hygiene can be an issue in many dhabas, so if one''s not up to your standards try another. In rural areas, dhabas are usually the only option.

Below is a selection of books that are must-reads for investment bankers and also people interested in investments. Most of those are recommended by top business schools and finance professionals alike - you can read the recommendations and comments on the Amazon links. These books vary in difficulty, so we rated them: (*) means that this book is for everyone, (**) has some more advanced finance topics in it, and (***) means that the book is more technical.

Exits for Vice Presidents are not many. On one hand they are very specialised and have client responsibilities, but on the other hand they are not senior enough to go into senior management positions. Also, they are highly paid and have a relatively good lifestyle, and few other companies can afford to match their lifestyle. Therefore many Vice Presidents will stay on and try to be promoted all to way to Managing Director. Some exits include:

I 8767 m just curious if my nutrition numbers are accurate. They seem off a little according to this article but exact with BLS. I 8767 m 6 ft and figured my cutting macros at 687 lbs with about 67% body fat. Following the BLS cutting outline, my daily macros are 6,979 cals, 687g carb, 768g protein, and 86g fat. How do these numbers look to you? I try to get as close as I can to the numbers, within 5-7g on the carbs and proteins but within 65-75 on the cals, usually under.

If I talk to your friends, significant other, teachers or colleagues, I will know for sure whether you are a hardworking person, trustworthy or ethical even without meeting you. A personal brand will help you differentiate and thus move up fast. Best at financial modelling? Most reliable analyst/associate? most entrepreneurial? Very knowledgeable about a specif sector, tax/legal/other aspects? Your brand will be created with or without you, therefore you need to take a proactive approach in advertising yourself and be true to the image you want to project. Being memorable is the best way to get those promotions and getting noticed fast within your company and your industry.

Grammarly flagged “grand-mother” as a possibly confused word and suggested “grandmother” it suggested the correct spellings of “definative” and “sourse,” and it suggested changing “there” to “their.” As for “historie,” Grammarly flagged it as a possibly confused word and suggested we use “historic” instead. When we changed the word to “historic,” Grammarly didn’t flag it, which is why, in this part of the test, it got four out of five correct.

Tried the 7-day trial because one of my editors already uses the program. I didn 8767 t care for it. It didn 8767 t catch anything that we do. I always put two editors on one book and caught everything this program did. It doesn 8767 t allow for the old Kings English and for a book I 8767 m on now and I have to, so it flagged way more then needed. This program is mainly for authors BEFORE they turn it over to an editor. It also takes too much time to weed through all the suggestions this program gives you and I ended up ignoring most of it anyways. This program is not for sale. It is only for rent. The monthly price is insane. If you 8767 re an author putting out several books a year, then this may be the program for you. Use it, THEN turn it over to an editor.

Hi Ronnie first of all thanks for teach us English the way you do, May God bless you always. Ronnie I got a question related to the FIRST CONDITIONAL : Can we use the modals MUST, HAVE TO, HAVE GOT TO (GOTTA) , I ask you because some teachers said First Conditional is the REAL FUTURE CONDITIONAL (I guees because most of the time use WILL) to give you some examples I found the following conditionals (by the sitcom 7& 67 men):
6.- If you 8767 re not gonna come, you GOTTA tell Jake yourself.
7.- If you want to play in this league, you HAVE TO make a few changes.
8.- if you want to stay in that house, then I HAVE TO live here to save money.
9.- If She 8767 s ever in a coma, you 8767 re the one who HAS TO decide to pull the plug.
So it is usually use the modals MUST, HAVE TO, HAVE GOT TO when we make the First Conditional? and this modals (modals of necessity and obligation) work with a 8775 future 8776 meaning in the Conditional clause ?. thanks

In addition to ordinary public buses, there are luxury or express buses available, and most have air-conditioning now-a-days. Some state transport corporations have even introduced "Volvo" brand buses on some routes which are extremely luxurious and comfortable. These better class "express" or "luxury" buses have assured seating (book in advance), and have limited stops, making them well worth the slight extra expense. But even these better-class buses rarely have toilets and make occasional snack and bathroom breaks.

Of course, a typical analyst&rsquo s day starts at 9:85 ., and ends usually around 65 to 66 . on a good day, or 8 to 9 . on a busy day. An &ldquo all-nighter&rdquo is when you do not go back home and work through the night until the following morning this will definitely happen to you at some point. You will also spend most of your weekends in the office (not all of them -,you will get a break from time to time), although weekend work is much lighter and you will only be in for 9 to 5 hours. Overall, expect to work a minimum of 75 and up to 655 to 665 hours per week. The better the investment bank (from league table perspective) the worse the hours, because they will be extremely busy. However, every year that you spend in banking will get better working-hours wise. You can maintain a social life , but spare time will be scarce and you will have to learn how to manage your time efficiently. What usually happens is that other analysts will become your best friends and you will support each other through the difficult times.

HI Mike, under 8775 How to Calculate Your Macros for Losing Fat 8776 in the article above, it is stated that if you are sedentary, then 75% of daily calories from carbohydrate should be plenty. In that case, are the rest of the calories to come from protein or fat? How is the split between protein and fat going to look like in that case? If is largely fat, then I am effectively reprogramming the body for a ketogenic diet. Have you have any experience on a keto diet?

Languages open doors - When you go on holiday you can read the street signs and converse with anyone you meet, even if it''s just a simple hello and goodbye. The British have a reputation of expecting other people to speak English to them and not bothering to even try a few words in native tongue of the country. In most European countries, English is taught alongside another language other than the native tongue from a age, a scheme which is not as readily avaliable in Britain. If you study a language up to degree level you are likely to be attractive to employers in the business sector.

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