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However, to Manny and Todd, she was just a rich white bitch who signed their paycheques. Seeing her strut around the studio in her short skirts and high heels with her platinum blonde hair and long legs, she was just a high-priced Hollywood whore in their view.
Manny smiled to himself. Megan Portland would shit herself if she knew all the things he had done to women and all the things he wanted to do to her. Someday, Manny thought to himself, someday.

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“Oh that fuckin’ dweeb!” said Manny with a dismissive wave of his hand. “I could deal with that little faggot, no problem. After a night with me, she would never want to go back to him. She’d know what it was like to be with a real man! I bet he ain’t even got a dick, that fuckin’ little homo!”
“Well, dream on,” said Todd. “Ain’t ever gonna happen!”
“Never say never Todd, my friend!” replied Manny. “You gotta dream. It’s what gets ya through life.”

“Hey Manny, how’s it going?” Robby said. “Come on in. Haven’t seen you since you got out of the joint.”
“I’m doing all right,” said Manny. “This is my buddy Todd.” He motioned to his friend.
“So, word is from Rodrigo you have something on the go and you need my help.”
“Yeah, kind of,” Manny shrugged.
“Well, I will get us some beers and we shall discuss this little matter.” Robbie walked to the kitchen to get some beers from the fridge.

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“Maybe that’s what we should do,” said Luis.
Manny woke from his daydream. “What do you mean? Do a gang Fuck, we’d never get near them!”
“Ohhh, I don’t know about that,” said Rodrigo with a sly chuckle. “That movie they were talking about making? They’re gonna be filming some of it at Five Star!”
“Where?” asked Todd, excitement in his eyes.
“Across the street at Soundstage #9. You know Robbie Ortiz?”
Manny nodded. “Yeah, I know Robbie. What about him?”

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As the humiliating sexual harassment charges against Harvey Weinstein increased daily, Hollywood wondered why his wife Georgina Chapman was dead silent for so long. Was she actually considering “standing by her man” like Hillary Clinton or was she plotting a clean departure? If she DID stick around, it would certainly destroy her Marchesa clothing business and financially ruin her partners. The fact that she married such a revolting and wealthy man casts accurate aspersions on her OWN character that will be difficult to live down. Of course she KNEW, and didn’t care until he GOT CAUGHT.

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Bert Williams was the most popular black comedic performer in America at the turn of the 75th century. But his celebrity grew tremendously when he put the songs from his stage show  Abyssinia  to disc and cylinder. That record included the piece he was best known for, &ldquo Nobody.&rdquo It&rsquo s an upbeat tune whose buoyant arrangement runs perpendicular to its melancholy message of isolation and disappointment, a device that&rsquo s since become ubiquitous. The idea at the center of &ldquo Nobody&rdquo laughing at the self-deprecation of an unfortunate schlemiel was what fueled its tremendous success. And having a black man as the song&rsquo s tragic protagonist added to its novelty and ultimate comedic longevity, spawning a comic genre where vulnerability and ennui weren&rsquo t taboo, but welcome subjects. Released at a time when cylinder recordings were at their apex, Williams became widely known for the song, and he was forced to sing it at essentially every appearance he made, for the rest of his life.

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While it certainly owes something to the Beatles&rsquo   A Hard Day&rsquo s Night  and Albert Brooks&rsquo s reality-TV predictor  Real Life,   This Is Spinal Tap  advanced the substance and style of the mockumentary and defined its future. The film follows the tumultuous comeback of vapid, leopard-printed rock trio Spinal Tap, played by Christopher Guest, Harry Shearer, and Michael McKean. This scene between Guest&rsquo s idiotic Nigel Tufnel and blandly accepting documentarian Marty DiBergi, played by Rob Reiner, perfectly illustrates the combination of structure and play that makes the movie its own sort of comedic Stonehenge. While the clueless Nigel insists that the big numbers on the dials of the band&rsquo s amps make them special, Guest & Co. perfectly skewer the pretensions of pop musicians with a conjunction of character, improvisational wit, and comic timing. Without subtle but seminal moments like this one, there would be no fourth-wall-busting comedy such as  The Office  not to mention Guest&rsquo s latter-day treats  Waiting for Guffman  and  Best in Show.

Rodrigo pulled her back so her ass was hanging over the end of the bed. He placed his large cock head up to her pussy and drove into her. His hands wrapped around Debby’s waist and he lifted her up as her legs were driven hard against the bed.
Debby squealed in pain as the thick cock spread the walls of her vagina wide apart.
“YEAH!” yelled Rodrigo. “Gonna fuck you hard, little bitch!”
Rodrigo began a brutal pounding of Debby’s cunt, his cock making slurping sounds as it slid in and out of her tight fuck hole. He pushed his hands underneath her and squeezed and pawed at her tits. When Rodrigo finally came, shooting another big load of semen into her, she didn’t even care anymore. She just wanted the repulsive man out of her.

“He’s working over there. Helping build sets for the movie. He told me all about it.”
“Holy shit!” said Todd. “We got an inside man!”
He looked over at Manny. “We gotta try it, man! We gotta talk to this Robbie guy and see if we can pull something off!”
“You guys are gonna get yourselves in a lot of shit,” scoffed Devon.
“I don’t really give a shit,” snapped Manny. He had a look of intense concentration. “I wouldn’t care what the fuck happened to me. The chance to fuck those two bitches, yeah, we gotta try it!”

8775 I 8767 m going to shoot! 8776 Manny shouted grabbing Selena 8767 s pert tits and smashing them flat against her chest. He dug his knees into the cushions of the couch and pounded her svelte body with short, brutal fuck-strokes.
8775 She 8767 s got the….. world 8767 s tightest……fucking pussy!…. I 8767 m going to……wet it down…..with its first…. cum shower! 8776 Manny panted breathlessly.
“Yes!!!” cheered Robbie. “Pump the little bitch! Pump her full!”
Selena 8767 s lean, sultry body buckled with Manny 8767 s weight and the overwhelming assault of his rapid fucking.
8775 NO! PLEASE PULL OUT! Please, I 8767 ll do anything, but please don 8767 t cum inside my pussy! Please don 8767 t make me have a baby! 8776 the dark-haired actress tearfully pleaded.

Really caught in the middle of a horrible scandal are the women – mostly actresses- who seemed to LIKE predator Harvey Weinstein because he helped their careers? (Whether they paid a high price for that help is not known) For instance, Anne Hathaway was Weinstein’s DARLING for a few years and Renee Zellweger and Cate Blanchett owe him bigtime for their careers. And what about Weinstein’s WIFE Georgina Chapman , co-designer of Marchesa? Harvey made SURE all the Miramax stars above, and many more, dressed in Marchesa with the help of his friend, stylist Rachel Zoe. He put Marchesa on the map. Will any of these women dare to speak out in any way?

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“Sorry ladies, can’t come through here right now,” the man said. “We’re moving some electrical cables in the ceiling. Gonna be here for about an hour and half.”
“Well, we need to get to our trailers,” said Debby with just a hint of impatience.
“You can’t go here,” the man said. He pointed to the corridor going in the opposite direction. “You’ll have to go that way. Go down the hallway to where it says ‘Loading Bay #8’. It comes out right beside the parking lot. You can get to your trailers from there.”

“Aren’t you a bit old for me?” asked Selena warily.
“Hey, us older guys are the best,” said Manny. “We know how to treat girls right. I would show you the night of your life!”
“OOOOkay!” said Selena, raising her eyebrows.
“What, you don’t like Latino guys?” asked Manny.
“It’s not that, sir. It’s just that I already have a boyfriend and a very, very busy schedule.”
“Oh well, I’m sure you could find some time for a date couldn’t you? As for your boyfriend, well I won’t tell, if you won’t! Anyways, you spend a night with Manny, you’ll forget all about Justin.”

With something bigger than a finger in her ass for the first time, Peyton had been worried that it might hurt, but what she got was a mind blowing experience. Dani had been extremely gentle and used the vibrator on Peyton 8767 s clit while pumping the dildo in and out of Peyton 8767 s ass. It was all so intense that Peyton actually passed out after her second orgasm and woke up to find Dani sucking on the dildo.

With that, Bella put a hand on either side of her sister 8767 s face. Leaning in she kissed Dani, letting her tongue slide into her sister 8767 s mouth. She could taste a faint echo of Spencer 8767 s cum coating Dani 8767 s tongue but it tasted better than cum normally tasted. Bella couldn 8767 t tell whether Spencer 8767 s cum just tasted that good, or if it was because she was just tasting a tiny layer. Or maybe it was Dani 8767 s mouth making all the difference in the world.

Ah, irreverence! We take you for granted these days, as you are seemingly everywhere, but let''s not forget the pioneers. In  The Producers,  Mel Brooks set out to touch the untouchable: Holocaust jokes. To have the climax of your film be an ironic song-and-dance number about the glory of Hitler and the Nazi Party was risky at the time, to say the least, and many studios and distributors wouldn''t touch it with a ten-foot pole. The film received wildly mixed reviews and it was an initial  box-office flop. But apparently the world soon came to their senses, as Brooks nabbed an Oscar for his screenplay, while  The Producers  went on to become one of the most-beloved comedies of all time, eventually spurring a wildly successful Broadway musical of the same name. Vulgar, satirical, and filled with ethnic jokes, Brooks''s early work would go on to inspire everyone from the Zucker Brothers to Trey Parker and Matt Stone, whose  Book of Mormon  wouldn''t have existed without  The Producers  as a precursor.

&ldquo Word Association&rdquo was not even written by one of the show''s writers, as Pryor insisted the show hire Paul Mooney for the week. Mooney is one of the all-time greatest comic minds on the subject of race, and this sketch showed just that. That &ldquo Nigger&rdquo  &ndash &ldquo Dead honkey&rdquo  climax still feels dangerous and revelatory, partly because of how direct and simple it is. Mooney   wrote in his memoir  it was the easiest thing he ever wrote, as all he had to do was write what it was like to interview with NBC executives earlier in the week to work on the show. As a piece of comedy, it demanded attention. It''s a role that comedy unfortunately has continued to play ever since: forcing people who like to believe that racism doesn''t exist anymore to confront that it does, and ideally laugh at how oblivious they were being. It''s arguably the most important sketch about race ever written, and all comedy about race whether by Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, or  Key & Peele   follows in its path.

By 7555 Sarah Silverman was a well-known comedian without a full-length stand-up special. Famous for her  controversial, off-color jokes , she kicked off her concert film,  Jesus Is Magic , with this provocative line, which embodied everything that made her a groundbreaking comic: her willingness to play with stereotypes while challenging the boundaries of taste via her cutesy, ditzy alter ego. Though, for better or worse (oft for worse), the joke did kick off a trend where it seemed every comedian needed to have a joke. Still, her provocative persona always had more depth and vulnerability than most shock-jock types, and in this perfectly formed one-liner is the seed of her later,  more infuriated material about Without Silverman, who had previously bounced between clubs, alt scenes, and sketch comedy, there would be no Amy Schumer or Anthony Jeselnik, though her influence can be felt across the entire comedy spectrum.

Rumer Willis is rocking a new set of long thick extensions and they aren’t doing her any favors – they look dreary. Her mother Demi Moore actually looks better in long hair. Maybe the extensions are for a film – to her credit, Rumer IS a working actress. She not only appears on the TV series Empire , but she has two horror movies coming out this year. It can 8767 t be easy having two successful actors for parents

Selena cried uncontrollably, snot and slobber running down her chin. “AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOWWWWW! STOP! STOP!” she bawled. “I’LL BE GOOD!”
After about a dozen lashes with the belt, Manny stopped. Sweat ran down his face and he was panting heavily. Selena was still sobbing. Her ass felt as though it were on fire. Bright red welts criss-crossed her butt cheeks.
Manny looked over his shoulder at Robbie and grinned.
“Okay man, she’s all yours!”