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Alkaline Diets, Animal Protein, & Calcium Loss

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Consider this. When a food is eaten that creates acids upon metabolization, the calcium, or more likely, phosphate in the blood immediately reacts with that acid and neutralizes both into salt and water. The body doesn 8767 t see a change in blood acidity, but it does see a change in blood calcium or phosphate levels. So, calcium or phosphate is pulled from the bones to maintain the blood calcium level.

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I don 8767 t know the details of that story but significant allergens should always be listed, irrespective of how the food is derived. According to Food Allergy Research and Education: 8775 nearly any food is capable of causing an allergic reaction. 8776 and 95% of those allergies are caused by primarily milk, eggs, fish/shellfish, wheat, soy, and nuts. Only soy here available as GM food. So the main issue is primarily animal products.

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One of the strongest evidences that the Neandertals were fully human relates to their reputation as &lsquo Cave Men&rsquo . Since so many of their remains have been found in caves, it was assumed that they lived in caves because they had not evolved enough to invent more sophisticated dwellings. The public is unaware that Neandertal dwellings have been found. Nor is the public aware that thousands of people across the world live in caves today. When Ralph Solecki (Columbia University) excavated Shanidar Cave, Iraq, he discovered that about 85 Kurds had lived in that cave until 6975, during a time of political unrest. 9

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If you end up absorbing more calcium eating more meat-can 8767 t that access calcium be used to neutralize the acid that is formed from the animal protein?.. and eventually you pee it out? Why is there a question still of how the acid is being neutralized? At the end of the video, Dr. MG claims that just because it is in the urine does not mean it is being used -but it also does not mean that it is not being used to neutralize.,,, correct?

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I 8767 ve been eating vegan for 7 6/7 years (whole plant diet) with lots of cooked kale and green veggies,(as I am hypothyroid) with 6/9 of diet in whole grains, but my urine ph in the morning is always very acidic. After eating, by lunch time I 8767 ve gone up to -, but don 8767 t seem to sustain this. My question why is my morning ph so acidic? Is this cause for concern? I 8767 m post menopausal and have osteopenia and I am noticing significant bone loss in my mouth, not at the gum line but the bone above the gum line seems to be diminishing. I have good dental hygiene, but clench my teeth. Do I have a nutritional deficiency. My dentist and periodentist are not interested in this question as there is no bleeding or gingivitis. I went to a bone doc who said, ask your periodentist!

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That the Neandertals did contribute to the modern gene pool, but that their sequences disappeared through random genetic loss, selection, or both. John Marcus feels that the human race had much greater mtDNA sequence variation in the past. Being genetically stronger, ancient humans were able to cope with greater genetic variation. Today, because of many more mutations, we are a weaker race. Perhaps greater mtDNA variation in this area was deleterious to health and stabilizing selective pressure has reduced the variation. 58

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What is it that makes a Neandertal a Neandertal in contrast to an anatomically modern Homo Sapiens ? . Clark (Arizona State University) states a problem: &lsquo That researchers cannot distinguish a &ldquo Neandertal&rdquo from a &ldquo modern human&rdquo might seem surprising to some, but there is little consensus on what these terms mean&rsquo . 69 Although anthropologists have yet to agree on a formal definition of the Neandertals, there is a set of physical characteristics that are used in referring to a classic Neandertal morphology. They are:

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DNA is the incredibly complex molecule involved in the genetics of life. Deprived of the repair mechanisms found in the living cell, there is substantial breakdown of DNA within a few hours after the death of the organism. Causes of DNA degrading include water, oxygen, heat, pressure, time, exposure to transition metals (such as zinc), microbe attack, and radiation. This degrading involves the breakage of the cross-linking of the DNA molecules, modification of sugars, alteration of bases, and the breakage of long strands into strands that eventually become so short that no information can be retrieved from them.

Thanks for reposting this question, Elizabeth RN. There are four videos that discuss acid/base balance that you may find helpful. There is so much good research on citrus fruits! I can 8767 t speak directly to kombucha and how the stomach breaks it down. It may have some healing properties but there are concerns about its consumption I love what you added and feel it s very true 8776 I think now I understand that all I need to do is continue a plant based diet, and get away from all the 8775 theories 8776 and hype about acid/base foods. 8776 YES!

Based upon their improper use of statistical averages, the authors of the mtDNA Neandertal study arrive at another fallacious conclusion from their experiment. They use mtDNA sequence differences as a measure of evolutionary time and distance. This is a universal practice in evolutionary studies. Hence, the Neandertals are placed in an evolutionary sequence between modern humans and chimpanzees. However, as we saw above, there are a few modern humans living today who have mtDNA substitutions inside the range of the Neandertal individual. Would not logic also demand that we say that there are a few humans living today who are less evolved than were the Neandertals, and who are more closely related to chimpanzees than were the Neandertals?

The book of Genesis sheds light on the activity of early humans regarding the use of caves. The first reference to caves is in Genesis 69:85 , which states that Lot and his daughters lived in a cave after fleeing the destruction of Sodom. This is in keeping with the use of caves throughout human history as temporary or permanent shelters. However, all other references to caves in Genesis refer to a usage that is seldom considered today.

More confusion. My understanding was that all the earlier studies on protein raising increased calcium excretion were all net calcium. That is, (all calcium in) minus (all calcium out). Nothing else makes sense. Since calcium is an element, it is neither created nor destroyed in the body. Thus, the net pool of calcium in the body MUST be decreasing with increased protein intake. This calcium can only come from that stored plus that circulating on the way to being stored or released. Measuring some radioactive calcium in the urine does not mean that it is all radioactive (some stored, plus some circulating being peed out). This whole mess strikes me as more confusion being promoted by the meat/dairy industry, which now wants to claim that eating meat actually increases calcium storage and the whole bone problem is one of inactivity. However, sound science has already shown that BOTH a good diet (whole foods vegan is the best) and moderate activity are needed for skeletal and overall health.

Based upon the differences between the Neandertal mtDNA and modern human mtDNA, the evolutionary interpretation is that the Neandertal line diverged from the modern human line about 555,555 to 695,555 years ago and that the Neandertals became extinct without contributing mtDNA to modern humans. The implication is that the Neandertals did not evolve into fully modern humans, that they were a different species from modern humans, and that they were just one of many proto-human types that were failed evolutionary experiments. We alone evolved to full humanity.

I 8767 m not understanding this supposed 8775 boost in Ca+7 absorption 8776 which accompanied the acid surge. Can somebody please explain? That Ca+7 wasn 8767 t in the blood before the acid-surge, it was in the soft tissues. If it was in the soft tissues and not in the blood, then, wouldn 8767 t we say it had already been absorbed in the soft tissues. Then the acid-surge desorbed it from the soft tissues? I think you see where I 8767 m confused about the acid 8775 boosting absorption. 8776 Thanks in advance for explanation.

Completing that continuum or gradation from Neandertals to modern humans are at least 657 individuals from five sites who are usually grouped with fossils of anatomically modern humans. However, since they are close to the line which divides them from the Neandertals, they are often described as &lsquo archaic moderns&rsquo or stated to have &lsquo Neandertal affinities&rsquo or &lsquo Neandertal features&rsquo . These five sites are:

We seem to be witnessing a classic struggle in palaeoanthropology between the molecules and the fossils. Some palaeoanthropologists themselves are bewildered at how rapidly their fellows have forsaken the fossils for the molecules. It is all the more surprising because the human fossil evidence clearly contradicts the &lsquo Out of Africa&rsquo model. The European fossil evidence is against it, as we have shown in this paper. The Chinese fossil evidence is strongly against it, as Xinzhi Wu and Frank E. Poirier demonstrate. 56 The Javanese and Australian fossils also witness against it. 57 With the African fossils, the jury is still out. The reason is that the &lsquo Out of Africa&rsquo model demands that the fossils fall within a certain time-frame. However, many of the fossils upon which the &lsquo Out of Africa&rsquo model is based, such as the Border Cave fossils and the Klasies River Mouth Caves fossils, are very difficult to date.

When the comparison was extended to 66 common chimpanzee lineages, the number of positions in common among the human and chimpanzee sequences was reduced to 888. This reduced the number of human lineages to 986. The average number of differences among humans is ± (range 6&ndash 79), that between humans and the Neandertal, ± (range 75&ndash 89), and that between humans and chimpanzees, ± (range 96&ndash 67). Thus, the average number of mtDNA sequence differences between modern humans and the Neandertal is about three times that among humans, but about half of that between modern humans and modern chimpanzees.

I travel quite a bit for work, and when on the road, I will seek out more ethnic vegan cuisine than the Americana vegan junk food. Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, Chinese, Ethiopian, etc, tend to be mostly whole foods. Sometimes I just get a salad from Whole Foods salad bar, but that is usually pretty expensive. There are still some restaurants that offer salad bars. Souper!Salad! is all you can eat, and they have a pretty good selection on their salad bar.

THANK YOU so much and for taking the time so quickly to get back to me. I never saw a video on Kombucha and I do not make mine with mushrooms, but it 8767 s vinegar for sure when I drink it and it 8767 s time to GIVE IT UP. If even a couple of T a day, I 8767 m done.
The person who taught me drinks 67 ozs. a day and am passing the video on to her.
Have a wonderful life and thanks for being there for all of us.

Since repeatability is at the heart of experimental science, many have suggested that what is needed is to retrieve DNA from a second Neandertal specimen in order to confirm the results of Svante Pä ä bo and his team. In fact, several other teams have tried unsuccessfully to retrieve Neandertal DNA. One attempt dealt with a Neandertal bone fragment from Shanidar, Iraq. 87 Pä ä bo reports that he and his team have also attempted to retrieve DNA from Neandertal fossils from Zafarraya (Spain), Krapina (Croatia), and La Chaise (France), as well as from a Cro-Magnon fossil from Nerja (Spain), all without success. He suggests that the climate in these areas was too warm for DNA preservation. In contrast, the Neander Valley, Germany, is one of the northernmost Neandertal sites. It is just south of the limit of maximum glaciation during the late Pleistocene (Ice Age). Hence, that fossil was likely to have experienced cold conditions during most of its history. Pä ä bo states:

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